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Go To Market Plan Presentation Template

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ShoreTel Go-To-Market Plan

Transcript: ShoreTel Go-To-Market Plan Key Individuals Business Development Manager Management Someone that drives the product forward Someone within a position of authority Respected by all departments Only individual that can change time / goals Recommend Jared Olsen He will provide updates each week during management meeting This will replace product launch Someone to drive product to partners and customers Establish to 25-50 partners and visit each on site (when possible) Help with Beta Testing and bringing the product GA Face of product at key events Trains team until they are ready and can prove they are ready I recommend Ryan Penman or other ShoreTel BDM. Ryan has proven he knows the product, great work ethic, attention to details and more Currently at 52K. Low for BDM. I recommend Incentive Program - 10k if goals are hit Development Financial Management With Jared overseeing the project he will also be the financial manager to ensure everything is staying on budget. He will provide updates during monthly board meeting. Recommend a team of two individuals to be the key developers. Timely response time during beta testing and first year of GA Help with Certification Testing (if needed) Pull in additional resources as needed. Recommend Derek and Myles Third Party Research Midsize Leader Leader in UCaas ShoreTel Business Case Project Timeline and Cost SWOTT Competitive on Midsize PBX Increased compitition Diversify Portfolio Partners Selling Both Solutions Threats Trends • Competition has been well established within ShoreTel Community • Most opportunities are smaller PBX • Development Resources Available • Customers migrating to mid-size solution • Partners are diversifying by adding ShoreTel to their offering Strengths Solution should be developed using ShoreTel approved API's Following Development Solution Must Be Certified This include future Updates - Including Connect Helps Strengthen Relationship with ShoreTel SE's trust solution Project Timeline Estimated Costs • Similar product and design to IP Office. • Increased growth over the past five years • Easier deployment and programming Opportunities Weaknesses • Diversify portfolio • Break into new partners • New Product Features • Become innovation specialist • New system to Xima Software • No Subject Matter Expert • No key influencers within ShoreTel Competition Bright Metrics - Reporting Telstrate - Advanced Recording Business Plan Keys to Success Establish Relationship with Key influences within ShoreTel Sponsorship as many event as possible Develop using approved API and certify with ShoreTel - On all platforms Determine Leadership and BDM Strategic Marketing Campaigns Marketing - Update with more blocks / Charts Linked In Subscription - Premium Sponsorship of Key Events Local Events with ShoreTel ShoreTel Semi-annual conference Networking Tool Will help find appropriate contacts New Platform, Will be difficult without this Google Adwords Help from Whiteboard DRVoip, Tek-Tips, Spiceworks Promotions first and second year Drive customers to switch Beta Testing 80% of Marketing in North America

Go To Market Plan

Transcript: ACTION Gather informally and formally information with contacts at operators about business model they want pursuit Evaluate and decide internally at Deezer business model and product adaptation from Initial approach Merci Thank you Obrigado Business Adherence ACTION Intense relationship with Operators Negotiation Legal constraints turn-around Is this the correct timing for operators? Who are the deciders? What challenges are they facing? Are their structure ready for moving forward? Do they have budget for promotion and sales? ACTION Intense relationship with Operators Joint-business plan prepared and approved Who are the competitors for this agreement? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What about their relationship with operators? Are they supported by anyone at operators? Who will support Deezer at operators? Go To Market Plan Business Agreement ACTION Market research Map supporters and potential non-supporters Become a trustworthy potential partner to operators Leverage the benefits from Deezer What are the important KPI's for Operators? How Deezer will offer superior KPI's to Operators when compared to competitors? What after-launch assistance can Deezer offer? Are Operators feeling safe to move forward and close the deal? Business Environment to deal closed The road for an agreement between Deezer and Operators What is the formal partnership process? Who else must be involved? What are the price limits to close the deal? What are the legal requirements? Is there harmony between business models from Operators and Deezer? Is Deezer trustworthy for operators? Business Plan Business Terrain ACTION Gather informally and formally information with contacts at Operators about business environment Prepare a plan to act according environment

Go-To-Market Plan

Transcript: 12/10/2018 Go-to Market Plan Need Need Offer Offer Product Product & Benefits 1.2 cm 3 cm Portable Carbon Dioxide Expandable Material Adjustable Convinience Twist & Cool Easy to use & Safe Customizable Available Colors Experience Experience #HaveitCool Marketing Plan Marketing Plan Segmentation & market Segmentation Segmentation Analysis Psycho-graphic Segmentation & Target analysis Personas & Value Proposition Target Personas & Value proposition Market Analysis Market analysis Differentiation Analysis Differentiation Analysis Score from -5 to 5 With 5 means we have advantage against the competitors and -5 means the competitor has advantage against us Channel Distribution Model Channels Partnership Selected partners: Budweiser, Pepsi Why: High Market Share, Seeking Benefits: A culture of cross promotion develops There is a brand awareness among the consumer There will be consumer experience from using the product 2-way: Competitive advantage for brands Partnership Model Soft Drinks market Share Beer market Share Social Facebook and Instagram Why: High mass appeal, Content display Benefits: Showcase our products to the masses. Ads to generate more willingness to buy. To measure our performance using their data. Viral campaigns using hash-tags (i.e. #HaveitCool) Social Media On average the amount of Hs spend per day in Social Media in US Distribution Selected Partners: Target, Amazon, Website Why: Customer Reach, Logistics Benefits: Opportunity for customized user experience Platform for demonstrating innovative products Customer Review Distribution Buying Cycle Buying Cycle Pricing Pricing Psychological pricing ($2.99...) Volume pricing (package of 6, 12 and 18) Bundle pricing (Selling packages with beverage) Evaluation Evaluation Financial Summary Financial Summary Risk Mitigation Risk Mitigation Conclusion Conclusion Team Kool Caps Inc. Santi Research & Development Lorena Aman Market Analyst Engineer & Creative Department Nacho Quality Control Linh Project Manager

