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Glitter & Gold

Transcript: Defend Your Song: Glitter & Gold Why is this song a Poem? What Techniques are used? Rebecca Ferguson, the artist and writer of my song "Glitter & Gold", made it very evident that she was creating both a song and a poem, by using many poetic devices, including rhetorical questions, symbolism, hyperbole, irony and pathetic fallacy. Also, there is lots of repetition comparing concrete concepts to the abstract thought of "losing your soul" (18). In conclusion... Symbolism Rebecca Ferguson LIVE Rhetorical Questions Throughout the song, Rebecca Ferguson poses many rhetorical questions in which they address the loss of a friendship and how much it will take before they realize that they strayed from their path into a false sense of happiness. In the chorus of my song, Ferguson refers to "white horses" multiple times which is a universal symbol for royalty or purity, but paired with the line "you can't control" it tweaks your opinion to make you think of the power it has to consume you, getting lost in the search for wealth instead of the pursuit of happiness (10). Also, white horses can represent innocence so the line "riding white horses you can't control" may be addressing the way, that innocence can be controlled by not considering the possibility of being taken advantage of (10). Hyperbole Sadie Honderich Therefore, by using the techniques she did and having the lyrics really play on your heartstrings, Rebecca Ferguson did in fact make it a poem as well as a song. Irony Pathetic Fallacy pathetic fallacy (n.) The attribution of human emotions or characteristics to inanimate objects or to nature. In lines such as, "you might need 'em when its cold outside" it is using pathetic fallacy as a tool to represent a moment of hardship or weakness where you truly need your friends to support you (21). Another example within this song is, "when the rain comes down and you're losing your mind" which could be the representation of the loss of your virtues that once grounded you, therefore washing away your past with no way to return (32). The irony in this song, like all of the devices really just alludes to the normality in the listener (reader). As stated in the second stanza, "And all those friends that were such a chore / You're gonna need them more than ever before" could be a situation in anyone's life (5/6). So even though you may not constantly see eye to eye it is no reason to give up on the relationship. ____ One of the many definitions of poetry is "an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through meaning, sound and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response..."_ Mark Flanagan Throughout the song there is repetition of hyperbolic lines such as "losing yourself... / losing your soul..." (3,18). This really aids in the understanding of the depth of the situation and how the virtues that once defined her are no longer important. For example, "how good or bad, happy or sad / Does it have to get?" (Ferguson 1-2). Glitter & Gold


Transcript: Glitter!!! Thats Glitter!! : People ask me all the time," why do you like glitter so much"? Well, I don't know. All I know is that it sparkles and its pretty and when I wear it it makes me feel beutiful. : Glitter was invented by Henry Ruschmann, shortly after world war 2, although some people believe it was invented in 1934. Lets not forget about safety. : I know that I am not the only one who has a healthy obsession with it so,or they wouldn't put it on every single thing. Glitter, a gift from the heavens! It is the only thing that will make me happy on a terrible day. It brings light and shine into the world, but I have a question for you. What do you know about it? Safety By Katie Nottingham : Always read the bottle. If it says,"This product is not intended for the eyes", Try not to get in or on your eyes. Also acne is the most inportant thing to worry about when using and applying glitter. If you get acne and it is bad please refrain from using glitter. Always wash your face after wards. :Glitter you can use in sooo many ways! Thats another reason I like it. I hope you use my information and brighten up your life with some glitter!! Glitter 101 : Well,to add a little more to your every day..... I use face glitter. I, personally, think the gel is more effective than the powder because the gel sticks and doesn't fall off and the powder gets in your eyes. : You can also incorporate something sparkly in your outfit. I have sparkly shoe laces to give my shoes some more " ufff". Jewelry works as well. Maybe hair ties.Its really up to you. Most glitter will give you acne so if it does,you can still use it just make sure to wash your face often. Why I like glitter? How you can wear it!! Glitter makes everything better!!!! The unusual world of Glitter!! :Glitter should not be confused with confetti, which has a bigger shape and comes in different shapes and sizes. It also should not be confused with sequins, because they are circular and have holes in them.

