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Future Direction Of Company Background Presentation

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Background of company

Transcript: Quality Problem - pays attention on quality control and customer satisfaction . - make sure the burger is not over burn, under cold and freshness of the meat is maintained. The sauce quite sweet -Many customers feel yacks because the burger’s sauce too sweet. - by reduce the sweetness of the sauce and add a little bit sour at the end of taste. Some customers have the allergic BBQ sauce problem - Marshall’s create the home-made BBQ sauce to fulfil their customers need and give them a chance to taste it. customer service -The worker should be trained on how to serve their customers and satisfied their need as much as possible. -received feedbacks from customers - improvement and adjustment on their product The sales - Recently,the sales decline so they do promotion on some days and giving out vouchers to attract more consumers. Future plan of the company supervisor, Jason will check the amounts of ingredients every week once times. He will decide the amounts needed and purchase all the items for the shop. He has the knowledge to buy all the ingredient in the enough amounts. The machines in the kitchen will checked every month to make sure its functional. To maintain the consistency of the machine by giving the maintainence to avoid machine broke down. Supervisor should train and monitor their staff in order to maintain their efficiency. there have 4 staff in each shop majority of them are foreign worker local staff work 8 hours per day from 11am-7pm foreign worker work 12 hours per day no part-time worker because part-time make the manager's headache -there are many problem occur, part time employees always say cannot came to work in the last minute. The Manager name Mr Gooi designed the kitchen by himself for every branches while the interior design of the shops are designed by designer. Output Input Problem& solution Marshall’s is planning to have new favour burger and more product s in the future and provide drive-thru service in the coming plan. Marshall’s also look toward for more licensee and expand their Marshall’s brand to oversea. Marshall’s is planning in tight control measures to closely monitor the satisfactions of customers toward Marshall’s product. Marshall’s also pays attention on quality control in input ,transformation and output process. The quality control of Marshall’s is to make sure the burger is not overburn, undercold and freshness of the meat is maintained. To maintain the consistency of the process ,Marshall’s will having machine mainteinance to avoid machine broke down in order to makesure all the machine work smoothly to maintain the quality of the food. Marshall’s also will plan to add the quality of machine to improve the efficiency of the output. Marshall’s is a partnership business which offer house-made in Marshall’s patties from only the finest cuts of 100% imported beef, fresh pork patty and chicken thigh. begin their business on July 2012 which started with a roadside stall in Penang. successfully open a Marshall shop in the middle of October 2012. After six months ,Marshall’s opened second shop (M2) in Bayan Baru on Jun,2013.Continuously they open their third shop (M3) in Tanjong Bungah area on November 2013. Within a year, Marshall’s company open 3 branches in Penang area. Marshall’s company aim for open maximum four branches in Penang area and after that they will look forward for licensing for their future plan. Marshall’s currently own the three shops and three licensee in Juru, Damansara and Subang., Kuala Lumpur. Young people and children are their main target market, especially child from 7 years old so that they have more long lifespan to go to support Marshall’s burger compare to other range of age of people. Promote through online marketing such as Facebook page. The unique of the burger is the Marshall’s homemade sauce. MATRIC NO. 119968 119934 119932 119890 122817 location facility/machines maintenance Marshall’s Burger started their business at roadside stall. After few months later, they opened their first shop at Burmah Road and the following branches located at Bayan Baru and Tanjung Bungah. For the Licensing branches, there are located at Juru, Damansara and SS15. transformation process NAME YONG MUN IMN TAN SZE MEI TAN SEOK CHING ONG PIK CHIN SUN YI BO Thank You There are four managers in this company, but they empower to Jason who are the supervisor for Marshall’s Burger. – Receiving equipment (kitchen accessories) – Procuring raw materials (ingredient of burger) – Recruiting, training and retaining staff (foreigner) – Budgeting and cash management (Jason) – Planning resources (Jason) – Improving quality and cost (Managers and Jason) – Procuring / managing assets (Managers providing license) – Defining procedures (Managers) – Making products (Jason guiding) – Storing and distributing products (Jason) – Plan raw materials – Process raw materials – Make intermediates – Process copy (for Control) – Quality control – Recycling / rework work schedule ATW241

