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Georgia Tech

Transcript: Tuition and Fees (16 - 17 year ) $12,204 or $32,296 for undergraduate programs $15,644 or $30,064 for graduate programs $25,780 for Room and Board Networking Opportunities Progress and Service G. Wayne Clough undergraduate learning commons Student Support Location Academics Student Body and Diversity Social Atmosphere Klaus Advanced Computing Building Works Cited 110 miles from Columbus College Football Hall Of Fame Various Concerts Falcons, Hawks, and Braves Games School Size Financial Situation Specialty Georgia Tech #7 in top Universities in the Nation and 66th in the world (US News) Top 10 universities to study engineering (CNN) Top Engineering Program Computer Science Software Engineer #10 Business School (MONEY) #5 Best Computer Science Program in the world (Time) #1 Inudstrial Engineering School Student- Faculty ratio is 19:1 Competitive Sports, Fitness Centers, Aquatic Centers Library with Research, Printing and Room Facilities 1 on 1 and group Tutoring on an appointment and drop-in availability Introduction Woodruff College of Mechanical Engineering 25 Student Health Programs and Services 80 police officers on duty in the campus FASET 2-day orientation program KNIT Mentorship Program Multiple Tutoring Oppurtunities Founded in 1885 No definite founder Created during Reconstruction to industrialize the South First known as the Georgia School of Technology then changed to the Georgia Institute of Technology First University to freely allow African Americans Required GPA- 3.3 (unwieghted), Average GPA- 3.9 (unweighted) Superscore of SAT and ACT are allowed Average Scores SAT-2060 – 2250, ACT - 30-33 Greek Life is major (3531 students) Interesting Clubs - Various Video game clubs, Sport Parachuting, Clubs for respective ethnic groups Clubs I would join - Running Wreck, GT Symphony Orchestra, Unmanned Flying Club Has a student government, sponsors clubs Career Advisement/Job Fairs/Webinars/Virtual Job Fairs for Student Alumni Job Board for Career Alumni Socials "Georgia Institute of Technology." Georgia Tech. GT, n.d. Web. 22 Feb. 2017.

Georgia Tech

Transcript: By: Damario Walden Tech students are competitive but make sure to help other students succeed. Tech's SGA help organize clubs and get information out to students about different events. Georgia Tech has 32 fraternities and 9 sororities. Their are very involved in Georgia Tech life. Georgia tech also have many clubs such as 3-D politics, A Capella,Astronomy Club, and a Handball team. I'm interested in the Drumline, The Concert Band, and Wreck racing. Specialty Student Social and Academic Support Georgia Tech was founded October 13, 1885 by Major John Fletcher Hanson and Nathaniel Edwin Harris, two former Confederate officers. All students must take the SAT and/or the ACT The average SAT score is 2049 and the average ACT score is 31 The average high school GPA is 3.95 School Size Atmosphere Georgia Tech Location I'm currently intrested in mechanical engineering Georgia Tech specializes in engineering I plan on working for an automotive company and being one of their top car designers. Georgia Tech also specializes in technology and architecture which I'm also interested in if I wanted to change subjects. Introduction Georgia Tech is ranked #36 national Classes are very challenging, but the professors are fair It takes hard work and effort to make it at Georgia Tech. Georgia tech offers 35 undergraduate majors and 55 minors in virtually every science- and engineering-related discipline, as well as in business, public policy, sports, and pre-professional areas. Cost of Attendance - In-state: $25,840 Out-of-state: $46,032 Tuition and Fees - In-state: $12,204 Out-of-state: $32,396 Room and Board - $10,716 Books and Supplies - $800 Other Expenses - $2,120 Freshman Housing Allowance - $6,500 Freshman Meal Plan Allowance - $4,600 Personal Expenses (estimated) - $3,200 Mandatory Student Fees - $2,400 They offer a financial aid program and give out loans also. Georgia Tech gives out scholarships such as the Hope and Zell Miller scholarships. They have a program called the Federal Work-Study (FWS) program and Education Loans are known as "self-help aid." design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Networking Opporunities Georgia Tech offers the Career Buzz, which is where 1st and 2nd year alumni come to find interviews for jobs. They also have the Georgia Tech alumni career services and job fairs. Alumni also put up job offers on the Career Buzz for other Tech graduates to apply for. Student Body and Diversity Academic Some of the diverse groups are the African American Student Union, African Students Association, Asian Christian Fellowship, Asian Student Interest Association, India Club, Minority Recruitment Team, National Society of Black Engineers, Pride Alliance, Society of Women Engineers, Society of Women in Business African American 7% Asian 17% Hispanic 6% International 10% Native American 0% White 57% Unknown 1% Georgia Tech offers very diverse clubs and programs to involve every student.They also have a week called RATS week (recently acquired tech students) where they learn all the traditions. There is also on-campus housing and a freshman experience program that makes sure all freshman have great social and academic success. They also address the problem of first year dropouts by creating many support groups to help with all things from depression to failing. It is a 18.79 to 1 student to teacher ratio Georgia Tech offers the stinger bus to transport students and also gyms, sports arenas, libraries, and hang out spots. It is a 1 hour and 53 min drive to Georgia Tech Georgia Tech is in Atlanta In a urban area surround by many tourist destinations Financial Situation and Financial Support

