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Good Shepherd Background

Transcript: Good Shepherd Service-Learning Project Marlea Maddox Mod 6F This service project will have a great impact on my future because through this experience, I have learned teaching skills,which are a very important set of skills to have so that I may become a leader to others. Through this project, I learned good communication skills, which are another very important asset to have. I also learned to value my Catholic faith and education. If The Good Shepherd school had not been established, these children might not have been able to freely exhibit their faith like many other children in Catholic schools and they may not grow up to be rooted in their faith. Through this experience, my life has been forever changed because I will carry the skills I have developed through this experience with me throughout the rest of my life. Good Shepherd Background Good Shepherd Background Socializing with students after the lesson Scripture Lesson at Ursuline In my time with the Good Shepherd students, I experienced a great change in my view on the value of Catholic education. I noticed that I was starting to take my Catholic education for granted, but now that I have experienced a short amount of time in the children's lives, I realize that Catholic education is a vital factor in today's society. Through spending time with these children, I realized how much of a privilege Catholic education is and how much these children value it. I noticed that the Good Shepherd students are always eager to learn, and for me, that was a very rewarding experience. This was a rewarding experience because most children who go to school in a Catholic setting, much like me, do not value their Catholic education as much as the Good Shepherd students do; their will to learn proves that there are still children out there who value Catholic education. Through my time with the Good Shepherd students, I learned how to teach young children successfully. I learned that although it may be difficult at times, there is always a way that I can teach people, especially children, new things. This experience also strengthened both my own and the Good Shepherd student's faith. By teaching the children the Bible stories of Moses and Noah's Ark, I helped them to gain an understanding of vital Bible stories all while helping myself to better understand these stories by teaching them to others. In the future, I hope that the Good Shepherd students will share these stories with others and help them to grow in their faith. Taking Action Ursuline students teaching students at Good Shepherd. Ursuline Students making Moses Prayer cards with Good Shepherd Students At Good Shepherd, Ms. Kass' Theology class mainly worked with children who were in kindergarten or first and second grade. Good Shepherd is a very small, close-knit school, much like Ursuline. Good Shepherd is also very devoted with providing children the education they deserve. The Good Shepherd School provides an education to help at-risk children in order to spur academic and personal growth. Good Shepherd is addressing a problem that concerns making a catholic education available to everyone. The Good Shepherd School is helping to fix this problem by providing a Catholic-based school environment for those who cannot afford it. The Good Shepherd school is also helping students grow in their faith by instilling the Catholic faith throughout school starting at a young age When the Ursuline students visited Good Shepherd, we had a lesson prepared to tech the students about Moses. In class, we created a special prayer that reflected traits of Moses and a drawing to put on the front of each prayer card. First we taught the children about Moses, using quotes from Scripture, such as: "The Angel of the Lord appeared to him as fire flaming out of a bush." After explaining Moses' story, we created individual prayer cards with the Good Shepherd students Our class came together as a whole to contribute to this lesson, and in the end, it was a success! When the Good Shepherd students came to Ursuline, Ms. Kass' mod 6F class taught the children about the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible We taught the students using quotes from scripture, such as "The animals came onto the Ark, just as God has commanded him" (Genesis 7:9). After teaching the students the story, the class came together as a whole and each individual group performed a play they wrote to re-enact the story. We voted on this activity as a class, to make sure that both the Good Shepherd and Ursuline students would lear something new about Noah's Ark. Brother Lawrence Huck and three Good Shepherd students Experience Prayer Cards at Good Shepherd How will this impact my future? Brother Lawrence Huck and four Good Shepherd students.

