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Global Finance and Business

Transcript: Multinational Corporation and controversy: -Subsidiary located overseas is likely to become the target during political riots and conflicts. -Sometimes it could lead to diplomatic intervention. 2012 China anti Japan protest(due to Diaoyu Island dispute): Japnese government announced the Island is a part of Japan More than 50 cities in China organised large scale of demonstration and some of them resulted in violent incident. E.g. overturned Japanese-made police cars and smashed the windows of Japanese restaurants. Japan and China reponsed like: Japanese Prime Minster and the Japanese diplomatic department condemned usage of violence. Chinese government took an mild reproof of that and made a complaint against Japan. 2014 Vietnam anti-China protest (due to the placement of an oild rig in the disputed South China Sea) 2016 China boycotted US product(due to South China Sea arbitration) Private Actor Global business refers to international trade whereas a global business is a company doing business across the world. Multinational business states are the main rule makers for currency exchange and other international economic transactions, those transactions are carried out mainly by private firms and individuals, not governments. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Established in 2014 Eurozone sovereign debt crisis during 2008-2009 Financial crisis of 2007- 2008 Multinational Corporations(MNCs) is an important actor. Two and most important sort of corporation Industrial corporations: factory which makes goods in various countries and sell them to businesses and consumers. Example: super power states; Financial corporations: including individual banks, firms, companies; does market integration afftect corporation? Example: In 1995 a trader in Singapore lost $1 billion in stock markets and bankrupted his employer, a 200 year-old British investment bank -Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -New Development Bank (Serve China and Russia interests more) -International Money Fund -World Bank -European Central Bank -Asian Development Bank (Serve more Western Interest) What is Business ? What is Global Finance ? International currency exchanges Interbank Forexbank Does Finance matter with Business? IMF website AIIB website Book: Rodmand, Kenneth A. Sanctity versus Sovereignty : US policy toward the Nationalization of Natural Resource Investments in the Third World. News site: Financing through stock markets is optimal for industries where there are continuous technological advances and where there is little consensus on how firms should be managed. The stock market checks whether the manager's view of the firm's production is a sensible one. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Biography Thanks! :) Why do states go into debts ? Three main reasons. The US and Japan are not member Financial Market- - Currency Ashley & Yenish Main two tools to fix local debts: Financial Market-International debts Interest rates is the amount charged, expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use of assets. AIIB (continue) Fiscal policy - government decisions about spending and taxation Monytary policy - decisions about printing and circulating money Global Business- How does MNC work and controversy Africa were hit hard in 2008, IMF gave loans to places like Ghana in 2009 and their growth rate increase to over 9% in 2011 Global Finance and Business (Financial Market, Actors and Multinaitonal Corporation) (2) Aim: Different from IMF, World Bank. AIIB focus on infrastrcture development, e.g.transportation and urban development. (3) Aim from a political aspect: An stretegy of China to enhance its soft power and voting power. as a second largest economy in the world China has only 4% voting power in IMF while US has 17.69%. (1)Benefits: Investment and assets to developing countries create jobs Infrastructure Technology (2)Critics: Exploit poor workers/countries decapitalise the host country stifle domestic innovation and economic activities Global Business and Politics- MNC and Government Relations Financial Market-International crisis Intergovernmental Organization (1) An organization of 189 countries (2) Established in 1945 in order to avoid a repetition Great Depression of the 1930s. (3) Aim: Ensure stability of the international monetary system (4) Biggest borrower includes: Portugal, Greece, Ukraine, Ireland (5) Biggest precaution borrower: Poland, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco (6) Where does the IMF get its money? Mainly: Quota System Why Currencies rise or fall? -Finance is an offshoot of economic. → -Pricing and valuation Examples: Interests rates, money flow, investment and financial market.

