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Card Game presentation

Transcript: 6/8/2021 Rock, Paper, Scissors: Craft edition SUMMARY RPS:C is a new way to play Rock, Paper, Scissors that will hopefully be more engaging and fun for with longer games . This is a battle card game where you merge cards to create new weapons and attack other players. The basics of the game play are that you have three different star levels, a 1 star, a 2 star, and a 3 star. a higher star level will automatically defeat a lower star level. If the star levels are equal the winner is determined by card weaknesses and attack types. when niether player have any cards left the game is over. whoever won the most battles wins the game. Genre and description Embedded vs Emergent Embeded vs Emergent My games embeded narrative can be found in the discriptions of each card. This typically includes how the item was made and what its weaknesses are. The emergent narrative is what card you choose to play and when. basically the same as the gameplay. Immersion The immersion of the game comes from the backstories of each card and the feeling that you are in the world of these items. this is helped by the fact that the items (though then contain some level of autonomy not found in their real life counterparts) are all from real life. player agency comes from the choices you must make in terms of what cards to use and when. Immersion What should you already know? Intertextuality You should have some prior knowledge going into this game. 1 how to play the classic rock paper scissors game 2 how to play simple battle stradegy card games this is a simple game however and could be picked up, with a little more dificulty, by someone who does not have this prior knowledge. Rules Rules Each player starts with all of their cards in their hand. the focus should be on when to play them now waiting for them. you play indevidual battles until you have no more cards left. you pick which cards you wil play before you see the other players chosen cards. Played cards must be placed by both players at the same time. you cannot play a 2 or 3 star card without combining 1 or 2 star cards to get them. most importantly: Be a good sport!

card game

Transcript: PICK Brainstroming A problem-solving technique that helps a group generate creative options. A technique whereby people share ideas in writing, without meeting face to face; also known as absentee brainstorming. Delphi technique Affinity technique A method of generating and organizing ideas by using Post-it notes; group members write each idea on a note and then sort the ideas into common categories. Creativity The generation, application, combination, and extension of new ideas. Silent brainstorming A period of individual brainstorming that occurs before group members share their ideas with the group; integral to the nominal-group technique; also may be used as part of traditional brainstorming. Random-word technique A method used to enhance creative brainstorming in which one person says a random word to stimulate the development of new ideas. Nominal-group technique A problem-solving brainstorming method in which members work individually on ideas, rank suggested solutions, and then report their findings for group discussion. Invention The process of developing new ideas. Electronic brainstorming A method of generating creative ideas using computers; group members write out their own ideas, which are then displayed to all other members. A creative process of putting new ideas into action; innovation includes idea generation, feasibility analysis, reality testing, and implementation of the idea. Innovation Stinking thinking Thoughts that limit a person’s, group’s, or organization’s possibilities. FREE POINT GOOD JOB..!! Pick Again

Card Game

Transcript: How to play? 1. When the game is started, you get cards 6 cards from Deck ramdomly. 2. You can put card from your hand to cardlist on game board if your card number is one bigger than card number in game board and if card shape is same. 3. When you put card, you must input shape and number in order. ex) ♥3=h3 , 5=s5 4. When you move cardlist1 to cardlist2, you must input ‘cardlist1, cardlist2’. 5. If you use all cards (0~8) in “Hand” and “Deck”, you win! 6. Game playing time will be saved, and you can compete with other users. What did we satisfy? C Code Run a Program Explanation of a game Plan Support for open C source Make a gantt chart Support for coding Make a report - Function for command: void change_char(char), int chage_num(); - Initialization of cards: void init() - Allocation of card in random: void Randomize() - Movement of card: int SelectCard(int), int getCard(), int putCard(int) - Showing a game board: print_Hand(), printOut(), print_list(Stack*) Donghee Jung Sihyun Park Card Game Yeeun Hong UI None of open source code Dayoung Jung ADT for UI Randomization Thank you for listening:) Presenter Mood maker Support for various games ADT for a Card Game SKKU Game Contest UI -Changing a color of background and character -Assignment of the output position: void gotoxy(int, int, char[]) -ADT for main menu: void Drawmenu(), void selectMenu(); ->functions Explanation of a game: void game_explain() Playing music: void playMusic() Ranks: void show_rank(), int Rank(int), void print_user() Run a game: int playGame() Data structure: stack Manage photo for a report -Team leader -Master of coding -General support SKKU Card Game Make prezi for presentation CARD GAME From Professor ADT

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