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Transcript: By: Kaleb Dye Jones developed a technique known as desensitization, used to cure phobias. A patient may be desensitized through the repeated introduction of a series of stimuli that approximate the phobia. Her study of the removal a fear of rabbits through conditioning, which she conducted at the Institute of Educational Research, Columbia University Teachers’ College on a three-year-old named Peter, is her most often cited work. Jones treated Peter’s fear of a white rabbit by “direct conditioning,” in which a pleasant stimulus (food) was associated with the rabbit. As the rabbit was gradually brought closer to him in the presence of his favorite food, Peter grew more tolerant, and was able to touch it without fear. PURPLE CIRCLE THE INTERNETS Psychologists and their contributions Galton's contributions to Psychology Sir Francis Galton Jones' contributions SOURCES!!!!! February 16th 1822 – January 17th 1911), cousin of Douglas Strutt Galton, and Charles Darwin, was an English Victorian polymath: anthropologist, eugenicist, tropical explorer, geographer, inventor, meteorologist, proto-geneticist, psychometrician, and statistician. He was knighted in 1909. Galton was a very bright child growing up, learning to read at the age of two and a half. A little before he was 4 years old, he had already written his first letter; learned how to do multiplication and tell time when an average child would have learned to do all that after the age of 7. Mary Cover Jones PURPLE CIRCLE Mary Cover Jones (September 1, 1897 – July 22, 1987) was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Mary Cover Jones studied psychology at Vassar College, from which she graduated in 1919, after which she went on to work with noted behaviorist John B. Watson during the 1920s. As an investigator of the human mind, he founded psychometrics (the science of measuring mental faculties) and differential psychology and the lexical hypothesis of personality. He devised a method for classifying fingerprints that proved useful in forensic science. He also conducted research on the power of prayer, concluding it had none by its null effects on the longevity of those prayed for.(HAHA!!!)


Transcript: Gay in public Every June New York holds its annual pride parade in which 1000s of all kinds of people show up and support equality! LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and along with heterosexual they describe people's sexual orientation or gender identity. Gay men and women would go to bars to be in a place where they could be themselves. They had to be careful though and not act too gay or else the cops would find you and exploit you the newspaper and your employers and you'd lose your job. $1.25 Monday, February 17, 1955/2014 Don't Ask Don't Tell?! Gay Marriage Lavender Scare Being gay in the army wasn't a thing It refers to the fear and persecution of homosexuals in the 1950s in the United States, which paralleled the anti-communist campaign known as McCarthyism. gay men and lesbians were considered susceptible to blackmail, meaning a huge security risk. U.S. government officials assumed that communists would blackmail homosexual employees of the federal government who would provide them classified information rather than risk exposure. McCarthy and Cohn were responsible for firing a lot of the gay men from government employment. Now people can freely go to bars and not have to worry about acting too gay in public. The 1950's were viewed as a decade of prosperity for many Americans. For lesbians and gay men it was both a time of great fear and immeasurable courage. Being gay was thought to be a mental illness. Homosexuals sought out to gay bars, but there were still consequences. Now, we have grown so much from the hate. Gay marriage is now legal in 19 states. We have open organizations and we can't discriminate gays in the work place. Women had to wear make up and apply beauty marks to make them appear more feminine. They were only to wear opposite gender clothing after hours at a gay bar you'd get kicked out if you were thought to have homosexual tendencies. Acceptance in the 21st century 19 states are for marriage equality! Vol XCIII, No. 311 Psst! Gays are allowed into military! New Jersey says YES to same sex marriage! GAY, GAY and more GAY! The policy prohibited military personnel from discriminating against or harassing closeted homosexual or bisexual service members, who were openly gay, lesbian, or bisexual persons from military service. It started under Clinton and ended under Obama in 2011. Now we are equal.

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