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Golf Tournament Flyer Template Powerpoint

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golf tournament

Transcript: Objectives: to enjoy and create a new relationship, partners and networks in different business sectors. to create a new business opportunity for the young professional to interchange different business ideas from the top executives in casual form of communication and have career advice or vice-versa. to make it a twice a year tournament for a continuous communication among fellow participant. Summit Point OverView Events : 18 hole Golf Tournament - front 9 ( Scramble - involves choosing the one best shot following every stroke, with each team member then playing again from that one spot) - Back 9 ( Best Ball - all members of each team play their own balls on each hole. At the completion of the hole, the lowest score among all team members serves as the team score) Tee off time : 05:30AM Participant : GSB Students GSB Proffesors GSB Students Superior Officer Invited VIP Businessmen Where will the funds come from? Players Fee Sponsors Donation Tournament Initial Expenses: each members of the organizer will contribute equal amount . REMARKS : Tounament Schedule Date : Thursday, 2010 Tee off Time : 06:30 Am Awarding of Trophies : 3:00PM Raffle Draw : 4:PM By : Aldwin H. Larano Remarks The decision of the Exact Date of the tournament will be based on the Majority of the organizers. Organizers will be form a strategic plan based on this template. The Amount of the fee will be depending on how many participants, sponsor and donor will contribute to make this tournament turn out. If the tournament can still generate income after all the necessary adjustment for a successful tournament. A part of that income will put in to the concerted account to be the fund for the next Camaraderie Golf Tournament. The remaining of that income will be divided into how many organizers and distribute it accordingly. Camaraderie Golf Tournament at Summit Point Benefits for the Participants Free use of golf cart Free Snacks and Lunch Golf tournament Souvenir Chance to win for Raffle Prizes

Golf Tournament

Transcript: St. Anne's Charity Golf Tournament Written Venture Plan Components Marketing research was conducted to determine if there was a real opportunity for the business to be successful. We determined it would be a success through the opinions of a well respected advisor, as well as asking our potential clients if such event were to be held would they be interested. The response was encouraging, so we continued our venture plan and held our tournament as prior planned. Lastly we used our knowledge of the area and school society to assume the idea would interest many people to participate. The targeted market for our business was the students, staff and alumni of St.Anne’s Catholic Secondary School. We chose these groups because of the convenience and effectiveness for getting clients to the course. The distance was easy for all to get to, as well as the time. Our targeted market had about 600 students 45 staff members and 10-15 alumni, however we were only expecting 45-60 clients and would only accept a maximum of 65 clients. Our competitors in the region were the golf course where we held our tournament. Other golf courses would also be competitors depending on the convenience for the client. To promote our venture plan and to sell our product we developed posters to educate our potential clients. Also we created a large sign to encourage and promote our venture. Lastly we passed the venture through word of mouth and by accessing our allies. The most successful method of promoting our venture was by passing the idea through word of mouth and accessing our allies. Resource Analysis The equipment we used to run our tournament varied from pencils, paper, calculators, pens, rulers, cash box, tables, chairs, plates, utensils, golf course, and golf clubs. The human resources used were the three of us; Jordan Brand, Ryan Watson, and Brock Dykxhoorn, as well as Mr Grace, and we also had assistance from the staff at the Woodlands Golf Course. The only inventory need for our event was the inventory of food provided by the golf course but we did not deal with that directly. We also had an inventory of prizes for the winners of various competitions. The space required for our event was a golf course which was located in Clinton Ontario as well as a space for people to eat their meal after. The resources above costed us nothing do to the fact that all of our utensils were just borrowed and returned, the prizes were donated by various companies, and the help for our human resources didn’t cost us anything due to the fact that the golf course staff were included in the payment of golf and dinner. The dinner itself was included in the total cost that we had to pay the golf course at the end of the event. Our time also didn’t cost us anything nor did Mr Grace’s time as he generously helped us on his spare time and in class. The rules and regulations that applied to our venture are that players must play a legal game of golf without cheating and hand in their scorecard after they are done. We also had to follow all of the regular golf course rules that apply for everyone who is on the course. To protect our venture we estimated the amount of people that we thought would come out and told the golf course. We also made sure that the people who were golfing and eating paid before they went on the golf course or ate their food. This was very important as we wanted to make sure that nobody was able to golf for free or take advantage of our venture to benefit themselves financially. Operating Strategy Our project was decided upon to be a partnership. We have three contributing members in Jordan Brand, Brock Dykxhoorn and Ryan Watson. We all contributed roughly the same amount of work towards the final project and event. Overall we all contributed evenly in organizing and running the tournament. We did not specifically outline certain aspects that each person would take care of. We decided upon what we were going to work on at the beginning of each class and we split it up from there. We agreed that everyone will contribute even amounts and that we will work as a team at all times. We also agreed as a group about what organizations we would be donating the profits to. Our service was organized very well before we went to the tournament so that we could limit the number of problems or obstacles that we would encounter during the event. We were very well organized and made sure we had all of our bases covered. We had informed the golf course about our tournament about a month and a half before the event date and then we also confirmed with them the exact numbers for golf and food 3 days before the event. On the day of the event, we were worried about some rain that could cancel the event so we were in contact with the golf course to make plans and limitations for the event. Our channel distribution was direct and came through word of mouth and physical posters around the school. We did not sell anything over the internet or over the phone,

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