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GPS Presentation

Transcript: Global Positioning Systems A global positioning system, or a GPS, helps you get to any location quick and easy It is a navigational system that will work anywhere around the globe A GPS works by getting signals and necessary information from satellites These satellites are also known as Navstars Along with signals, the GPS recieves important messages from the satellites A GPS Satellite These messages let the GPS know: the time the signals were sent orbital information; the location of all the other satellites in orbit The GPS satellites use atomic clocks so they, and the GPS, can keep time. Each satellite weighs approximately 4000 pounds!!! A GPS needs to be connected to at least four satellites in order to tell the time and direction. Because of satellite information, not only can the GPS pinpoint it's own location, but locations all around the world. GPS Most of the GPS satellites are 12,500 miles above the earth. About 30 GPS satellites are orbiting the earth at this very moment There are exactly six different orbits of satellites. The GPS satellites were launched from the 1980's to 1990's, so they are pretty old. Because the satellites are so worn, they will need to be replaced soon. This will be a major project. A Global Positioning System works in all weather, all day and night The average GPS size is 3-6 inches wide, 2-4 inches long It can tell the approximate latitude, longitude, and altitude. Was invented in the 1970's Most receivers can spot the location within about 10 meters Very accurate GPS's are able to find the location within one centimeter. These more accurate GPS's are used for people in the military, farmers, and other professionals. The GPS was originally used for the military, so the ones they use are very high tech as well as super expensive. There are many different brands of global positioning systems... One of the more popular GPS brands is the Magellan GPS's. The TomTom GPS's are also as well known. Another well-known GPS brand is the Garmin Gps All GPS's, this one included, come with a screen to show you where to go. Some GPS's are used for mounting on the dash of your vehicle. Others are portable so you can use them while you do things such as walking a dog. This GPS is portable. This gps is also a portable gps, only it is meant for mounting in your vehicle. Most GPS's have the option of changing the language. The previous GPS was set in Japanese. There are three main categories of portable gps's... 1. The basic GPS- Price: $100 to $200 2. The traffic optional GPS- Price: $150-$400 3. The Traffic ready GPS- (reports traffic) Price: $70-$200 You can also access a GPS through your cell phone for about $10 a month. Some other kinds include: Built in system- GPS built into your car GPS software- you load into your computer, more detailed maps Almost all GPS's are easy to install... So throw away your atlas and go buy a GPS. You will be able to actually get somewhere without getting lost, saving you scads of time! THE END!!!! Most portable systems run on batteries, so it's convenient whenever you're on the go. There are about 30 GPS satellites orbiting the earth at this very moment. Hey! What's up? hi The price for the average GPS reciever ranges from $100 to $1000 The estimated cost for a project this big will be around $5.8 billion. That's a lot of cash! Fun Facts

GPS Presentation

Transcript: GPS PRESENTATION Brooklyne Rayn Millar Perry GPS 1: Reasonably Exhaustive Research "The phrase "reasonably exhaustive" indicates that a researcher has identified and searched all available and relevant sources. Research plans and research logs are tools to help ensure that you have efficiently and effectively searched a breadth of available and relevant records, not just those that are easily accessible." GPS 1 This is necessary because it is important to have correct information. BYU-Idaho Family History Research Program Faculty, “The Genealogical Proof Standard,” in Family History and Genealogical Research (Rexburg, Idaho: BYU-Idaho, 2023) Unit 1 Chapter 1, Story of Kyle Kyle was trying to find more information about the date of birth for his 3rd great grandfather from the state of Wyoming. He searched US census records, Wyoming state census records, vital records, church records, land records, tax records, and probate records. He found the records in tax and church records, as well as land records. He found that his 3rd great grandfather was born on August 8,1850 and came from Nauvoo to Wyoming as a baby as a part of the LDS Pioneers. Kyle compiled this information in a research log. He included his own name which is the name of the researcher, the date of research, the name of the person being researched, and his specific research goal. Example GPS 2: Complete and Accurate Source Citations GPS 2 "As a genealogist, you will cite your sources carefully. A genealogist’s citations are complete and accurate. A citation is attached to every item of information collected from a source. Though information can be cited in a bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, or in-text, genealogists usually use footnotes. "As a genealogical researcher, you will need to uphold high ethical standards. These standards should be upheld by any researcher in any situation" BYU-Idaho Family History Research Program Faculty, “The Genealogical Proof Standard,” in Family History and Genealogical Research (Rexburg, Idaho: BYU-Idaho, 2023) Unit 1 Chapter 1, Story of Jena Example Jena found the marriage date of her great-grandparents in an old newspaper. To correctly site this, she would need the Author, Title, and Publication Information. Topic 3 Topic 3 Chart Chart Timeline Timeline YEAR Topic 4 Topic 4

GPS presentation

Transcript: GPS or Global Positioning System What is it? a space-based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. GPS was created and realized by the U.S. Department of Defense This piece of technology was created when a group of 12 military officers held a meeting to discuss a Defense Navigation Satellite System which would later evolve into the same GPS used by you in your car. Many countries rushed to produce the GPS as people realized the value of this new navigational tool. however it would be the department of defense in the USA that would first produce a satellite based navigation tool. the first time navigation was put to use 24 satellites where used. GPS is a great breakthrough that has however created a new medium to render map reading obsolete. people no longer need a map and compass to get around and do not need to ask for directions. any given place in the world has coordinates given to you in terms you will easily comprehend. this technology has impacted society in the scence that we can be found and find any location on this planet without struggle. we no longer have to map or think about where we are going, we can be told in advance about every turn we must take, the time we will arrive at our destination, and the rate of speed we are traveling. Negative Side effects of GPS Dependence – People are forgetting how to use normal maps so we are losing that skill and ability to study them. As well sometimes the GPS can make a mistake too if new roads have been built and you don’t have updated maps. GPS’s require a signal of some sort. Therefore if you are in a dead space (area with no signal) your SOL. GPS’s run on battery so at any given time there can be a malfunction which could cause trouble depending on the situation. Privacy – Some people can pinpoint your location with a GPS enabled phone which could be scary. Safety – if one is distracted by the GPS too much, they could cause an accident for not paying attention to the road. How has the family changed because of this technology? GPS’s affect families for the most part positively. We can drive with confidence knowing that we are heading in the right direction. It causes less stress knowing your E.T.A (estimated time of arrival). Arrive on time to places more often with a GPS. We are dependent on it but its pros outweigh its cons therefore it’s ok. How would each Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology view the impact of this technology? Anthropology: would view the impact of technology on how people in society adjust and react to it. They would find changes and patterns that are occurring with GPS being used by people. Sociology: Sociologists would study this technology and find the social problems it provides. As well they would study how society adapts to the GPS with GPS’s now being built in into cars, phones and other devices rather than a separate GPS system alone. Psychology: Psychologists would study this technology and see how it effect’s the human brain. They would see the patterns of stress it causes and it what area the stress comes from. They would also compare the difference on how the brain functions by reading information straight from a map and the information being told to them by an automated talker. Thank you

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