Toast - Go To Market Plan

Transcript: LUCY BLACK Candidate for Territory Account Executive, Toast, Inc. The Breakdown (Strategy for the First 90 Days) PROSPECTING PLAN Cold Calls 20 Dials per Day 100 Dials per Week Emails 30-60 Emails per Selling Day 150 - 180 Emails per Week Walk-Ins 24-30 Walk-Ins per Day 100-120 Walk-Ins per Week Email Campaigns Email Campaign Strategy source: SproutSocial (June 2021) Emails (if CRM or CRM-related tools allow for auto sending email cadences) Monday: 60 Emails Tuesday: 30 Emails Wednesday: 30 Emails Thursday: 30 Emails Friday: 30 Emails 180 Emails per Week* *Will monitor output dependent on open rate if there's an ability to track that metric. Sales Cycle Deep Dive Part I Sales Cycle Deep Dive [Part I] Cadence Duration: 14 Days Touch Points: 8 Days | 12-14 Touches (Every Other Day) Touch Point Types: Emails Cold + Warm Calls InMail, LinkedIn Direct Messages, Instagram Messages, FaceBook Vidyards Direct Mail Walk-Ins, Canvassing Text Messages - Starting Week 2 - Prospects Vetted In Per Day: 10 Prospects Kicked Out Per Day: 10 Quota Goal Month 1: 2 CWs Quota Goal Month 2: 4 CWs Quota Goal Month 3: 6 CWs Daily Meetings Booked Goal: 3 Daily Meetings Performed Goal: 1/day -or- 3/week Sales Cycle Deep Dive Part II Sales Cycle Deep Dive [Part II] Day #7 Day #5 Day #3 Day #1 Day #9 Day #15 Day #13 Day #11 Networking Efforts Networking Efforts Strategy GROUPS GOAL: Attend 2-3 Events prior to joining with a goal of doing reconnaissance prior to membership Join the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce EVENTS GOAL: Make connections and pass out business cards, book meetings, attend 1-2 events per month Taste of Atlanta Atlanta Food & Wine Show Atlanta Food Show Atlanta Food Service Expo Atlanta Veg Fest Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo Fashion Meets Food Celebration Taste of Nigeria Festival, etc. CLIENT REFERRALS Ask CWs to Provide 5 Referrals + Email Introductions in Exchange for Promo They'd Already Receive CONNECT on SOCIAL MEDIA SITES Connect with Local Liquor, Beer, Wine & Spirits Distributors on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram UNI PRO Food Service Distributors: Buccaneer, Inc. CDI, LLC Gourmet Foods International Harvest Sherwood Food Distributors KINEXO Royal Food Service Sam and Son Wholesale KRINOS Foods Buckhead Life Group Sutherlands's Food Service International Food Concepts, Inc. QUIRCH Foods LLC Souto Foods Tony's Fine Foods During & Post Training Goals Learn & understand the Pros/Cons of Local and National Competitors Memorize TOAST Full Catalogue of Products and Benefits Shadow Veteran TAEs (when available) to gain knowledge about best practices Manage up once or twice weekly within the first 90 days to get feedback Reconnaissance on Google Maps and in person of restaurants located in popular areas on main streets and state roads Familiarize myself with my prospects establishments by also asking non-decision makers qualifying questions about the employee experience as well as the customer experience. Refresh my memory on the different types of Restaurant Concepts and which Toast solutions are best used in a wide range of scenarios FIRST 90 Days Goal Setting LEAD SOURCING LEAD SOURCING EATER ATL LinkedIn Sales Navigator Google Maps GA Department of Revenue Database RESY OpenTable Yelp Instagram Facebook Walk-Ins/Canvassing Aforementioned Networking Efforts FLIP BURGER BOUTIQUE RESTAURANT ANALYSIS Delivery App Integrations: UberEats/PostMates DoorDash GrubHub BeyondMenu POS: Hot Sauce Online Ordering: Menufy Gift Cards on Website?: Yes Loyalty Program?: No QMenu Reasons They're Great for Toast: Waiters are still expected to memorize or jot down orders and have to run back & forth between the POS at the bar & hostess stand Hostess visibly appears befuddled & anxious everytime I dine here H Restaurant Group (1 of 5 Concepts) 2 Locations Tables: 44 High turnover rate for staff, I've been dining here since college back in 2012; only 1 guy with a pony tail has been able to withstand the test of time Full bar + Family dining Hosts Private Events Evidence THE FACTS All photographs courtesy of [] The goal is to put together a comprehensive package for the prospect that is specific to their needs. EXHIBIT A EXHIBIT B EXHIBIT C Out with the OLD, In with the NEW! Recommendations 7 Separate Tablets for Online Orders Small KDS that makes it hard for some employees to see CURRENT SOLUTION TOAST ALTERNATIVE Toast Integrations can MINIMIZE this flow down at least by 2 tablets Toast offers multiple larger KDS size options Hot Sauce is a Traditional POS Hot Sauce doesn't offer Loyalty or Email Marketing Toast is a Cloud-Based POS Toast offers both Loyalty and Email Marketing as Add-Ons for a low monthly fee Hot Sauce DOES offer a Mobile Payment Option Software glitches, and is a pretty heavy device for servers, short battery life Understanding Return on

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