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Poster Research

Transcript: Gone Girl We had a look at the Gone Girl poster. This poster is very basic, but nicely laid out and it doesn't give any hints to what the story is about. This could be seen as a key feature as it helps to draw the audience in to research further into what the film is about. This is a good piece of advertising as the poster itself looks very modern and stylish and a bit contradictory to what the genre is, as its quite a bright picture with a nice landscape shot. This poster gives you a little look at the story line or just little hints at key points of the film as the poster had the man by himself looking over his shoulder, this could resemble the fact that the film is based around him and he is the main character. As well as this the title on the poster also is the same used in the trailer which is a key point as this is to do with brand recognition. There are many different genres and styles of posters used in the media industry to promote and advertise films, each gives a unique and different effect. The genre of out film is crime thriller, this means that we will need to base out poster around this idea by making our poster dark and mysterious. before creating out poster we decided to carry out some research into many posters to find out the general convensions of a thriller poster. we looked at three different posters, the first was the film poster for 'Gone Girl', second we looked at the poster for 'lovely bones' and finally we looked at the film poster for 'memento'. Over all from researching other posters we really liked the layout the memento poster as it encorportated our polariod ideas and had a dark and mysterious feel to it. we plan to layout our poster in the same way as this as we feel it fits our themes and conventions really well. Poster Research Lovely Bones Our Poster In this poster the poster gives a very clear idea to the audience straight away who the characters are. this is done by the use of lighting and the placement of the characters on the poster. this is shown in this poster as the main is nearly sillotted in a shadow, giving him a sinister look, where as the girl is very colourful and is lit up more, this is showing the difference between the 2 characters and showing what kind of character they are. In this poster the poster is laid out very well with the main focus on the title and the picture. This is done with black and white shades and a very white title which contrasts very well with the lack background. the title is very unusual as it is a very odd font, this ism very good for brand recognition as it allows the audience to know straight away what film it is by looking at the type of font used in the poster. The poster itself is pretty basic but it does well in advertising the film Memento

Poster Research

Transcript: Tag line - 'It all ends' This is used to draw the Pre-existing and a new audience. This may attack them as it is the last chance to see the franchise in the cinema Tag Line 'The defining chapter' attracts the existing audience and fans as well as new as it is the last chance to see the films in the cinema. Film Titles and logo. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Release date: Date the film is released Release Date in the same font as the tag line. This poster unlike the others does not feature small print or a tag line this is unlike the usual conventions of a film poster as it is not a theatrical poster its is part of the campaign and just a teaser . Billing Block: Institutional details Angelina Jolie's name at top. The actress is used as a unique selling point. The sun having positive connotations juxtaposes the rest of the poster. The background is a dark sky representing the main figures role of an antagonist. Helena Bonham-Carter is a unique selling point for the film. The Film Titles / Logo featured in the same font as the other Middle Earth films. Maleficent The main figure in the poster is antagonist, Bellatrix Lestrange, she is seen in black clothes representing her status as an antagonist. She is posed as if ready to attack The sword represents the films genre of fantasy / action adventure hybrid. The sword pointing down is a sign of respect and also represents that this will be the end of the trilogy. Like Harry Potter the small print is featured as logos of the various companies that worked on the film. The background of the poster shows the setting of the film a destroyed Hogwarts. The main figure is main antagonist The Wicked Witch of The West seen in a black dress and with green skin representing her status of an antagonist. Poster Research The Pointed hat iconic for this character and a symbol commonly seen when representing a witch. The Main Figure in the film is the main character and protagonist Bilbo Baggins. He is at the center of an arch. He is also a unique selling point as Martin Freeman is a celebrated actor. He appears to be bowing and his costume seems somewhat distressed suggesting this will be the end of a battle also suggested in the title. Release Date same colour as the title of the film. Film website. The Great and Powerful OZ The Main Figure/Object: Central to the poster. Film Titles shown using only the initials. It is in the same font as the full title and logo of the franchise. A Wand is seen representing the films genre, fantasy. The Background used is the setting of the film This poster features the billing block present in Posters and film Trailers. The release date is also shown in a bold font in the center bottom line The background is pure white like Maleficent's skin. This represents innocence and purity this more commonly represents a protagonist. Small Print- This is different from the previous poster this is a teaser poster so instead just features the logo of the production company and the distributors. It also features the websites and that it will be in Imax 3D Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Red sparks / Blood splats connotations of violence represent the darker nature of this film. As this is an early poster the date is not featured instead 'coming soon' is displayed at the bottom in a similar font as the titles. Production company and distributor logo The main figure of the poster is the main character/antagonist/protagonist, portrayed by Angelina Jolie She is represented Photographically. She is seen in dark clothes with harsh edges this is consistent in her head piece and choker. Her costume has negative connotations typical of an antagonist. Antagonist seems to be surrounded by a dark tornado. Distributor logo. Mila Kunis is a unique selling point for the film. She will attract young men to see the film as she was FHM's sexiest woman. In this picture they have also sexualised The Witch in a tight corset with her cleavage and curves on show, making her an audience pleasure. Tag Line : Text used to influence the audience to see the film. Film Poster Research: The Basic Information. When analysing a poster we have to consider why each choice and decision was made. This is as every poster is made to influence an audience to come and see a film. Therefore researching and deconstructing posters is important to find out what we need to put information is typically on a poster and also what trends we may need to follow to attract the audience of our genre. Film Titles / Logo Film Title/Logo.