The School for Good

Transcript: The Last Ever After This is the final book in the School for Good and Evil trilogy. Former best friends Sophie and Agatha, now worst enemies, have to find a way to be friends again in order to defeat the School Master. Agatha wanted Sophie to destroy the School Master's ring, but Sophie wanted Tedros to kiss her. So Sophie tried to convince Agatha to give up Tedros, her prince. Then Tedros overhears Agatha talking to someone about the topic and he goes back to Agatha, and Sophie destroys the ring because of Agatha. Agatha Sophie Setting Quote 1. Since Sophie kissed Rafal back to life, the School Master told her she was his true love. 2. Since Agatha wanted to save good, she gave up her prince. 3. Because Tedros overheard Agatha talked to Hort about the chat she had with Sophie, Tedros talked to Sophie and kissed her. Pure Good Selfless Kind Loving If Agatha wasn't Good she might have never gone to the School for Good and Evil, which could mean no books. If Agatha was mean she'd probably be switched t o the School for Evil or sent home. prezi by Emily Cox from Uma about Sophie taking the School Master’s ring. Why were we taken in the first place! Oh, that’s right we’re just the purest souls of Good and Evil, 100%, hey, at least I met Tedros! But, seriously, why do Sophie and I have to be worst enemies, we were BEST FRIENDS! Agatha Tedros Cause and Effect Cause and Effects Dear Diary, I am back home, Tedros’ wound hasn’t healed, there are posters saying that Sophie and I are witches, so we’re wanted “criminals”. I want to stay here with my mother as a ordinary girl, not the future Queen of Camelot. I do want to go and rescue Sophie, though, and we’ll be saving Good if we do, I hope. This will probably be hard, after all I just received news Quote Setting Pure Evil Selfish Persistent Mean If Sophie wasn't Evil, she might have Tedros, so there could be only 1 book! If Sophie wasn't selfish, she might have not even taken the School Master's ring. Brave Strong Smart Caring If Tedros was not caring then he probably wouldn't leave Sophie. If Tedros wasn't strong he probably would have cried at his father's grave and he probably would've wanted Sophie there, and he might have devoloped feelings for Sophie. The School for Good and Evil "Through the window, Sophie glimpsed Agatha's vanishing embers, the castles rotting vulturous black, boys and girls smashing into vicious war, teachers firing spells at students, at each other." -p. 6 Quotes If Sophie and Agatha hadn't been taken away into the primeval forest, there wouldn't be a book because they would not have gone to the School for Good and Evil. The book would have been about their friendship instead and other children being robbed from their beds. It would only be a child's picture book about the value of friendship. Instead it is about two friends who broke rules and upset the balance between good and evil. "Sophie stopped short, noticing her surroundings. The entrance hallway to sea-themed Honor Tower, whose walls and ceilings once mimicked a princely blue tidal wave, now had it's surging waters painted the same slime green as the fog tipping the two castles." - p. 103 "For the first time in two years, there was no dividing line between the waters, no halves to the bay at all. Its entire body was the same slime green as the painted tides on the walls around her." -p. 103 4. Because Sophie and Agatha’s friendship had healed, Sophie destroyed the School Master’s ring saving the world. 5. Because the School Master had been killing old fairytale heroes and changing the happy endings to sad endings, he was making readers believe less in the power of good and more in the power of evil. The School for Good and Evil The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

