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Graduation Cap Template Powerpoint

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Graduation Cap and Gown

Transcript: 1) Mr. Robb 2)- 3) 4) Sources: Cons: Parents cant find their kids as easily Girls older siblings cant pass down robes to save money Seniors wont match alumni parents School portraits were taken of girls in their light blue gown and they graduate in the navy Look @ both sides of the story! If they let us those what we identify as, some people don't identify as either male nor female so the blue and white aren't right There wont be an "even" amount of the colors Then id have to go to the CBRSD board and propose the idea there if i want it to be a whole district thing Even if it doesn't get past there, i could probably change it for Wahconah alone which would be a great start but even if it'll only affect my class and i could be happy, i cant be the only senior in Berkshire county (or underclassmen) who cares about it So id try to pass it on to someone of a lower class so they can keep fighting for it to be a district thing. Cause most school can incorporate black or white into he gowns as a third color Especially since most of our sports teams (and other schools too) are getting all black uniforms, make the gown colors blue black and white. So when kids choose, there wont be the traditional notion of oh white is girls and blue or boys so students don't get identified wrong. Itll just be 3 colors To make sure the colors are equal, get the number of kids in the class then divide it by three. Then first come first serve on what color they get but they have a "back up" ex: 120 students= 40 black, 40 white, 40 blue if theres enough students thatarent a multiple of 3, then just get as close as possible Mona Shores North Attleboro Wasn't mainly about gender at all. was just because of "why not?" The current issues with this Well it seems that the superintendent has a lot of say in the decision, but so does the principle Progress little by little! The senior class voted to reject the change Friday afternoon. The change to go to all navy was to create a "gender neutral" environment to make transgender students feel more comfortable when they walk on graduation day. School superintendent said it was a "symbol of unity" with no mention of gender. Some seniors suggested the change actually does the opposite of achieving gender neutrality and that transgender students should have the opportunity to walk in the color that reflects how they identify. the superintendent acknowledge that they were enough concern to now prompt a student vote -- a poll of the senior class asking whether they want to keep the change, or go back to how things were. But it turns out many students didn't favor the change. After reviewing the survey results and talking with student leaders, the school has decided to go back to the traditional two separate gown colors for boys and girls. I think the policy should be seniors get to pick whatever color they want! Downers Grove South How would this happen? A plan to unify the gowns initially drew uproar from seniors at North Attleboro . took a 180 when they announced a new plan that now incorporates some of the students’ concerns. All seniors will now wear red gowns, but a white stole decorated with the district’s “N” and the year 2018 has also been added to the graduation attire. Principal Peter Haviland said the decision elicited cheers from students during an assembly late last month. So first id go to the principle and propose the idea, tell him my plan and how it would accommodate 99% of the problems After it goes through the principle, i assume i would have to go to the school comity. So id go there, give all my points and show that this is a big deal to me. if you show you care they take it more seriously After it gets past the commity, id assume i have to talk to the superintendent and propose the idea, again, give all my points and how they work for everyone and keep people as happy as possible But how does this address the issues? Graduation Cap and Gown We should be able to choose what cap and gown color we can wear at graduation Democracy at its finest! Pros: Looks neater Takes less time or organize a girl,boy,girl,boy pattern Honor role stoles show better in the navy "Brings the senior class together" Gender inclusive

Graduation Powerpoint

Transcript: BPs at the Health Fair Senior Critical Care Clinical Clinical Conference Presentation Rehab Clinical Where 4.0 students stop caring about their grades and are just happy to pass. Congratulations! Nursing school. Through us your influence will see no end. ~Maya Angelou Sophomore Lab Visiting RTI Sophomore Lab Community Intervention Study Session It's a Girl! "I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into the College of Nursing Baccalaureate Degree Program!" Thanks, to an excellent faculty! ~Florence Nightingale NAMI Walk Clinical Conference Presentation Hey look! It's a picture of my social life during nursing school! Junior Peds Clinical NAMI Walk for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself. This is Battery!! Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Population Group Teaching ~Florence Nightingale ~Francis of Assisi So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, Although your answer is right, it is not the best answer. Surgical Rotation McStudying Christmas Ball Junior Maternity Clinical December Ball This too shall pass I can't tell you that. Studying at El Torero Junior Adults Clinical Health Fair Hill-Rom Demonstration Community Intervention Howland Last day of preceptorship!! knock knock. -Who's there? HIPAA -HIPAA who? for it is wonderful how often in such matters the mustard-seed germinates and roots itself. Senior Community Health Nursing Clinical Sophomore Clinical Red Out at Lebrae School Junior Peds Clinical Still alive but I'm barely breathing Foundations Clinical Studying at El Torero (Like a kidney stone) Sophomore Lab “I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much.” ~Mother Teresa Successfull Intervention = Celebration Cramin' Population Group Teaching Community Intervention Newton Falls Class of 2015 So never lose an opportunity of urging a practical beginning, however small, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Junior Adults Clinical Population Group Teaching Senior Psych Clinical Junior Peds Clinical Sophomore Lab Helping at the Pinning Ceremony Sophomore Clinical

