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Golf Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Scoring Par- Specified number of strokes for a hole or course Birdie- one under par Eagle- Two under par Ace- Hole in one Bogey- one over par Tiger played since the age of two years old. Played courses at the age of five and played and practice almost everyday. Broke 80 at the age of 8 and 70 at the age of 12. What makes Tiger good is his determination and practice. He never gave up on golf even when he lost or when thing got rough. Other Equipment Golf shoes have plastic spike to increase traction Golf bag is used to hold clubs tee is used on first stroke on each hole Basic Rules Tiger Woods Golf keep eye on ball keep arm on top straight ball centered between feet on downswing turn hips and shoulders Golf Balls small ball with dimples that decrease aerodynamic drag Dimples help ball fly farther Equipment How to Consists of 18 Holes Each Hole contains Tee box, fairway and green Tee box is where you take your first stroke Fairway is long stretch before green Green is where the hole is Some courses contain bunkers and water hazards History of Golf Golf Course Golf Clubs Drivers are used to propel the ball long distance used on tee box (also called woods) Irons are shorter with flat surface, used for shorter distances Putters are used on the green to roll the ball into the hole Originated in 15th Century Scotland May have come from Paganic, a Roman Game First game recorded James II, wanted something other then archery "Old Course" at St Andrews is where it was first played Musselburgh Links, March 2 1672 is certified as the oldest course Play the ball as it lies play the course as you find it If you cannot do either, do what is fair Golf Etiquette cover matters such as safety fairness and obligation to care for the course always yell fore if ball is traveling towards other players Steps to having a good stroke 1. Alignment 2.Grip 3. Stance/Posture 4.Backswing 5. Downswing 6. Follow through


Transcript: Golf 5 things you are going to learn about golf 1. Pro Male Golfers 2. Pro Female Golfers 3. Health 4. History 5. Why I enjoy it Pro Male Golfers Phil Mickelson Phil Mickleson is a professinal golfer and has been for a while. He's won 38 PGA, 7 European Tour, 1 Challenge Tour and 5 others. He went to Arizona State Univeristy for College golf. Phil became a pro in 1992 and is still a pro. He's golf coach currently is Butch Harmon, and his formal coach (Butch) was Tiger Woods. He's income in 2007 was $51 million, and $47 million coming from endorsements. Tiger Woods Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer of all time and still is a pretty good golfer. He hasn't been doing very good lately and has lost his number 1 spot by Lee Westwood. He started golfing when he was under 2 years old, and has been golfing ever since. Tiger is the 2nd golfer to get the triple crown of golf. He got his name by his father calling him tiger. He is the highest paid professinal athlete in the world. Pro Female Golfers Michelle Wie Michelle Wie started playing golf when she was 4 years old. At age 10 she quliafied for the USGA amateur championship. She made the cut at 13 years old for the US Womens Open, the youngest player to ever do that. She has contracts with Nike and Sony, which is worth more than $10 million. She has won 2 LPGA tours and she turned professinal in 2005. She is just 21 years old and doing good for her age. Paula Creamer Paula turned professional in 2004 and has been as high as number 2 in the Wormens World Golf Ratings. In 2008 she made more than $1.8 million dollars for LPGA. In 2010 she withdrew due to a left thumb injury. And she is one of my favorite lady golfers. LPGA Health What you need to eat 1. You need to be healthy to do good in golf. 2. You need to eat healthy foods (ex. vegies, fruit, and things that give you protien. 3. You should eat things that make you strong. I eat right. Do You? I eat right so my body is healthy and stays healthy. Also so i can keep active as long as the other golfers and not get tiered. Why should you eat it 1. You should eat healthy food because it keeps your muscle growing. 2. It makes it easier to walk 9 or 18 holes for matches if you have a lot of strength. 3. You perform how you eat. I eat it because... I eat it because I want to eat just as good as I play. The better I eat the better I play golf. Just like above you perform how you eat. History of Golf Where it started 1. Some think that it came from a game in Rome. 2. Another early game that resembled modern golf was known as cambuca in England and chambot in France. 3. The modern game originated in Scotland. How its Improved 1. we use metal or iron instead of wood. 2. The style has changed. 3. They made more rules. Why I enjoy it. Its FUN You get to meet new people and see how they play. And if they are better then you, you can learn from them and how they play golf. It's also like making new friends that do what you do. Its challenging and fun at the same time. You learn how to play and go around difficult things. Like trying to hit over a lake. Good for You When you play for the high school team, when your in tournments, you have to walk so you get a lot of exercise. Its keeps you skinny and its good to get the exercise. Anybody can golf or lean. The End Association Golf Professional Ladies

