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Zarzo Go-To-Market

Transcript: Schools 10% Annual efficiency increase for coaches 83% Interested in tools to help them coach additional clients 12 Pricing Tiers Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling ( PNACAC ) 74% Interested in enhancing online presence ) 68% Interested in tools to track clients $0 Market Size x 68% Interested in tools to track client IECA Consulted User - Zarzo Lead Marketing Strategy Advertising & Promo Monthly National Association for College Admission Counseling ( Pricing Strategy Coach View 40% Of users from Zarzo leads 240,000 high school students/yr 60,000 high school graduates/hr ~80% proceed to higher education Go-To-Market ) $0 28 HECA Student View Coached User Client Management Coaches 85% Interested in tools to track current and prospective clients 5000 practitioners $59.99 Independent Educational Consultants Association ( 2006: VHSGC Coached User - Zarzo Lead Students / Parents Creation Assuming $0 Projections ( and that's with 68% Using paper or spreadsheets) $299 Market Penetration 31.5 14 months $0 20% Annual growth in practitioners 63% Interested in collecting online payments /yr ) 2000 practitioners NACAC = $24.99 37% Annual Growth 2006-09 $99 ) Sales Strategy Focus on freshman through Junior years Sponsorships, scholarships PTA events User Type --- 2009: Consulted User Average concurrent clients: 78% Interested in tools to create and collect more leads Higher Education Consultants Association ( 90% Interested in tools to track school requirements Career centers Guidance offices School-wide or district-wide licensing Virtual High School Global Consortium ( Coach's average client lifetime: [ Year 5]

Go Market

Transcript: Supervised by: Prof. Hesham Hassan Eng. Mahmoud Mohsen Go Market Represented by: Abdallah Ahmed Ismail Sherif Introduction Introduction Go Market is open marketplace application, which provides organizations a content management system to create and manage their business Background Background Development of business in most of e-commerce systems now days requires more technical skills Problem & Motivation Problem & Motivation Problem Motivation Problem - non technical business owner can't deal with complicated development of business - most known e-commerce systems focus only on specific business domains Motivation Small organizations now days aims to create their own business on the internet, so creating less complicated cms to create e-commerce system will allow them to launch their business easily Objectives & Goals Objectives & Goals - develop less complicated cms and e-commerce system - release beta version by end of 2018 Goal developing and publishing new store on Go Market is more easier compared to available e-commerce systems in marketplace Objectives Related Work Related Work We revised some cms tools that mainly generates e-commerce systems. Timeline Application Requirements Requirements Stakeholders Normal Users Business Owner Use Case Model - sample - Business Owner must select desired store in order to manage this store - Business Owner can add many sizes assoicated with product - System must show the business owner the orders - Normal User can save cart for later time to checkout Functional Requirements Performance Response times: application loading won’t take more than 1 second (depends on network speed) Processing times: application functions (e.g. Add Store, Remove Product ) will take 2 seconds max Non-Functional Requirements Availability Hours of operation: 24 hours / 7 days Capacity Throughput: system handles 1200 transactions at peak time Security Encryption and authentication: Any sensitive data will be encrypted (passwords) Design Design Generally speaking, two popular architectures are widely used in the practical commerce world —mvc architecture and three-layer architecture. The system uses mvc architecture. ERD Model System Decomposition Class Diagram sample 1 Class Diagram sample 2 Sequence Diagram sample 1 Implementation Implementation Tools Php Laravel Framework MySQL APACHE BOOTSTRAP 4 HTML 5 CSS3 jQuery AngularJs - not finished Phpmyadmin Github version control Future Work More Services Mobile Application Future Work Demo

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