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Studio Ghibli

Transcript: 1988 Tarah Strong voices Boh A young cautious girl moves to a new town, one lost road led her and her parents through an abandoned train station and out into a new world. Hayao Miyazaki Retired Japanese film director, animator, illustrator, producer, and screenwriter for 6 decades. Attained international acclaim as a masterful storyteller and as a maker of animated feature films. The success of Miyazaki's films has been compared with Walt Disney, Nick Park, and Steven Spielberg. Based off Diana Wynne Jones's novel, "Howl's Moving Castle". She herself enjoyed the movie and feels it had it's own justice to the novel. "It's not a story in which the characters grow up, but a story in which they draw on something already inside them, brought out by the particular circumstances." #3) How's Moving Castle #2) My Neighbor Totoro In a world of wizards and magic, Sophie, a young plain girl is cursed by a witch that turns her into an elderly woman. She abandons her home town and finds herself in a large castle with a sorcerer and his apprentice. They journey together as Sophie learns to accept herself as she is. #1) Spirited Away Won an Oscar over Ice Age, Spirit, Lilo and Stitch and Treasure Planet. #1) Spirited Away #3) Howl's Moving Castle 2005 #2) My Neighbor Tororo "rich human comedy.. lifelike little girls.. It is a little sad, a little scary, a little surprising and a little informative, just like life itself." - Roger Ebert of the Chicago-Sun Times 2002 Overall Top 3 Films Top 5 Films A family moves into a rural, nostalgic yet enchanted like village. The main story follows the two young sisters enjoying the nature around them through imagination and reality combined. Scenes Dakota and Elle Fanning voices Satsuki Christian Bale voices Howl Extra Miyazaki Makes Ramen for his workers Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli

Transcript: George Wright DreamWorks began in 1994 by Steven Spelberg, Jeffrey Katzenburg and David Geffen to created a new Hollywood studio. DreamWorks operated out of offices at Universal Studios. The original company was founded following Katzenburg's resignation from Walt Disney in 1994, where he approached the two other co-founders, about forming a live action animated film studio, which had not been done for decades due to the risk and expense. they had financial backing of $33 millio from each of teh three partners and $500 million from microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. In December 2005, Paramount pictures agreed to purchase the live action studio, howeevr its deal ended in 2008. In 2009, DreamWorks Studios entered into a long-term, 30 picture distribution deal with Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, where the films would be released through the Touchstone Pictures banner Ardman Studios Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio based in Koganei Tokyo. The studio is best known for its anime feature films and has also produced several short films. It was founded in June 15th 1985, by Tokuma Shoten Eight of Studio Ghibli's films are among the 15 highest-grossing anime films made in Japan, with Spirited Away being the highest grossing over US$290 million worldwide. In August 1996, Disney and Tokuma Shorten Publishing agreed that Disney would distribute internationally Tokuma's Studio Ghilbi animated films Here is some of the highest grossing films in Japan over the years: 1989- Kiki's Delivery Service 2013- The Wind Rises The studio has also recived many more significant achievements: First Japanese film in Dolby Digital- Whisper of the Heart First Studio Ghibli film to use computer graphics- Pom Poko Walt Disney Animation Studios Animation Case study Walt Disney Animation studio was founded in October 16, 1923. This studio has produced over 50 Animated films from snow white in (1937) to Zootopia in (2016. It was originally called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. The Studio was originally dedicated to producing short films until it expanded into Feature films in 1934. For most of its existence Disney was recognized as the premier American animation studio, it developed many of the techniques, concepts and Principles that became standard practices of traditional animation. The company also pioneered the use of storyboards which is now common practice Located in California Pixart Animation Studios has created acclaimed animated feature and short films for 25 years. Pixar began in 1979 as the graphics group part of Lucasfilm, before it became independant in 1986 with funding from apple co founder Steve Jobs who became the majority share holder. In 2006, Disney purchased Pixar at around $7.4 billion. Pixar is best known for CGI-animated feature films created with RenderMan. Pixar has produced 17 feature films beginning with Toy Story in 1995, which was the first ever computer animated feature film, with its most recent being Finding Dory, The studio has earned sixteen Academy Awards seven Golden Globe awards, and eleven Grammy awards, In 2010, Pixar Animation Studios opened Pixar Canada in the downtown area of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. However, this studio only produced seven short films, and was consequently shut in 2013, to redocus Pixar's effort at its main headquarters in California. Aardman animations, also known as Aardman studios, is a British Animation studio based based in Bristol Aardman is well known for films made using stop-motion clay animation techniques, and those featuring Plasticine characters. Aardman was founded in 1972 as a low budget project by Peter Lord and David Sproxton. They provided animated sequences for the BBC, produced a number of shorts for Channel 4. Parks Short, Creature Comforts was the first Aardman production to win an Oscar. Arguably the most famous and recognizable clay models, the adventures of Wallace and Gromit, including there films, including A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave, with the last two winning Academy Awards In December 1997, Aardman and DreamWorks teamed up to co-finance Chicken Run (Aardmans first feature film). Aardman also had a deal with Sony PictureEntertainment to finance, co-produce and distribute many more feature films. Aardman aslo is known to provide generous resources and training to young animators by providing awards at various animation festivals. For example, The Aardmans Award at the UK's Animex Festival in Teeside. add logo here

