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Golf Course

Transcript: This hole would be a hole in a circle shaped vise and will have lights around it that distribute air trying to stop the ball from entering that'll be the Chloroplast. Chloroplast converts solar energy to chemical energy through photosynthesis. It is green and oval shaped Nucleolus= effects in hole 20nm Vacuole=Pond obstacle Hole #5 The vacuole is a hole that has an obstacle with a pond in front of it. Vacuole temporarily stores materials the cell needs: water, water, food, inorganic ions, and enzymes. It's a fluid filled sac. The ball would have to fly over the pond. Barriers of the hole will be attatched to cell membrane. The nucleus storehouse most of cell's genetic information. It's round. When the ball gets into the hole it'll travel around the whole course and return to the next levels area. Golf Course 3000nm Vesicles=Hole #3 that transports The orange parellel trail is symbolizing the Cell Wall. Cell Wall gives protection, support, and shape to the cell. It's the rigid, outermost layer of a plant cell. The organge lines is the maze of the golf course which lets you know basically start to finish. It wraps around the entire course. The two brackets at the begining and end of the course represent the Cell Membrane. Cell Membrane forms a boundary between the cell and the outside environment and contols the passage of materials into and out of cell. The second layer in plant cells. I choose this because it monitors who can get in and out of the course. Mitochondria=Hole #2 with obstacle 6000nm 20000nm Angelica Armstrong 10nm 30nm Cell Membrane= Entrance Cell Membrane=Exit Same reasoning for Entrance 10 nm This hole will transport the ball. Vesicles isolate and transport materials within the cell. It is round. When the ball goes into the hole the ball will enter the next level through the wall. 1000nm 5000nm Nucleolus produces ribosomes. It's a round structure inside nucleus. These are going to be lights and sounds that'll be following the ball as it travels around the full course. Nucleus=Hole #1 That Goes All Around Course This circle is a hole with an obstacle which portrays the Mitochondria. Mitochondria supply energy to the cell. It has a bean shape to it. This hole generates engery when completed. So when you make it in the hole there will be a breeze and lights will go off. Chloroplast= cone shaped hole #4 Cell Wall=Golf Course Lay Out

Golf course

Transcript: Should golf courses use water to water their grasses? . By Jonah, Jeremy, Danny, Kian A (KIan), This is our presentation on the topic whether if golf courses should use water for all their grasses and we will be discussing with you whether if we are with, or against and give our reasons Intro Subtopic (Danny) - We have decided that using water for golf courses is not the best idea. here is our reasoning... (KIAN) -Water is not for people to have fun with,it is for important things like Medical purposes,drinking,cleaning and cooking -The world will soon run low on water if we continue to waste it, we need to care about future generations settling on earth and start saving water (DANNY) -It is hard to keep a golf course looking good. - This requires to keep the weeds and other plants out. - Golf courses include water retention ponds to capture landscape and provide water features on the course. - These ponds can often be used to store water collected from the parking lots and roofs of buildings. - But also, some of this water is what is called “refined water”. -golf courses are bad because we use too much water during the process -process need water for our society, The world is running low on resources (water) -if we continue wasting water our society will end Jonah The Benefits Of Running a golf course is the income that the course makes every year Benefits (KIAN)Our only hope is that governments start setting limits or restrictions to how much water can be used and what it can be used on, water has way better purposes than using it so that people get to have fun, we need to use it to feed to the poor, to drink, to make food and for some medical purposes as mentioned before (Jeremy) - There is no point in watering golf courses if we can just use fake grass and if there is lots of it being manufactured - We can also make golf courses on sand or make buildings with indoor golf courses and save lots of water that people are wasting. To run and maintain a golf course cost 1.2 - 3 million dollars. A typical golf course requires 100,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of our fresh water instead of maintaining healthy vegetation. Jonah- Economy Golf courses are open from April 14 TO October 31 during this period rich people go and play golf and by memberships usually cost around 200 - 400 dollars depending on the course Economy Golf course (JONAH)According to a few sources we have read golf courses OVERUSE the water they are given, that means using more water for an area or the whole course when there is no need so its not just using the water to keep the grass "fresh and green" its wasting the water on nothing . Our Decision THE END .