Background of company

Transcript: Nailah bt Aziz 2012830842 Nurul Amira Nazifah bt Sulaini 2012292078 Ainaa Farhanah bt Saiful Azhan 2012467438 Nur Zawani bt Ishak 2012646794 It is a well known fact that the fire causes huge losses every year. The individual owner by taking fire insurance can prevent the fire waste to some extent The insurer acts as a middle man between all the members of the society who are exposed to the fire risk on the one hand and the members who will be the actual victims of the fire losses on the other. The insurer charges the premium from all the insured members and makes good the losses when they occur to any of them. The system of fire insurance cannot save the society from the economic loss to the community to the extent of the property lost by fire, but it compensates someone and this saves him from a ruinous loss, at the cost of group of some others. Prudential has a long history in Asia, having maintained a presence in the region for over eighty years. In 1923, Prudential launched its first overseas life operation in Calcutta, India. General Insurance agencies were appointed throughout the commonwealth during 1920s, and their insurance business expanded soon after in Malaysia (1924), Singapore (1931) and Hong Kong (1964). In 1994, Prudential Corporation Asia, our Asia Regional Head Office, was established in Hong Kong to expand our operations beyond Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Today, they are one of Asia's leading life insurers and one of the region's largest asset management companies. With their significant portfolio of businesses, multi-channel distribution capabilities, strong strategic partnerships, customer-centric products and services, and considerable brand equity, Prudential maintains an unrivalled position for continued growth in Asia. Prudential fire insurance Disadvantages of fire insurance Background of company Fire insurance means insurance against any loss caused by fire. Section 2(61 of the Insurance Act defines fire insurance as follows: “Fire insurance business means the business of effecting, otherwise than incidentally to some other class of business, contracts of insurance against loss by or incidental to fire or other occurrence customarily included among the risks insured against in fire insurance policies.” Functions of fire insurance design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi Conclusion, fire insurance is important because it help prevent from any losses that may happens. Advantages of fire insurance fire insurance is worthwhile at times when your home burns straight down and you're week within preventing it. Yet, with hearth insurance you're entirely peaceful that your particular insurance company will assist you to modernize as well as build-up your home again. fire insurance helps you by re-building your property by way of reconstruction as well as renovation function plus by way of providing you with a new settlement which you can use in which stay another position while your home will be re-build. It helps in offering a fiscal safety once you require it, weather it be as a result of threat of for a fireplace episode surely you will remain protected. Characteristics of Fire Insurance Definition of fire insurance: contract of indemnity contract of good faith more for one year only can be renewed cover specific properties for a specified period insurable interest insurer is entitled to contribution cover losses caused proximately by fire Recommendation The price which can be normally linked within buying as well as investing in a hearth insurance coverage is commonly more since it is a unique coverage. Yet, although you may pay the policy payments, all together and then that will be also charge a greater price. could be the buying means of insurance. Sometimes, it has been observed that individuals have to go through huge discomfort as well as pressure to achieve virtually any insurance of such variety. For the single insurance they could have to work among strategies to guarantee proper along with the best insurance coverage.

Company Background

Transcript: General Summary: Achieves maximum sales profitability, effectively selling the company’s products and/or related services. Demonstrates products and services to existing/potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs. Company Background Announcement for a job Personal Qualities and Skills; Functional tasks for Sales Representative  Organize the work schedule to connect and communicate with customers.  Collection of current market information on pricing , products , new products , delivery schedules , and promotion techniques , etc.  Recommends changes in products and services and policy by evaluating results and competitive developments.  Consider customer problems and finding solutions required; reporting; make recommendations to management.  Attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications , establishing personal networks, and participating in professional associations.  Provide historical records by maintaining records in the region and customer sales .  Contribute to the collective effort through the delivery of relevant results as needed. JOB TITLE: Sales Representative We are looking for a Sales Representative, If you are confident, ambitious and witty speaker you could be the best choice for our company. You will be responsible for organising appointments to visit customers, resolving sales problems. Your main objective will be to maintain and increase all parts sales and be a driving force for the business.  5 % for each contract.  The salary includes transportation and housing allowance.  Get two international airline tickets for every 15 contracts.  You also will be provided with health insurance.  You will get bonus if you achieving annual target. The Sales Representative need to be self-confident, ambitious, impatient, and has the skill to communicate and connect with others, Product Knowledge,Presentation Skills and an experience required .However, having a course in marketing will increase the chance of your choice . Features Occupation FAMco is a company to produce detergents , to support household consumption and public. Headquartered in London , we currently operate in more than 15 branch in major cities in the UK (Edinburgh , Manchester , Cardiff , Birmingham ), enabling us to provide more responsive, more focused and more adaptable service. we are committed to producing the highest quality standards in all products. We provide a common safety culture, performance management and quality system across all product/service, We also are dedicated to benefiting the local communities in which we operate by participating in programs and initiatives that positively impact the local economy.

