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Get to know me!!

Transcript: Get to know me! I was born in Birmingham, Alabama More of the now Marketing, Sales and Services Use your creativity and business savvy to market products to customers and clients. Jobs include: Sales associate, warehouse manager, customer service representative, small business owner, advertising manager and public relations manager. Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Help figure out ways to efficiently move people, materials and goods by road, pipeline, air, rail and water. Work in fields such as transportation infrastructure planning and management, logistics services, mobile equipment and facility maintenance. Jobs include: Industrial electrician, environmental specialist, sales manager, truck driver and freight inspector. What is to come? Favorite Teacher: My 8th grade literature teacher, Mrs.Fisher, she was the bestttt teacher ever and I feel like she taught me all of the basics that prepared me for my high school career. She was fun and her teaching methods were understandable. Arts, A/V Technology and Communications Design, produce, perform, exhibit, write and publish your creative work. This field covers visual and performing arts and design, journalism and the entertainment world. Jobs include: Videographer, Web designer, writer and fashion designer. I have a puppy named Charlie, He is a year old More Throwbacks In my future goals math will help me in several ways, which are: 1. Being able to correctly counted the money you are giving and/or receiving. 2. Being able to do measuring with fabric and other materials. Involments @ Grady: SkillsUSA, 21st Century Leaders Chorus A specific college that has the major of my interest is West Georgia, as well as Armstrong Atlantic State University. The specific colleges given by the survey were: Edmonds Community College Visual Communications — Video Production Seattle Central Community College Commercial Photography Spokane Falls Community College Photography My inner circle: Sydney Timothy Nicole Shadarius Aabriya Mecca Brianna Leah Cortni Disney??.... The Now What's to come? My favorite subject is Literature for several reasons. It is easy to me, i feel that it is very important and you need it to move forward in life no matter what you think. My Parents: Antoinette & Lawrence Morrow My Sibling(s): Lauren & Antoine Morrow My Nieces & Nephews: Jace, Jasmine, Kaeydn, Brandon Conclusion Hobbies: Working (XXI forever), Singing( I LOVE Music of all kinds), Random researching, and shopping especially since I have this new job. Throwbacks The Now

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