Background for my Research

Transcript: Women most often stated that they were notified of their diagnosis via a letter sent in the mail. The women that were informed via phone spoke to an uninformed office staff member rather than their healthcare provider. Implications for Nursing Practice Population: female participants over the age of 18 (but under the age of 41) diagnosed with HPV in the Tri-Cities area of East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia Instrument: Online self-completion questionnaire containing both quantitative and qualitative questions regarding demographic data and HPV Data Collection: was used because of it's ability to create a secure sockets layer encryption to keep the results and person completely anonymous. Data Analysis: IBM Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) was used to analyze the quantitative results and the qualitative data was thematically analyzed via the standards developed by Braun and Clarke. Literature Review Quantitative Results In order to ensure reliable and valid results, was programmed to eliminate individuals who did not meet the inclusion criteria by ending their survey early and thanking them for their participation. Surveys of Women with Human Papillomavirus and their Healthcare Experiences "I sat there feeling gross and helpless while the doctor seemed not to care. I was crying and she made me feel like complete shit by her attitude. I had so many questions that she did not answer. Granted, I did not ask many questions at the time because I was still shocked to learn I had an STD. I had recently been sexually assaulted by two different guys at a party and was feeling the anger and hurt all over again. While I don't remember if she knew this information, I really needed some emotional suppoer and she seemed overall unfazed by my diagnosis." There were a number of limitations present in this study, but the two biggest were: 1. It may have been useful to also interview healthcare providers about the initial consultation to receive a more balanced perspective Catherine Cook, a researcher at the University of Auckland in New Zealand, conducted in-depth research on the psychosocial effects of sexually transmitted infections including HPV. Her doctoral thesis, The Pedagogy of the Clinic: Health Professionals and Women with Viral Sexually Transmitted Infections, was the study I used as the foundation for my study. "The health department makes you think you have cancer when they inform you that you have HPV. I don't think they should scare us into thinking we need unnecessary procedures for mild dysplasia." Individualized Needs It is estimated that as many as 80% of sexually active women will be positive for HPV at some point in their lives and healthcare providers need to be mindful that a large portion of those women are utterly unaware of what HPV is (Akyuz, Yilmaz, Yavan, & Kilic 2011). "When the office staff member called me she was unable to answer any of my questions about HPV. I was frustrated. I called back to ask more questions, but the staff member was unable to answer anything. I was told to come back in three months. I then called a friend who is a women's health nurse practitioner to get information." Discussion Methods Important Background for this Study "For me, no one had told me about HPV when I was having the pap test done. I still to this day do not know if you can find out if you have HPV through a pap test or if it has to be a specific test for HPV." Although there were several positive comments about the experience of the initial HPV consultation, for the most part these responses illuminate a large psychosocial component of the consultation that is being neglected by women's health care providers. The largest age group was 21 to 26 years of age with 46.2% of the participants. The NEXT largest group was 30 to 40 years of age with 29.2% of participants. Ensuring validity... Most women were dealing with numerous issues separate from the HPV diagnosis and were upset, even angry, with their healthcare providers for not being more thorough with explanations and acting nonchalant about the effect HPV would have on their lives. A total of 233 participants consented to take the survey, with only 28 individuals qualified to answer the qualitative survey questions. This study was completed through a series of open-ended online questions, conducted anonymously, to obtain infected women's perceptions of their healthcare provider's performance concerning the initial consultation regarding their HPV diagnosis. 2. The results of this study are not necessarily generalizable to other areas outside of East Tennessee or Southwest Virginia Unanswered Questions The major theme found in the results was 'Meeting Client Needs" with both 'Individualized Needs' and 'Unanswered Questions' presenting as sub-themes. Overview of my Study HPV is the most commonly transmitted virus in the USA, with almost 20 million Americans currently infected and an additional 6.2 million

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