Graduation Powerpoint

Transcript: Graduation Project - Learn what kind of food to look for and how to substitute foods - Weigh the food, and have correct proportions The Judges _ Lisa Crotts _ Lives in Arkansas _ Used FaceTime _ Worked around schedules, and helped me a lot _ Expert on healthy cooking _ Bakes and sells her own desserts Not a career interest but, important to know about being healthy and knowing what fast food can do to the body and effect your own life. - Completed the project - Lead to death - Calorie difference - Get a mentor - Saves money and time - Learned new things, gained new knowledge - I am able to complete a project while working with schedules and deadlines - I'm able to cook a meal on my own - It's fun cooking - Interesting learning what foods you can substitute - Cook :) My teachers, Mrs. Fender and Mrs. Gallimore - Can use this the rest of my life Step - By - Step Research - Worked around schedules Product - Feel fatigued - Less chance of weight gain Challenges versus - Talk over everything Fast food - Bad experience the first time I cooked -What your body needs in order to keep healthy My mom What fast food does to the body -Fast food high in salt, sugar, and fats Did you know? What people think about salads at fast food restaurant My mentor, Lisa Crotts - Obesity Research Topic December 18, 2013 Photo journal - photos of me cooking and on FaceTime with my mentor The truth about them Mentor - More energy Amber Edmonds Successes Why I chose this topic? - Diseases A special thank you to _ What I learned Home cooked meals - Decide what my project is going to be Benefits of home cooked meals

How To Manual: Graduation Cap

Transcript: Step 5: Carefully remove the cylinder and newspaper from the clay. Make sure to be gentle as the clay may be soft and moist How To Manual: Graduation Cap Step 8: Position the cylindrical piece of clay in the middle of square slab of clay. When Desired position is found, Score and Slip these two pieces together Step 13: Gently carve around the letters and attach them to the top of the cap by scoring and slipping them onto the cap. Make sure to use a moist brush and rubby tool to close up crevices in between the letters and the attachments. Step 4: Let the clay sit a bit and try a bit, but not too dry. Score and Slip the overlapping layers of clay and smooth it together with a wooden tool. Step 2: Pick a cylinder that is no taller than 5-6 inches. Make to first wrap the cylinder in Newspaper and tape the newspaper to it. Step 6: Cut out another chunk of clay and roll it out and flatten it. Make Sure you have a smooth slab no more than 10 inches in length and square size. Smooth out both layers of the slab.This will be the top of your graduation cap Step 10: Next you will need to add a little button to the top of the center of the cap by the tassel location. Make a ball out of clay by moistening and rolling it in the palm of your hands and cut that ball in half. Step 9: Smooth out these 2 pieces and add slip to fill in any cracks or separation. Use a wet sponge, Wet paint brush and rubby tool to smooth out these crevices. Step 11: Now you will need a Spaghetti strand or Hair syringe. Begin by filling the syringe with clay and applying pressure to the plunger until strands of clay begin to come out and attach these strands to the top of the cap. **Repeat this process until desired length and width of Tassel is reached** Step 7: Go back to the cylindrical clay and cut it in half about 3.5-4 inches in height. Smooth out this piece of clay with a moist sponge Step 14: Next, go around the whole project with a wet sponge and brush and clean up any imperfections in the project. You may want to add Slip to any parts that look like may need it. Finally, Sit Back and Enjoy the view of your masterpiece!! :D Step 12: Now Roll out another slap of clay and smooth it out with a metal rib. This will be used to carve out the "2014" numbers. **Trace numbers on tracing paper and gently press them onto the slap with a needle tool** Step 3 : Take your flattened and Smoothed out slab of clay and wrap it around the cylinder. Cut off the excess clay but leave a little bit overlapping Step 1: Take a chunk of clay and roll it out to flatten it and smooth both sides with a metal rib

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