Georgia Tech.

Transcript: -A 184 foot spiral water slide Admission Requirements Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Doctoral Degree -Georgia tech, offers thirty-four undergraduate majors, -forty-seven master's programs -thirty doctoral programs -There are 6 types of colleges college; majors: - Most popular majors we offer are Engineering; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services Georgia Tech also offers unique opportunities to gain real world experience beyond the classroom – enhancing your undergraduate learning experience and better preparing you for life after college. Student life/ Athletics - Each year we have many more students who apply than we can admit, so we use a holistic process when reviewing freshman applications to ensure we give all students the best opportunity to present a complete picture of their qualifications -The students of Georgia Tech. have average of SAT 1260-1460 or ACT 28-32 : -Deadline for the application is January 10 -Applications can be submitted through e-mail. -The students will be notified on the May 1 through email -300,659-square-foot rec center -583 Intramural teams (in one semester) -More than 400 student clubs and organizations -17 Division I men’s and women’s athletics teams Tech students work hard, but they play hard too. Financial Aid and Scholarships -The surrender of Atlanta during the Civil War took place where Georgia Tech is currently located. -President Teddy Roosevelt visited the campus in 1905 and shook every student's hands. -Georgia Tech is one of the South’s largest industrial and engineering research agencies Fun Facts Financial Aid and Scholarships Georgia Institute of Technology -have a fiery rivalry with Athens-based University of Georgia. The rivalry is literally known as "Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate". -Founded on Oct. 13, 1885 with 84 students. -The Georgia Institute of Technology has fielded a football team since 1892 -Women students were admitted in 1952. -During its first 50 years, Tech grew from a narrowly focused trade school to a regionally recognized technological university. - In 1961, Georgia Tech became the first university in the Deep South to admit African-American students without a court order. -Georgia tech. is ranked #7 among public universities in the country. colleges and Degrees To apply for sholarships, step 1: complete this application step 2: sign up Feb 12 is the application dead line APRIL 15 4PM - Supporting tax documents required Mid-APRIL - Award Letters available History Fun Facts -To apply for scholarships or financial aid, -step 1: complete this application - step 2: sign up -Feb 12 is the application dead line -APRIL 15 4PM - Supporting tax documents required -Mid-APRIL - Award Letters available

Georgia Tech

Transcript: Georgia Tech My School of choice is Georgia Tech located in Atlanta,Georgia and founded in 1885. Housing Founded in 1885. Opened 1885 to only 84 students In 1984 schools named was changed to Georgia Tech school of Technology. Women students were admitted in 1952. 1961 Ga Tech became the first team in the deep south to admit Black students without a court order. Bachelors Doctoral Masters Requirements Extra Curricular GPA: 3.85 - 4.11 SAT: 2000 - 2210 ACT: 29 - 33 Enrollment classes taken: 6 - 11 Tuition Cost 15,000-square-foot fitness center Aquatic Center with 50-meter competition pool, diving well, spa, and spectator seating Thirty-nine-foot indoor climbing wall Six multipurpose courts for basketball, volleyball, and badminton Three aerobic/martial arts studios Activity rooms Sauna Locker rooms Game room Lighted artificial turf field Four racquetball courts and one squash court One-sixth mile, suspended, four-lane indoor jogging track Auxiliary gym for in-line roller hockey, soccer, etc. Leisure pool with 184-foot water slide, hot tub, sun deck, and current channel Outdoor basketball courts (Curran Street Deck) Alumni Park with two sand volleyball courts H2O Café Freshman Housing- $ 5,822 Undergrads and graduates- $ 8,126 Industrial Engineering – 1st Biomedical Engineering – 2nd Civil Engineering – 4th Aerospace Engineering – 4th Electrical Engineering – 5th (tied with Cal Tech) Environmental Engineering – 5th Mechanical Engineering – 5th Computer Engineering – 5th Materials Science Engineering – 9th Chemical Engineering – 10th Nuclear Engineering - 10th Ranked In Nation Degree Programs The Georgia Tech campus is a dynamic and vibrant place. From arts to athletics and from service projects to social gatherings, there are always great things happening at Tech.Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors alike enjoy a wide variety of events on campus. The Ferst Center for the Arts offers an eclectic range of music and comedy acts, and student-run Drama Tech Theater productions are always a hot ticket. Exciting contests in football, basketball, baseball, golf, and many other NCAA Division I sports have long been part of the Tech tradition. Student Life For Georgia Residents- $ 8,258 Non-Georgia Residents- $27,562 Books and Supplies- $1,200 Freshman housing allowance $5,822 Freshman meal plan- $3,992 Personal expenses- $1,600 Average loan costs- $120 Total per 2 semesters Ga residents- 23,384 Total per 2 semesters non-Georgia residents- $42,668 History of school