Studio Ghibli

Transcript: Studio Ghibli was founded in June 1985 by Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata after their successful film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Between the years of 1999 to 1995, Studio Ghibli was a subsidiary of Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co.,Ltd who founded the company since its beginning. Disney has licensing rights to the studio's filmsin America while in Japan, Ghibli films are produced by Toei Company. Hayao Miyazaki was the company's primary director until his retirement this year. Goro Miyazaki, Hayao's son, will assume the company alongside president of the company, Yoshiaka Nishimura. Few Sellers to choose from High Barriers to enter; film industry highly competitive in Japan Little substitutes- Pixar Include advertising and marketing What does Ghibli produce? Upon the failure in the box office for their most recent film, When Marnie was There, and Hayao Miyazaki's retirement, the studio plans to not produce any feature length films for quite some time. Many speculate that the company will fail to revive its once good name and that instruction under Goro Miyazaki will come to a stop. Some records do fuzzily report that the company may already be under way with a new project despite the criticisms and pessimist attitudes. Kiki's Delivery Service- 21.2 billion yen = About 18 million USD Princess Mononoke- 18.6 billion yen Spirited Away- 23.2 billion yen Howl's Moving Castle- 22.3 billion yen Ponyo- 21.9 billion yen The Wind Rises- 15.8 billion yen Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation film studio that produces feature length films and animated television series out of Koganei Tokyo, Japan. The company has 8 films out of all they have produced ranking part of the top fifteen animated films for the country. Spirited Away, a film by Ghibli that was released in America, ranks number one on that same list and received the Academy Award for best animated feature in 2003. (As of 2012) What is to come for Ghibli? Profitability Revenue on films How was Ghibli started? Studio Ghibli Supply And Demand Households Product Market Circular Flow Model Economies of Scale 1.426 Billion Yen = $12,097,356.92 Sources Ghibli Bailey Clark & Shannel O'Neal Resource Market What is the Market Structure for Ghibli? Diseconomies of Scale

Studio Ghibli Presentation

Transcript: By Rachel Watkins Every girl should have Studio Ghibli on their Video Playlist Studio Ghibli Studio Ghibli, Inc. is a Japanese animation film studio based in Koganei, Tokyo, Japan. The studio is best known for its animated feature films, and has also produced several short films, television commercials, and one television film. They have been around since 1985. Studio ghibli for years now, have constantly tried to push the points of materialism, gree, environmentalism, helping other (Altruism). Studio Ghibli Creators Studio Ghibi has 5 main creators. Hayao Miyazaki Isao Takahata Toshio Suzuki Yasuyoshi Tokuma They Come up with all the ideas and themes for their movies. They Come up with the characters and the story lines. Founded on June 15, 1985, the studio is headed by the directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata and the producer Toshio Suzuki. Prior to the formation of the studio, Miyazaki and Takahata had already had long careers in Japanese film and television animation and had worked together on Hols: Prince of the Sun and Panda! Go, Panda!; and Suzuki was an editor at Tokuma Shoten's Animage manga magazine. The studio was founded after the success of the 1984 film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, written and directed by Miyazaki for Topcraft and distributed by Toei Company. The origins of the film lie in the first two volumes of a serialized manga written by Miyazaki for publication in Animage as a way of generating interest in an anime version.[5][6] Suzuki was part of the production team on the film and founded Studio Ghibli with Miyazaki, who also invited Takahata to join the new studio. Aims of the Studio The studio talks about themes such as materialism, Nature, Greed, Altruism & hard work these themes can be seen across a lot of their Films and are conveyed In their values. They Try to show human values that are more important than selfishness. Concluding to a right way to live. Influencing Young People Films Studio Ghibli has a rang of films. Kiki's Delivery Service Only Yesterday Porco Rosso Pom Poko Whisper of the Heart The Cat Returns Ponyo The Secret World of Arrietty The Wind Rises Pom Poko Princess Mononoke My Neighbors the Yamadas Spirited Away My Neighbour Totoro And More! These Movies and Characters have caught the hearts of many. Influencing Young People Young influences With the incoming technology, Information at our finger tips at such a young age and our generation have never experienced it before. So we have had to adapt and learn how to deal with these new upcoming issues. for example, When a young girl goes onto her social media, no matter what it is. depending on who she looks at she will see a way or attitude that she likes and will try to imitate whatever that may be. This can Vary from looks to talking to behaviour. As the culture of idolising those who are popular or powerful grows, We become more and more immune to what we are taking in to our daily lives and we sometimes can hardly notice it. Influence Chains When a person posts something on the internet. If they are popular or respected, Sometimes we don't personally try to find if its fact or fiction statement. So sometimes we can be telling other people or believing something that might not be true and that's how rumors start because after a while the truth can be twisted or forgotten. But By not coming up with your own opinions from facts than believing that you are told blindly. for example, Josh posts his immitation of a popular dance more. As people watch the dance it slowly and slowly becomes Something simular but not completely correct, although when Josh posted the dance move it was fun and safe but later on, The dance more becomes more and more of a tricky and Boring dance. This can be immitated into what can be rumours, false information and distortion of what actually happens in anything over social media. After a while, People begin to forget what actually was the truth. Chains Influencing The right way. Studio Ghibli has always focused on the young audiences especially towards the females as the protagonist is their stories tends to be a female role. Studio Ghibli wanted to give young girls a heroin to look u to because, at that point the only "hero's" were male princes and the "damsel in distress" character role and Studio Ghilbi wanted to change this point of view and demonstrate that females can be much more then they are portrayed. The right way. Conclusion Studio Ghibli has the right ideas and themes that represent a moral and ethical way to live and the right way to be apart of humanity. They are the right type of people that should be influencing younger generations, If they continue to go through the morals they are going through. conclusion

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