Golf- El golf

Transcript: I play wrestling- Yo juego a la You play wrestling- Tú juegas a la He plays wrestling- Él juega a la She plays wrestling- Ella juega al golf You (formal) play wrestling- Usted juega a la wrestling *You all* play wrestling- Ustedes juegan a la wrestling We play wrestling- Nosotros/as jugamos a la wrestling They play wrestling- Ellos/as juegan a la wrestling I play skiing- Yo juego al esquí You play skiing- Tú juegas al esquí He plays skiing- Él juega al esquí She plays skiing- Ella juega al esquí You (formal) play skiing- Usted juega al esquí *You all* play skiing- Ustedes juegan al esquí We play skiing- Nosotros/as jugamos al esquí They play skiing- Ellos/as juegan al esquí Basketball- El baloncesto/ El basquetbol Boxing- El boxeo Skiing- El esquí Tennis- El tenis I play horseback riding- Yo juego a la equitación You play horseback riding- Tú juegas a la equitación He plays horseback riding- Él juega a la equitación She plays horseback riding- Ella juega a la equitación You (formal) play horseback riding- Usted juega a la equitación *You all* play horseback riding- Ustedes juegan a la equitación We play - Nosotros/as jugamos a la ginasia They play horseback ridinghorseback riding- Ellos/as juegan a la equitación I play tennis- Yo juego al tenis You play tennis- Tú juegas al tenis He plays tennis- Él juega al tenis She plays tennis- Ella juega al tenis You (formal) play tennis- Usted juega al tenis *You all* play tennis- Ustedes juegan al tenis We play tennis- Nosotros/as jugamos al tenis They play tennis- Ellos/as juegan al tenis I play basketball- Yo juego al baloncesto You play basketball- Tú juegas al baloncesto He plays basketball- Él juega al baloncesto She plays basketball- Ella juega al baloncesto You (formal) play basketball- Usted juega al baloncesto *You all* play basketball- Ustedes juegan al baloncesto We play basketball- Nosotros/as jugamos al baloncesto They play basketball- Ellos/as juegan al baloncesto I play volleyball- Yo juego al voleibol You play volleyball- Tú juegas al voleibol He plays volleyball- Él juega al voleibol She plays volleyball- Ella juega al voleibol You (formal) play volleyball- Usted juega al voleibol *You all* play volleyball- Ustedes juegan al volleibol We play volleyball- Nosotros/as jugamos al voleibol They play volleyball- Ellos/as juegan al voleibol I play skating- Yo juego al patinaje You play skating- Tú juegas al patinaje He plays skating- Él juega al patinaje She plays skating- Ella juega al patinaje You (formal) play skating- Usted juega al patinaje *You all* play skating- Ustedes juegan al patinaje We play skating- Nosotros/as jugamos al patinaje They play skating- Ellos/as juegan al patinaje I play ball- Yo juego a la balón You play ball- Tú juegas a la balón He plays ball- Él juega a la balón She plays ball- Ella juega a la balón You (formal) play ball- Usted juega a la balón *You all* play ball- Ustedes juegan a la balón We play ball- Nosotros/as jugamos a la balón They play ball- Ellos/as juegan a la balón Football- El fútbol americano I play boxing- Yo juego al boxeo You play boxing- Tú juegas al boxeo He plays boxing- Él juega al boxeo She plays boxing- Ella juega al boxeo You (formal) play boxing- Usted juega al boxeo *You all* play boxing- Ustedes juegan al boxeo We play boxing- Nosotros/as jugamos al boxeo They play boxing- Ellos/as juegan al boxeo Soccer- El fútbol I play bowling- Yo juego al bolos You play bowling- Tú juegas al bolos He plays bowling- Él juega al bolos She plays bowling- Ella juega al bolos You (formal) play bowling- Usted juega al bolos *You all* play bowling- Ustedes juegan al bolos We play bowling- Nosotros/as jugamos al bolos They play bowling- Ellos/as juegan al bolos Jugar a= To Play Cycling- El ciclismo Horseback riding- La equitación I play canoeing- Yo juego al piragüismo You play canoeing- Tú juegas al piragüismo He plays canoeing- Él juega al piragüismo She plays canoeing- Ella juega al piragüismo You (formal) play canoeing- Usted juega al piragüismo *You all* play canoeing- Ustedes juegan al piragüismo We play canoeing- Nosotros/as jugamos al piragüismo They play canoeing- Ellos/as juegan al piragüismo Wrestling- La lucha libre I play dancing- Yo juego al baile You play dancing- Tú juegas al baile He plays dancing- Él juega al baile She plays dancing- Ella juega al baile You (formal) play dancing- Usted juega al baile *You all* play dancing- Ustedes juegan al baile We play dancing- Nosotros/as jugamos al baile They play dancing- Ellos/as juegan al baile Dancing- El baile I play gymnastics- Yo juego a la gimnasia You play gymnastics- Tú juegas a la gimnasia He plays gymnastics- Él juega a la gimnasia She plays gymnastics- Ella juega a la gimnasia You (formal) play gymnastics- Usted juega a la gimnasia *You all* play gymnastics- Ustedes juegan a la gimnasia We play gymnastics- Nosotros/as jugamos a la gimnasia They play gymnastics- Ellos/as juegan a la gimnasia I play football- Yo juego al fútbol americano You play

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