Glitter n Gold

Transcript: "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" By: Amelia J & Ashley N Glitter & Gold Target Market age: 16-25 Age group We chose to target young adults between 16-25. We chose this age group because this is the tech-savy age group. They tend to keep up with the latest fashion statments and love to shop at the stores that are "poppin". They will draw perfect attention tothe stores they feel have the lastest trends via social media or word of mouth. female/male Feminist Glitter & Gold will focus on the lastest trends for the feminie population. We do not disricminate on if a male likes to where female clothes also and want to be up to date on the latest trend he can also shop here. Location Downtown Atlanta Downtown Atlanta Downtown is a transportation hub for the entire region. The Downtown Connector runs north and south through the district. The Connector is the primary freeway artery for the city. Downtown is also served by Interstate 20, which creates the southern border of Downtown. Downtown also has many surface streets that serve as alternatives to the Downtown Connector. MARTA's east-west and north-south subway lines converge in the middle of Downtown at the Five Points MARTA station. Which allows people to get here and enjoy the city and shopping centers. Underground Atlanta Shopping Mall Underground Underground Atlanta is a shopping and entertainment district in the Five Points neighborhood of downtown Atlanta, Georgia, United States, near the Five Points MARTA station. First opened in 1969, it takes advantage of the viaducts built over the city's many railroad tracks to accommodate later automobile traffic. Each level has two main halls, still called Upper and Lower Alabama and Pryor Streets. 50 Lower Alabama St, Atlanta, GA 30303 The lower level of the Underground Mall atracts alot of shoppers. Due to the varitey of things avaiblable to choose from this will give every business located here a air oppurtunityto connect with a widespred of shoppers. Lower Undergorund bathing suits : 9.99+ bodysuits: 13.99 jeans: 15.99+ jumpsuits: 12.79+ shirts:7.99+ skirts:8.99+ sunglasses:5.99+ shoes,perfume and more........ Glitter & Gold we offer the lastest fashion items for cheap Fashion Noun: a popular trend, especially in styles and omament or manners of behavior. "its not about brand its about style" style is a way..... to express yourself to be unique to be classy with a hint of sexy to impress theme the purpose and feel of our store is to make you feel stylish. To beable to dress like the celebraties for less Theme Layout Layout

Gold Does Not Glitter

Transcript: The reason why I created this poem is because there is a message that needs to be known. the message in this poem is to explain that everyone may come across struggles in their life. However, most people tend to hide their struggles through the emotions they keep deep inside. I feel like it should be known that not everything is how it seems. There could be someone struggling and hiding their struggle well with their emotions. Someone could have a smile on their face or may seem that they are not struggling. That doesn't mean they are not struggling. It just means that they embrace their struggle and may be trying to find ways to get out of the struggle they are currently in at the moment. You can live with it just like how others live with it Like staring into a board and nothing seems to sit Sitting in the classroom, you think about the possibilities of what could go wrong....... You would think it was easy but it is far from it Because you can find other things to help you make it fit. But everyone always seems to make you look back Because you have endured it like a player on a team But don't let that fool anyone because you found a way Something that you would have never seen coming since your face remains strong Now you know what you need to do Like doing something stupid and earning a smack at what you could do better since your mind is dense too Here you are, struggling through something that will never go away. Not all things come easy like how some things may seem. "Gold Does Not Glitter" By: Sareidia Bessent


Transcript: Rhiannon - manager Bethy - Assistant Rep Alicia -Staff Casey - Staff Abbey - I.T expert Viability of a small business Our work Involvement of all members of the team Where we go Our aim Price list Who we are We are a mobile make-up beautician that travel around South Wales doing beauty therapy and make-up for all sorts of things such as halloween, weddings, proms and other speical occasions. We have two make-up artists and beautitcians that are highly qualified to carry out make-up and beauty. Our aim as a group is to ensure you look and feel beautiful. We will listen to you and make sure you get the treament you want. We want your experience with us to be as luxurious and relaxing as posssible, even if you are stressed about a wedding or prom!! Whatever it is, we promise to give you what you want as you are an important person to us!! Mobile Make-up Beautician As a mobile make-up beautician, we go to loads of places. We vist you in your homes and also go to other businesses to help grown our own. We can come anywhere you want us to such as: Swansea Llanelli Cardiff And other places that are based in South Wales Women and Men Full leg wax = £20 Half leg wax = £20 Bikini wax = £10 Eyelash/Eyebrow tint = £15 Eyebrow shaping = £15 Makeup - Day = £20 - Evening = £25 Microdermabrasion = £35 Electrolysis = £35 Facial - Pridara = £25 - Dermalogica = £40 Full body spray tan = £25 Full set acrylics = £25 Manicure = £20 Pedicure = £20 Non- Surgical face lift = £40 Skin and figure correction body treatment = £30 Single figure correction = £25 Gel polish = £20 Strip lashes = £15 Indiviual lashes = £20

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