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GPS Presentation

Transcript: Kiara Sostack GPS 9/5/17 & 10/23/17 Workshops For some reason, the two workshops I went to lasted twenty minutes each and were both infomative about the topic. #1 #1 SGA I went to this workshop with two other friends. There was only four individuals in the room, but that's okay. This workshop was just discussed the importance and goals of the schools SGA as well as discussing higher level SGA within all the schools in Florida. #2 #2 APA Style Even though I went to another workshop before, I didn't remember what it was and I didn't take a picture. I decided to go to a workshop with my best bud Dom. This workshop was about APA and how to format a paper. And of course I had a blockade in my way of the board. This workshop still helped me with my disease paper for A&P. 10/4/17 Academic Advising On this day, I was able to see my advisor to discuss my plan for the next two semester. By the time Summer B rolls around, I'll have my AA completed. 10/16/17 Academic Support Center On this day, I had to go to the writing center to get more information about APA style writing. The guy who helped me was very nice and straight to the point in answering all my questions. 9/27/17 Professor Visit For my professor visit, I came to see my Anatomy & Physiology teacher, Professor Faye. So far, I could be doing better. However, I usually am stuck at work when I have to study for his exams. I just came to pick up my notebook and asked about grades. Other 1. 8/21/17 2. 8/22/17 3. 8/23/17 4. 8/24/17 5. 8/30/17 6. 8/31/17 (And yes, that is the same cup I use and wash everyday beside #5) Other #1 Student Life: Welcome Week This was the first day of school and i happened to receive a free planner. However, they were closing down the tents right after I was told about this assignment. I still gotta picture with the tent though. #1 #2 Student Life: Welcome Week This was the second day of the semester. I received another planner and a weekly activity sheet thanks to the jovial Jackie. #2 #3 Student Life: Welcome Week On the third day of the semester, there was a free local vendor event in the U-building. Rachel was nice enough to swipe my card and let me in. I got free food and free shirts. #3 #4 Student Life: Welcome Week On my last day of the first week of college, there was a local vendor giving out its potato spiral out to any student. Even though it was rainy, the food lifted my spirits. #4 #5 Club Rush After my math class, I decided to go see what kind of clubs the school had to offer. So far, there's about three that I saw. I'm not a big bowler or chess master, but CAB seems to be something I could be a part of. #5 #6 SPIRIT DAY! It was so loud in the cafeteria for spirit day. I did get free food and cake. The dj was pretty cool with those "lit" flows coming out the speakers. #6

GPS Presentation

Transcript: Iv'e changed my major 3 times this semester so I have seen my advisor quite a bit. She is very helpful and I suggest everyone should see their advisor often. November 17th Professor Visit Class Photo October 28th Library tour Halloween October 10th This definetly helped me understand the website for FSW. Before I was decent at using it. could get around. But now I know where and what to look for. Writing Lab Consultation I had a tour of the library and she showed me all the silent rooms around. How to navigate through the library and what to look for. She also showed me the miny gallery the have in the library. October 28th We as a class participated in a class photo to win a pizza party.. we didnt win but had fun trying. October 15th First Day Scavenger Hunt August 25th October 5th Tech Tools Advisor The writing lab helped me a bunch with my intro for my humanities class. I ended up getting a pretty good grade on it. The tech tools wrokshop is the only reson I kind of even know how to use prezi. Without nthis workshop I would have definetly used powerpoint. The kids halloween was very fun and I'm glad I got to be a part of makin g it happen.They had me moving chairs and ice buckets right before the start of it. Also still were trying to figure out how to keep the inflatables down. October 10th GPS Presentation Professor Day and I talked about alot of life stuff such as bills and stuff. She said I was dumb for buying a new car but it was totally worth it. We actually have talked quite a bit throughut the class. October 28th Spin the wheel Whatever question you landed on you had to answer to win a prize.


Transcript: September 8, 2015 Wayne White Exhibit November 19, 2015 My academic adviser was Ms. McGrady. We talked about the credits I've earned so far and the credits I still need. We also planned my schedule for next semester. September 15, 2015 The dorms had an event for the residents where they cooked and served us tacos. It was cool to see the RAs serving and having fun with the residents. Taco Tuesday Cultural Diversity SPAS Workshop September 9, 2015 November 23, 2015 The Cultural Diversity lecture was given by Prof. Towers in class. It was about the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. She spoke about their origins, beliefs, and some of their flaws. Club Rush was an event that allowed students to learn about and sign up for all the clubs available to us. It was a good way to connect with people who have the same interests as you. Pajama Movie Night GPS PRESENTATION Amina baines November 2, 2015 Academic Advising Spirit Day was an event created to celebrate FSW. It was filled with games, food, music, and treats. It was a good way to socialize with other students and make some new friends. This was a workshop lecture given by Dr. McClinton. It was about the courses and degrees included in the SPAS (School of Pure and Applied Sciences) program. Club Rush The Wayne White Exhibit was an exhibition of the works of Wayne White titled "Here Comes Mr. Know-It-All". It was an amazing exhibit with really good art. October 21, 2015 September 2, 2015 There was a pajama movie night event held in U-102. The movie shown was Vacation and there was lots of food and snacks for everyone. Spirit Day

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