Georgia Tech

Transcript: BIOMED ABOUT Founded in 1997 by GT Vice President Michael Thomas and Emory College of Medicine Dean Thomas Lawley Students benefit from amazing research staff at this prestigious university INDUSTRY Georgia Tech Biomed is all about developing products and medicines which will increase longetivity of human life. Some types would be: Spinal Surgeries and Meds Drugs for fighting Cancer New ways to pump insulin ALUMNI Dr. David Frakes- Spinal Research Dr. Jay Jiminez- Cardiology Dr. Sai Muralidhar Padala-Cardiology Dr. Eszter Simon- Biochem FUNDING The Coulter Grant is an annual research grant of $100,000 awarded to the most promising research group in the Biomed department. OUTLOOK RESEARCH STAFF Greg Dane- Deptartmemt Head, all applications for grants and facilities for use in research go through him Full List of Researchers CURRENT AND PAST PROJECTS New Projects A Small­Molecule Auto­Catalytic Drug Delivery Vehicle for Treating Cancer Niren Murthy, PhD (BME, Assistant Professor) Edmund Waller, MD (Winship Cancer Institute, Professor of Medicine) MRI­Based Attenuation Correction for Combined MRI/PET Xiaoping Hu, PhD (BME, Professor) Baowei Fei, PhD, EngD (Radiology, Assistant Professor Previous Projects The Evaluation of Wall Shear Stress on Rupture Prone Coronary Artery Plaques Don Giddens, PhD (BME, Professor) Habib Samady, MD (Cardiology and Medicine, Associate Professor) Trivalve: Development of a Novel Annuloplasty System for Treating Tricuspid Regurgitation Ajit Yoganathan, PhD (BME, Professor) Vinod Thourani, MD (Cardiothoracic Surgery, Assistant Professor) Multiparametric Non­Invasive Evaluation of Liver Disease: Hepatic Lipid Quantification Using Combined Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging Xiaoping Hu, PhD (BME, Professor) Diego Martin, MD, PhD (Radiology, Professor) Novel Nano­Encapsulated Anti­Invasive Agents for the Treatment of Invasive Brain Tumors Ravi Bellamkonda, PhD (BME, Professor) Jack Arbiser, MD, PhD (Dermatology, Associate Professor) An Assistive Robot to Fetch Everyday Objects for People with Severe Motor Impairments Jonathan Glass, MD (Neurology, Director of the ALS Center, Professor) Charles Kemp, PhD (BME, Assistant Professor) PROCESS TEAM IDEA TITLE SCHEDULE BUDGET SYNOPSIS RESEARCH PROGRESS REPORT ROUGH DRAFT D E S I G N P R O G R E S S R E P O R T P R O T O T Y P E E D I T S FINAL PRODUCT AND PRESENTATION CONCLUSION 1. What are some of the leading non-profit biotech institutes that aren’t on NASDAQ? Why do you believe that they are not listed on NASDAQ? Pacific Northwest Research Institute, I believe they are NPOs because they are only interested in the health of people 2. How do financial markets influence the direction of scientific research and ultimately society? If the market is doing well, the company will have money to research which will benefit society when research is complete 3. How does individual product news or world news affect a company’s market value? If a company specializes in a certain product and it is reported on the news, the company will either grow or shrink on the market depending on whether it was good or bad news The average cost to get a products to the market is about $150,000 Co-run with the Emory College of Medicine The TECH program is a source of revenue generated from per-seat donations in football/mens basketball games Biomed is expected to grow by 72%, 12,000 jobs, from 2008 to 2018 Located in Atlanta, GA Named after Wallace Coulter, late inventor and alumni

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