School Background

Transcript: Northern Beaches Secondary College Mackellar Girls Campus Over 100 students in Year 11 and 12 elect PDHPE (including Cross Campus). They have performed above the state average for several years with last year being 7% above. Approx 180 Students in Year 11 and 12 do CAFS. Facilities & Resources: Links with Council (Manly/Warringah/Pittwater) Coaching with local Primary School (Manly West) Premier Sporting Challenge Parents used for carpooling, coaching expertise Elite Performer Program Volleyball, Basketball Approx 1200 students enrolled each year LUNCHTIME COMP: Nutrition and active living taught within curriculum Participation mandatory, healthy lifestyle worksheets for unable to participate Recreational: GRADE SPORT: Basketball (Yr 9 & 10), Football (13s & 15s), Netball (Open CHS Knockout), Softball (Open CHS Knockout), Hockey, Futsal Years 9-12 Competing at National Level Regular mentoring to liase with students and parents about commitments Time for homework catch up and mentoring each week Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics HPS FRAMEWORK How 2 hours mandatory PE is met: Representative Pathways Students are given the opportunity to excel in any sport they are interested in meaning that falls under the list for CHS. Daily news and Moodle has reminders to collect notes for trials Netball, Football, Touch, Basketball Manly Vale 2093 KNOCK OUT TEAMS (KO): Courses Offered: Talented Athlete Support Program COLLEGE: Years 9-10 Students highly commited to their sports are offered optional extra study time School Organisation, ethos and environment: Years 7-10 (competing at least at Regional level) 5 enrichment days 7-10 PDHPE Physical Activity and Sport Studies (PASS), Child Studies 2 Unit PDHPE 2 Unit CAFS Cross Campus SLR Partnerships and Services: Years 7-8: 5 periods p/w (40mins each, 4 PE & 1 PD) Years 9-10: 3 periods p/w (40 mins each, 2 PE & 1 PD), plus wednesday afternoon sport (=3 periods) Year 11: Sport Log Book Curriculum Teaching and Learning: Competitive: All girls Public School Part of Northern Beaches Secondary College which allows for Cross Campus classes in Yrs 11 and 12, along with Balgowlah Boys Campus (Brother School), Manly Selective Campus, Cromer Campus and Freshwater Senior Campus. CARNIVALS: Size: Type: Kayaking (amateur), Lawn Bowls, Ten Pin Bowling, Yoga and Pilates, Surfing, Tennis, Powerwalking, Beach Volleyball, Fitness Training, Sailing, Beach Sport Healthy Canteens Australia- Green, Amber, Red Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball Open & 15s: Football, Water Polo, Touch, Netball, Basketball, Softball 14s, 16s, 19s: Futsal Reference: Williams, R., Warne, H. & De Angelis, A,. (2014, April 8, May 6). Personal Communication. Physical Activity Opportunities Hockey field, shaded netball court, 2 outdoor basketball courts, Canteen basketball court, Gym equipment room, Hall (Indoor basketball court size), Dance studio, Performance Space, fields across the road. Smart Boards, Computer Labs, Library, Textbook loans, Moodle New Industrial Kitchens. North Shore Zone Sydney North Region Combined High Schools (CHS) NSW All Schools School Sport Australia Talented Performer Program