Global Business Presentation

Transcript: Strong domestic rivalry between training operators Public vs private On the job/formally Secondary school training High unemployment – 24% Skill shortage National Skill Development Strategy Education system is inadequate SETA Training Grants & Bursary Programs Young population – 65.8% working age Growth – 2.8% (Forecast 2013 4.5%) Per Capita Income US$6100 (Australia US$43740) Political stability Unions are powerful Foreign Investment Policy Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Well established legal system Working Permits Internet - 3.9% household penetration English widely used Conclusion 1. MARKET POTENTIAL? 1.Licensing Licensing involves a producer renting out certain intellectual property rights to a licensee for a fee. This is a Contractual Entry Mode. ABOUT Other Private Colleges 432 Private FET Providers MARKET POTENTIAL - SKILLS TARGETS Australia has highly skilled and motivated educators Institutions are well equipped Transport network Accommodation Multi-cultural forces innovation Detailed Market Entry Model KEY PESTE INSIGHTS 4. CAN I OPERATE? Management Contract is recommended Local demand for vocational training in Australia is high Current international market declining Industry – demanding of quality (ohs/union) Questions? FET INDUSTRY MARKET ENTRY MODES Vocational Training – Further Education and Training (FET) Public sector – consolidation of 152 colleges to 50 colleges Growth in private FET post apartheid 2008 – 77 private colleges & 615 applications 700,000 students in private FET (2006) Quality issues in both public & private sectors Private colleges must be registered 2. CAN I GET INTO IT? AUSTRALIAN TRADES EDUCATION Australian industry is strong South African market demand is there No significant barriers to entry Host sponsored therefore short term working permits will be more easily obtained Understanding the environment Links to Industry & Rest of Africa AGENDA Strong relationship with industry and employers Competitiveness of suppliers Wider industry is strong Market EntryMode Benefit Analysis Industry is largely supported by government investment Student fees subsidised Regulation accreditation Government policy education revolution PORTERS DIAMOND OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 2. Acquisition In an acquisition, one company purchases a controlling interest in another. Acquisitions can be hostile or agreed and usually result in a larger more financially powerful company. This is an Investment Entry Mode. FACTOR CONDITIONS Taking a building industry training provider to South Africa GOVERNMENT Ease of doing business ranking – 34 of 183 No foreign investment or ownership barriers English based legal system Recent update of Company Act BEE – ownership barriers Unionism Evaluating International Markets Building Trades 13 Australian Trades Education Porters Diamond South Africa Key Peste Insights FET Industry in South Africa International Market Evaluation Market Entry Options Market Entry Proposal Available communication technology Capacity to travel Crime but not high levels of corruption Chance Strong Australian dollar GFC Violence etc Providers must be registered Access to highly skilled workforce. Ability to provide goods/services in diverse locations Ability to take advantage of government subsidies and other grants. Having a good technical knowledge of the product Ability to alter goods and services produced in favour of market conditions Having contacts within key markets Training needs evolve South Africa entry to sub Saharan African countries DEMAND CONDITIONS CRITICAL FACTORS 5. IS THERE LONG TERM VIABILITY? Young population Existing 700,000 FET students Skills shortage Government artisan training goals Low per capita GNI Access to skilled labour competitive advantage Low number of existing private providers Building Trades & Other 7 Language Crime Industry standards Community Engagement 3. WILL IT REMAIN OPEN? Established in 1997 Private operator Comply with strict Australian regulation Links with industry Provides service for o/seas students Well respected ASSESSMENT AGAINST CSFs Stable government High unemployment Depth of skill shortage 3. Management Contract Under this agreement a business provides the management functions for another eg: Major airlines providing technical services to smaller airlines. This is a Contractual Entry Mode. OUR GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FIRM STRATEGY, STRUCTURE & RIVALRY 6. WHAT ARE THE CULTURAL ISSUES? RELATED & SUPPORTING INDUSTRIES 1. Is there a demand for my service? 2. Can I get into it? 3. Will the market remain open? 4. Can operate my business once I am there? 5. Is there long-term viability? 6. What cultural information is important to success?

Global Business Business PResentation

Transcript: What is the Business? Location and Space. Event Coordinator We have two locations. The forst location is in Houston and the other is in Australia. Both of the locations that were choosen had enough space to keep a large amount of inventory for when something is needed. It also consist of enough space so that the event coordinator will be able to do their work. We will start of with a loan that we are receiving from Woodforest National Bank. Products and Services Improve by expanding the business to be a well known company. Visitors that are from the U.s that go to Australia for business trips generated 2.2 billion dollars in 2011 By the year of 2020 the United States estimates that the market will increase to 5.5 Billion if expediture Team 2011 2010 The Companies Future.. 2009 Business Events The goal of this company is to expand it to as many locations as we can. Slogan!! Products: Our products are the necessary supplies that are needed for your event and formal clothing. Services: Our services have event planners planing your event just how you want it done keeping up with everything. Companies Goals 2020 The business is an event coordinator business. This business consist of products and services. This is a Sole proprietorship. My job in the business will be to run it and keep the information and financial things together and organized. Magaly Garcia Mr Hardy Global Business, Period 6 Timeline Funding.. 2012 Working with the best, By the best for the best 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

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