Golf Course

Transcript: A golf course comprises a series of holes, each consisting of a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, and a green with a flagstick ("pin") and hole ("cup"), all designed for the game of golf. What is a Resort Golf Course? A Resort Courses is a golf facility usually affiliated with a lodging component. Golf Course in The Philippines The Riviera Golf Club is an exciting concept unparalleled in the Philippines for its vision to be among Asia’s most outstanding golf courses. This golf club is destined to be a golf Mecca and at the same time providing the ultimate in comfort and elegance. Found amidst the breathtaking landscape of cool Silang, Cavite, The Riviera Golf Club, Inc. is the ideal course for all ages and skills. It was built in 1907 by a group of British and Scottish expatriates building the Panay line of Panay Railways, also completed in 1907. The original course was a crude 9-hole course. A club followed the establishment of the course, which was initially only open to expats but by 1920 Filipinos were allowed to join including Tomas Confesor and Eugenio Lopez, Sr. and brother Fernando. The club was the first Philippine club accepted as an affiliate of The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland. Leading architectural firm RR Payumo and Partners in collaboration with Steven Leach and Associates for the interiors designed the Spanish-Mediterranean-inspired Splendido Taal Golf Clubhouse. The Lake Placid Club Mountain Course was laid out in 1910 by Alexander H. Findlay who immigrated to the U.S. from Scotland in the early 1880's and became one of the pioneers of golf in America. In 1931 the course was remodeled by Alister MacKenzie, designer of AUGUSTA NATIONAL - home of "The Masters". With smaller greens and more tree-lined fairways, this course begs for the straight shot. The engaging design takes full advantage of the scenic vistas and will appeal to players of all levels. It is quite simply the essence of "mountain golf". The Lowdown: What hasn’t already been said about Pebble Beach? Impressive views, a legendary course, a stunning location. For those making a journey, it’s the place to be. Caddie Tip: With thick rough and fast greens, the course is meant for skilled players. And be ready to fork over big bucks: Rounds cost around $500. TPC Sawgrass Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Bandon Dunes Bandon, Oregon The Riviera Golf Club Mr. Greg Norman designed, 18-hole; par 72 all-weather championship golf course was opened to its members in 2002. It is a truly majestic course sprawled on a 152-hectare man-made valley nestled amidst the mountain ridges of the Grand Taal, with a dramatic view of the Taal Volcano and lake. The course was scientifically designed with the environment in mind and has an extensive drainage system that captures surface water and funnels it back to the lakes to recycle water. The course is completely natural and routed through an environment of indigenous vegetation. Beyond breathtaking scenery lies the game of golf in its truest form. This is a thinker's course. Winds are ever-present, and the varying elements create a new experience each time you play. Golf enthusiasts will find not one, but two PGA TOUR championship courses at the club, both designed by world-renowned architect Pete Dye. THE PLAYERS Stadium and Dye’s Valley Course offer two, perfectly balanced game experiences. The two golf courses winds through North Florida’s naturally compelling landscape. Surrounding the Splendido Taal golf course is the 87-hectare fairway lots and residential enclaves of the Splendido Taal Residential Estates owned by JAKA Tagaytay Holdings Corporation. The sprawling 140-hectares that make up Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club, for the exclusive use of its members, is located in Carmona, Cavite approximately 30 kms. south of Makati, Metro Manila. Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club Lake Placid, New York Not one, but two championship golf courses await golf enthusiasts at The Riviera. Designed by past Masters Champions Fred Couples and Bernhard Langer, both courses feature immaculately maintained Bermuda 419 fairways and tif dwarf greens, giving the Riviera the ultimate in playing surfaces, set beside scenic ravines and along rolling ridges that will both test and offer enjoyment to golfers of all abilities. Built and constructed to the highest standards, the Langer and Couples Courses have the best in drainage and irrigation systems making the Riviera lay-out truly all-weather. Pinehurst Resort The Iloilo Golf and Country Club, formerly and informally known as the Santa Barbara Golf Course in Brgy. San Sebastian, Santa Barbara, Iloilo on 35 hectares of plain and rolling hills. The courses promise to be friendly to beginners as well as challenging for the more skilled players. It is also combined with residential amenities and facilities for the whole family fully integrated into a resort lifestyle. . The Lake Placid Club Links Course was designed in

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