BAD & good websites presentation for school

Transcript: TA-DA good information on where the ocelots live on a good website This is a good website The ocelots are facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. SEE this website is bad because ocelots dont do these things more lies! My prezi is about OCELOTS! they are super cute cats. Class: Mammalia (Mammals) Order: Carnivora Family: Felidae Genus: Leopardus Species: pardalis Body length: 26 to 39 inches (66 to 100 centimeters) Tail length: 12 to 18 inches (30 to 45 centimeters) Weight: 24 to 35 pounds (11 to16 kilograms) Life span: up to 21 years in zoos; unknown in wild Gestation: 70 days Number of young at birth: 1 to 4 kittens Weight at birth: 7 to 12 ounces (200 to 340 grams) Age of maturity: females, 18 to 22 months; males, 30 months Conservation status: Texas ocelot Leopardus pardalis albescens is endangered. see more lies about ocelots Mammals: Ocelot Range: southern Texas through Central America to northern Argentina in South America Habitat: rain forests, dry scrubland, and chaparral Ocelots are passive mobs that normally spawn in Jungle biomes. They are the second tameable mob to be introduced into Minecraft, the first being Wolves. When tamed, they become cats, which are also passive. When Ocelots are tamed, they turn into one of three different cat skins. All three are equally likely. Cats will follow the Player and will teleport if they are too far away. They also tend to attack chickens at random. Creepers will run away from Ocelots and cats, making them a great defense against creepers; they won't try to get close to any cats, even if attacked and provoked by the player. Cats do not take fall damage and they will never attack hostile mobs. To make your house creeper-proof, tame enough ocelots into cats or (repetitively) breed any two cats you have tamed and then make them sit around your house. This is a bad website for ocelots Bad websites Because many ocelots are killed a year by cars that hit them as they cross the roads that are being built by there habitats. These are quick facts about ocelots Just like tamed wolves, they will teleport to the player if a large enough gap (roughly a 20 x 20 x 10 block volume) is created between them and the player with a few exceptions: It is possible for a tamed cat to teleport to an inaccessible location (e.g. under ice) and be injured or suffocate of various causes as a result. If the player dies, a cat will teleport to the player's bed or spawn with them, unless the cat dies as well. A cat will not teleport: if the cat has been ordered to sit. (See 1st bug in bug list.) if the cat is in a moving minecart. if the player is swimming/steering a boat in deep water; a cat will only teleport as the player approaches land or shallow water that is one block deep (if the player travels long distances on water, whether with or without a boat the cat(s) will not teleport upon reaching land, if they were left on a chunk that was unloaded). if there are only transparent blocks (like ice, glass) around the player if the Player enters a portal and travels to the Nether or the End; a cat will remain in the Overworld until the player returns. If sitting on a bed, chest or active furnace. [edit] Good websites The Ocelot is a mainly passive, 'shy' mob which will not attack the player. Should the player move or look too abruptly near one, it will sprint away. Ocelots are one of the six mobs with the ability to sprint, the other five being the Player, Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, Wolves, and Villager children. If enclosed and unable to escape, they will stand still until an exit is made, after which they will quickly sprint through. Wild Ocelots will occasionally slowly sneak up on chickens, then proceed to pounce and kill, much like that of a wolf to a sheep. However, their behavior when tamed takes priority over this behavior. Like wolves, they can be allied. This is due to their primarily passive nature. Creepers will actively avoid Ocelots, should they come within a certain radius of the Ocelot. However, this will not deter them from chasing a player, only keeping the Creeper a distance away. An Ocelot will flee if it comes in contact with a wolf, despite that the wolf will not attempt to attack the Ocelot. Finally, an Ocelot will not die when falling from a great distance. Feeding raw fish to an Ocelot will turn it into one of three breeds of Cats, and will follow you. Cats will purr occasionally, and breed when fed raw fish while tamed. When you breed Cats, both the parents and offspring will follow you, unlike other animals that breed. When activating its chicken-hunting behavior, a cat will assume a 'sneaking' stance and will stalk a Chicken before chasing it down. Cats are much calmer than their untamed Ocelot brethren as they do not sprint or attempt to escape the player when he/she approaches, while still retaining the ability to sprint. As noted before, when a Creeper gets near

Background good 1234

Transcript: Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA Letter to TSBDE 9/9/2012 Timeline What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea? OSA is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing starts and stops during sleep due to relaxed throat muscles that block the airway during sleep (pharyngeal collapse). aa Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome or UARS is a sleep disorder characterized by airway resistance to breathing during sleep. The primary symptoms include daytime sleepiness and excessive fatigue. Pathophysiology of UARS is similar to obstructive sleep apnea / hypopnea syndrome in that abnormal airway resistance in the upper airway during sleep leads to unwanted physiologic consequences. Increased upper airway resistance in this disorder does not lead to cessation of airflow (apnea) or decrease in airflow (hypopnea), but instead leads to an arousal secondary to increased work of breathing to overcome the resistance. Repeated and multiple arousals (which the patient is usually unaware of) result in an abnormal sleep architecture and daytime somnolence (sleepiness). Arousals result in sympathetic activation, and UARS is therefore likely to cause hypertension similar to obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (This has not been verified in large clinical populations because of the relatively small number of patients with UARS in the larger epidemiologic studies so far. However, repeated arousals in individuals have clearly been shown to be related to sympathetic activation and elevation in blood pressure.) Proposed Rule 7/30/2013 The TSBDE meets February 8, 2014 to decide on Rule §108.12. How can medicine and dentistry work TOGETHER? Proposed Rule 9/13/2013 Diagnosis and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Proposed Rule 4/26/2013 Epworth STOP-BANG Berlin AASM - AADSM Policy Statement Summer 2013 Screening Tools for OSA TSBDE Rule 108.12: Dental Treatment of Sleep Disorders – What is it and Why the Controversy? Responses to TSBDE Activity Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing starts and stops during sleep due to relaxed throat muscles that block the airway during sleep (pharyngeal collapse).

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