Background of Company

Transcript: Blue Golf: Indiana Golf's Handicapping System Distribute and promote new Rockstar energy water at Junior Golf Camps and hand out coupons. Royal Spa Golf Scramble - Royal Spa Station where a Royal Spa salesman has the opportunity to give a pitch to the scramble participants. Target Market for Royal Spa We will hand out tee gifts and coupons. We believe that statistically speaking, the"Average Golfer" Demographic, consists of those who fit the profile to a pun intended. - Sponsor logos in the corners of the event banners. -Indiana Amateur Championship -Indiana PGA Northern Open -Indiana PGA Indianapolis Open - Northern Junior Masters -Girls State Junior Championships -All of the qualifiers for the championships ADVERTISING WTTH THE IGA WILL MAKE IT EASY TO REACH YOUR CURRENT TARGET MARKET !! This past season the Indiana Golf Association had 27 senior and men’s tournaments, 6 women’s tournaments, and 70 junior tournaments, not including qualifiers. The IGA offers an online handicapping system powered by Blue Golf of Indiana, located on their website where ALL people are eligible to sign up and register a golfing handicap for free. The vast majority of those who visit Blue Golf and register a handicap, fit into the golfer demographic which is parallel to Royal Spa's current target market. Blue Golf can be used as a vehicle that will enable Royal Spa to reach out directly to Indiana's current "Golfer" Demographic Royal Spa will further expand their reach to their current target market by offering discounts for merchandise to those who register a handicap through Blue Golf. In addition it will initiate brand awareness to those individuals who are more likely to purchase a hot tub. The IGA's Blue Golf is ideal for marketing directly to those who actually can be considered potential buyers with the financial means to do so. - Sponsor logos on flags. IGA Competition Winners The Indiana Golf Association The Indiana Golf Association has established itself as a national leader in junior golf, and has set an example for other states junior programs. Royal Spa Bundle Pricing - Royal Spa may bring their own team of employees to the scrambles as a perk. Your employees will be happy because they will get a free round of golf. Target Market for Rockst r Rockst - Coolers - Signage on the first hole Blue Golf coupons ---> expected to sell 10 hot tubs. Golf scramble ---> predicted to sell 5 hot tubs. $10,000 - Golf Scramble In 1972, the Indiana Golf Association and the Indiana Section PGA joined forces to become the IGA-PGA. One of very few joint amateur and professional golf organizations in the country 1st and 2nd place in larger competitions win a Royal Spa gift card. First place with receive a gift card of $225 and second place will receive $200. - If a person gets a hole in one on a designated hole, they win a hot tub. A hole in one is very complicated thing to achieve so it is worth the risk. Rockst r Bundle Pricing $6,750 Tee gifts will be handed out at the start of the round to the players. These tee gifts will have Rockstar logos of them. Royal Spa's target market: Individuals between the ages of 36 and 66 years old. Married with an above average household income Retired or employed in a white-collar occupation. High level of discretionary/disposable income Junior Golf Camps Rockst r Scramble A golf scramble is a fundraiser for the foundation that happens twice a year. Rockstar station where representatives will be able to pitch the Rockstar drink to the participants Rockstar can bring a group of employees to participate in the scramble for free The winners of the putting contest, closest to the pin contest, and the longest drive contest will all win a free case of Rockstar. Rockstar will have stations through out the course at certain tee boxes to hand out free drinks to all participants Tee Gifts and Coupons - Camps r - Tee gifts and coupons Rockst r Signage The target market for Rockstar are the younger golfers who play in the junior tournaments, and the high school and college players who play in the amateur tournaments. Coolers There will be coolers with the Rockstar logo, filled with Rockstar drinks for the players at major amateur and junior tournaments. Royal Spa logo on the tournament banners. Coupons to winners of all men's tournaments ---> expected to sell 12 hot tubs. The Indiana Section PGA encompasses the entire State of Indiana and has over 600 members and apprentices. The Section office is located in Franklin, Ind., and acts as a resource for local and national golf information for the golf professional and amateur player alike. - Larger rectangular signs - Signage The IGA hosts golf scrambles twice a year to help raise money for their programs.

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