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Garden Template Powerpoint

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Samurai's Garden PowerPoint

Transcript: Characters Tarumi WWII Japan & China Sachi By Gail Tsukiyama By:Gabriel Yupit, Oswin Lopez Matsu The End Rock Gardens Leper Colonies Samurai's Garden Map Stephen is a young man who has become sick with tuberculosis. Since he has tuberculosis he is moved to Tarumi. Poem Samurai's Garden Rock gardens are composed of rocks,trees,etc,Rock gardens were created at temples for Zen Buddhist. Kobe Matsu:Is a big guy who is the guardian of Stephen.Even though he's big he is a shy, insecure person. Leper Colonies Leprosy is an infectious disease that can cause physical disfigurements & nerve damage.Leper colonies were made to quarantine & house people with leprosy.Also,inside of colonies they had their own type of currency. Theme Sachi Canton Matsu The theme of "Samurai's Garden is Isolation. The theme of "Samurai's Garden is isolation. I believe its isolation from Stephen moving a way from his family. Sachi being isolated in Yamaguchi. Stephen In WWII,Japan and China were at war with each other(1937-1945).Japan did invade China and captured some Chinese cities.China was allied with the U.S.,U.K.,and the Soviet Union.The U.S. being allies with China bombed Japan. The story novel starts off by Stephen moving away from his family to Tarumi. While away he discovers things and handles it by himself. Such as when he discovers his Dad is in a affair with someone else. Which changes his perspective of him. Rock Gardens WWII Japan & China Stephen "To know oneself, you must spend time with yourself. You will see the ugliness & the beauties.Through that you will find & understand yourself." Sachi:A friend of Matsu who has contracted leprosy that cause scaring on her face. Sachi like Matsu is also an insecure person.

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