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Gold Gold Gold!

Transcript: Anais Has Gold Fever About Bathurst People soon had the gold fever, many people went to Bathurst to find their fortune. I would want to go there because there were rumours that there was a lot of gold there. How Will I Do This What Will I Need? Double click to crop it if necessary - Costs In Mining Some of the things I need to be aware of are: - Permit - Food and water (money for them) - Something to protect myself with from robbers who could take my money and gold - Equipment . What Equipment Will I need? (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Small amounts of gold were found in New South Wales in the early days of the colony, but the authorities hushed it up. However, in February 1851 a man named Hargraves found gold near Bathurst, and word quickly spread. _ People and how they worked there Where In Bathurst Should I Look??? OPHIR: (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr 1. Pan 6. Food And water 2. Shovel 7. Axe 3. Pick 8. A few cloths 4. Blankets 9. Pouches (for gold) 5. Tent 10. Gun How Will I Find My Gold? PANNING: I will trade something of mine to get a horse to take me to the goldfields. My horse will help me to carry equipment. - I Would buy some of my equipment when i get there, because I will need some for joureny How Will I Get There? What Dangers Will I Face ? (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Ophir was the first place payable gold was discovered in Australia. People found large nuggets and 113g of panned gold so there still might be some to make me rich. Thank you (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr - Being robbed. -Getting sick- getting too sick and maybe dying -Injuries- not being able to work or getting the right treatment for my injuries. -Floods- washing away my things that could be very important.

gold gold gold

Transcript: AUSTRALIA'S GOLD RUSH BYE BYE! Migrants- 290 000 people came from Britain for the gold rush 15000 came from other european countries 18000 came from America The rest of the miners were from Asia or Australian, the exact number of Chinese migrants who came for the gold rush is not known but the numbers of Chinese were big. Mining was exhausting and time consuming so miners did not have much time for anything else, many miners died from diseases or accidents in the mines. People on the gold fields FUN FACT Housing Pan- used to scoop up rocks out of the water and separate silt and rocks from the gold fragments. Cradle- large wooden box tool used to separate larger amounts of rock and soil from the gold. Picks and shovels- used in the mines by mines to break up rock and dig Puddling- a process where clay was separated from the gold by dissolving the clay in water that was poured in Mine shafts- were very deep holes to dig up gold that was buried deep within the soil. The sides of the shafts were propped up by planks of wood but lots of accidents still happened and lives were often lost. The battle at Eureka stockade near Ballarat in 1854 changed Australia forever. It has come to represent a popular struggle and has been likened to the birth of democracy in Australia. What caused the uprising was the mistreatment of the people who came to the goldfields seeking to make their fortune by the local authorities. They could not afford the gold license and because they were unable to vote they choose to rebel. They chose to make a stand under the flag of the southern cross. on December 3 1854 the battle began. in only 20 minutes over 30 people were killed and charged with high treason within a year the gold license was gone. Eureka stockade Tools, processes and equipment used in the goldfields: between 1851 and 1861 Australia had ONE THERD OF THE WORLDS GOLD!!!!! Homes in the goldfields were cold and uncomfortable. harsh weather conditions made life even harder, but for the chinese it was worse because they were discriminated against and made to live away from everyone else. At first many miners lived in canvas tents so that they could move to wherever new gold was found, people who were going to stay longer built different and more permanant houses which were more comfortable liveable. Some of those people then could bring their wives and children to live with them. location THANKS FOR WATCHING "we swear by the Southern cross too sand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and librettos" (a quorate by the miners

Gold Gold Gold!

