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Georgia Tech

Transcript: Social Atmosphere 2011 Student Resources RATS week orients freshmen to tech life RA's are selected by the school readily available councilors my interest: biology teacher (science) has a rigorous major in biology also a pre-professional (teaching) program a teaching job many other math/science majors/minors as well as a few odd ball majors/minors History/ Requirements In State v. Out of State GT | Georgia Institute of Technology - Welcome. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2014. known for intelligent students one of the best public schools in the nation great math/science school Ratio- teacher:student = 920:14,500 (simplified 46:725)!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x888ccd1b583531f5:0x728c50a9eee10361!2m2!1d-84.9877094!2d32.4609764!1m5!1m1!1s0x88f5048aebc34fe3:0xb52ad03e3ad8c50f!2m2!1d-84.396285!2d33.775618 Grants 6.4% Alumni Job Assistance Academic Atmosphere Housing 2013 Break-Down Georgia Tech "GT | Georgia Institute of Technology - Welcome." By: Kamryn Dobbins Student Body/ Diversity *percents from a total of 10,000 9.5% Location Scholarships students are academically inclined study groups available students study to keep up with the school's rigor friendly, many social opportunities ex: clubs and such some students become involved in government as senators mostly diverse greek population (much of the student body, 35ish%) cool biology clubs Specialty address: 225 North Ave Admin Bldg, Atlanta, GA 30332 reasonably close to home round trip cost: about $30 (with 22 mpg) in an urban area (Atlanta) Map Route Cool Near By Places financial aid packet founded by government on October 13, 1885 opened its doors with only 5 professors 1st Deep South university to admit African American students first official motto: “To Know, To Do, To Be” required GPA depends on choice major (generally 4.o or greater weighted) test scores also vary but tend to require high end scores 6.2% Reputation Region Works Cited Gender 2012 Networking Opportunities Financial Situation/Support #7 public university in the country #1 industrial engineering program for over two decades challenging curriculum different requirements depending on choice major/minor (General: A+ overall average and 4.o or higher for weighted GPA) Help for People in Need many ways to connect with alumni all over the country and world Financial Aid Requirements Alumni Connections of in v. out Academics Ethnicity School Size Places are close, interesting, and affordable Alumni Information Student Social/ Academic Support

Georgia Tech

Transcript: Colors: White & Gold Mascot: Yellow Jacket ( Buzz ) Song: Ramblin' Wreck The School of Aerospace Engineering offers a doctoral degree. The PhD degree is a research degree. The degree requires fifty semester hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree; however, the main emphasis is on the research leading to a PhD dissertation. The candidate must pass a qualifying examination and present a thesis proposal and a thesis defense. A GPA of 3.25 is required to graduate with a PhD degree. All coursework, including Special Problems, must be taken on a letter-grade basis. The programs of study for both the master's and doctoral degrees are very flexible and can be tailored, in agreement with the student's advisor, to meet the candidate's professional goals. Requirements Degrees offered Entering students are required to meet the minimum course requirements set by the University System of Georgia as outlined below. Please be aware that ALL courses taken in these areas will be factored into a student's GPA, even those beyond the minimum requirements. English - 4 Units Math - 4 Units Science - 4 Units (for students who graduated from high school in 2012 and beyond) Social Science - 3 Units Foreign Language - 2 Units Students who have studied outside of the United States and home-schooled students may be required to submit additional documentation. Why College? Why not? School Sprit Tuition History Famous People Georgia Tech In 1948, the School's name was changed to the Georgia Institute of Technology to reflect a growing focus on advanced technological and scientific research. Women students were admitted in 1952, and in 1961 Georgia Tech became the first university in the Deep South to admit African American students without a court order. In recent years, Georgia Tech has been a national leader in managing the global transition from an industrial economy to an information economy. Throughout its long history, Georgia Tech has always focused its efforts on preparing students to use their innovative skills and strong work ethic to solve real-world problems and improve the lives of people around the globe. From the world-famous "Ramblin' Wreck" fight song to the Ramblin' Wreck Parade held every Homecoming to the fun and festivities of RATS Week, the Tech campus is steeped in time-honored traditions that students embrace from generation to generation. Jeff Foxworthy Jimmy Carter Joe Rogers, Sr. Mike Duke

Georgia Tech

Transcript: Georgia Tech is located in central Atlanta. It occupies about 400 acres Application Fee College has an application fee: Yes Application fee: $65 Paper and online application fees may be waived for applicants with financial need.] Acceptance & Retention Percent applicants admitted: 52% Percent of students who return for sophomore year: 94% High School diploma required, GED accepted Required units: 16 total English 4 Foreign Language 2 Math 4 Science 3 Of Science, units that must be lab 3 Social Studies 3 Admission requirements: Essay(s) required Required: SAT Reasoning Test or ACT If submitting ACT, the writing section is required Very important admission factors: Extracurricular Activities Rigor of secondary school record Academic GPA Important admission factors: Character/Personal Qualities Application Essay Geographical Residence Standardized Test Scores State Residency Talent/Ability Volunteer Work Work Experience Considered: Alumni Relation Racial/Ethnic Status College Costs In-state tuition and fees:$9,652 Out-of-state tuition and fees: $27,862 Room and Board: $8,826 Business, Management, & Marketing Business Administration/Management B Business/Managerial Economics B Architecture & Related Programs Architecture B Building construction B Biological & Biomedical Sciences Biochemistry B Biology B Arts, Visual & Performing Industrial Design B Engineering Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering B Biomedical Engineering B Chemical Engineering B Civil Engineering B Computer Engineering - General B Electrical/Communications Engineering B Environmental Engineering B Industrial Engineering B Materials Engineering B Mechanical Engineering B Nuclear Engineering B Textile Sciences/Engineering B Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies Global Studies B Global economics and modern languages/internationall affairs and modern language B Science, Technology & Society B History History of Science/Technology B Physical Sciences Chemistry B Earth and atmospheric sciences B Geology B Physics B Polymer Chemistry B Computer & Information Sciences Computer/Information Sciences - General B Mathematics Applied Mathematics B Discrete mathematics & algorithms, combinatorics, and optimization B Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology B Social Sciences International Relations B Public Administration & Services Public Policy Analysis B Communications & Journalism Digital Communications/Multimedia B Housing Options Coed Housing Men's Housing Women's Housing Apartments For Married Students Apartments For Single Students Fraternity/Sorority Housing Georgia Tech has 17 varsity participant sports including baseball, basketball, football, swimming, cross country, track, golf, tennis, driving. The womens sports include basketball, softball, tennis, track, cross country, swimming, vollyball and driving. Fraternities and Sororities There are 45 different fraternities and Soroities. Each of them provides a unique experience for the students, from different services, activities, and opportunities. Bibliography College Admissions - SAT - University & College Search Tool. Web. 17 Jan. 2012. <>. Admission to Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Home of the Yellow Jackets Majors

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