Transcript: When the goldrush began, many people left there jobs to hopefully find fortune on the goldfields. Nearly all of the shops closed down because no one was left to work at them (apart from the women and kids). Nor anyone to shop at them. Schools had closed down because there is no one to teach the children. The sale of alcohol was banned from the goldfields due to bad behavior it caused. Although some people had other plans. Sly grog shanties were built to sneak alcohol because to get beer or other drinks on the goldfields was more expensive than importing it from other country's, some of the drinks that they had on the goldfields were, spirits, whisky and gin. The miners diet consisted of mutton,damper and tea. The mutton was sold by butcher, who has a tent set up at the camp. The tent was always easy to find because flies were attracted to all the mutton. Fresh food such as fruit and vegetables were rare because before the food could be taken to the goldfields it got spoiled or rotten. Clean water was also very hard to find. The Government created a money system by forcing the diggers to own a gold license or miners right. Each month every miner had to pay 1 pound 10 shillings simply for the right to dig. Miners were not aloud to claim or say they own that part of land while they work otherwise they would get a large consequence. In the 1800's there were 7,000 chinese people on the goldfields. That was at least Half of the people that were at the goldfields! Australia first became multi-cultural during the gold rush period. the draw towards however took a personal toll on individuals. Particularity on the people that didn't speak English, which was NOT right. The Chinese were always working hard, with techniques that were wildly different from the Europeans. The Chinese had found out that Australia had found some tracings of gold and of they went to come look for gold for themselves. The Chinese workers have to follow the same rules as the Australian miners do so it is quite fair. Some of the miners caused trouble in the goldfields. In the first few years of mining ladies and children were rare on the goldfields, so while the family stayed home the men of the family only got to go digging for gold. Most of the men also thought that they didn't want there wives to risk going out to the harsh life at the goldfields. Only the children over 9-12 were allowed on the goldfields. Most of the children got to help out with the 'fun' of gold mining. They used small pans or dishes and went to small creek beds and they know that they have to get all the big rocks out to wash them and shake to let the heavy gold stay at the bottom. women you have to stay at home because its a high risk going out to the goldfields, just stick with what your good at, cooking,cleaning and caring! New to the Goldfields? How do you know which mining type suits you the best? Let our article tell you all about the different types of mining techniques you could be a part of! Panning * Panning is a simple technique used for finding alluvial gold (nuggets or flecks). Found in shallow creek beds. Cradle * This a large wooden cradle to find little gold particles through all of the dirt, sand and gravel. You put I big buckets of dirt and shake it to reveal the gold. Puddling * This used to separate gold from clay. The gold mixture is placed into a large container and then water is poured in. The mixture is stirred with a wooden stick and the water dissolves so you can grab your gold out of the container. Shaft Mining * When gold became popular under the surface of the ground miners turned to digging deep holes into to the ground or shafts to be specific. Good luck finding gold however you decide to look for it! Written by Abigail Hogg Life on the Goldfields Women on the Goldfield 2pence Tuesday, February 17, 1854 Thank you for reading this months issue of ''gold gold gold'' Make sure you have your license! Tools make all the difference... Want gold? We can show you how... The Chinese didn't want to work with the Australian miners because they had different opinions on things Looking for gold different people have types of techniques of the what tools miners should use, some are, cradles, panning, puddling, shaft mining and a miners pick. For these items to find any gold you have to use them correctly. Here are some of the things that you will need to require for these tools, for a pan you will need either dirt for dry panning or some sort of water for wet panning. For shaft mining you will need rope, the pulling machine, (or a couple very strong men), safety protection and tools, such as a bucket, shovels and/or pales. For puddling you will need a wooden crate or box, a wooden stick and this could also be mixed using the machine for puddling run by a horse going around in circles. For Cradles you will need the wooden/metal cradle and your hands, (to shake the dirt and water out to leave nice fresh gold). For a miners pick you wont need specific items

Gold! Gold! Gold!

Transcript: We are trying to find a quiet spot near the river where nobody will spot us and get us in trouble for being there without parents, and than send us home. We will be living in a tent and will sleep on the floor with hardly any warmth. The tent will be set up next to our panning spot so when it is time for bed we will pack up our things and go to sleep. Early in the morning we will wake up and start our work for the day. Which gold area? By Alexandra Tobin Transportation For panning you don't need much equipment. There are vital things you need to survive like: a canvas tent, rope to help hold the tent up, sticks to support the canvas,a pan for the panning and shovel to break up the soil and dirt and shovel dirt into the pan. It will be easier to get our equipment when we get there, because there is a high chance that someone will steal our equipment and they are heavy and we will be carrying them all the way. We will be taking food and supplies with us for our journey, but will probably run out by the time we get to Bathurst so we will need to get more there. It will be hard traveling there, we don't have a cart or anything like that, so we have been forced to walk and hide on carts to get there. We think it will take a week to get there, but we will just have to wait and find out. Gold! Gold ! Gold! The dangers Equipment, Food and supplies We have decided that panning would be better than using a pick to hit at rock. This decision has been made because it is safer, easier and you have more luck at finding gold. Even though it is not much gold you find each day, gold is gold, and remember we are desperate. Bibliography Where will we live? My brother and I thought about it, and have decided that we will travel to Bathurst to try our luck. We have decided this because it is close to Sydney town so we don't have to travel far, the convicts have built a road which we will follow and also there are high hopes of us striking luck. There is a river running near and through the gold mining area of Bathurst which is vital for panning gold. My brother and I have decided that we are going to go to the goldfields to find some gold so we can afford to buy food and live in a big house, (we're really desperate). We have high hopes, but first we need to plan our trip and work out what has to be done. There are a lot of dangers that can be faced whilst traveling to Bathurst and when you are there. One of the dangers is being robbed, bushrangers do sometimes wander around on lonely roads looking for people with good fortune. Another danger is you can get lost. You might think you've got everything under control, when suddenly your brother asks you "'Are you sure we are going the right way, I think we should have turned left a long time ago .'' That's when you are in trouble. Type of mining

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