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Fusion Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: Research began in 1940s and 50s, starting with the US, the UK, and the Soviet Union Research focused on using magnetic fields and electromagnetic forces to contain the hot plasma Discovered difficult to contain the plasmas, due to expanding and escaping gases Plasma physics theory was unable to describe this International cooperation was needed as all nuclear projects were secret until 1958 Shared progress at Second Geneva Convention on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy Another form, called inertial confinement fusion Would employ large pulses of laser energy to implode and shock-heat matter to temperatures needed for nuclear fusion Practical fusion reactors were not created as of yet Successful fusion power systems must be able to produce electricity safely and in a cost-effective manner, with a minimum amount of radioactive waste and environmental impact In the Sun... In Hydrogen Bombs... Fusion would be a nearly inexhaustible energy source Pros Citations Two isotopes of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium, are fused to form a nucleus of helium and a neutron. The process that powers the sun and all other stars Conclusion Where two atoms of hydrogen make energy Process Forms the energy of Sun A fusion reactor would be a target for terrorism. If we could only start fusion and stabilize it, it would mean unlimited energy. The atoms need to be heated to over 100 million degrees. Fossil fuels would become obsolete, stone age, and unnecessary for the rest of human existence. Four Hydrogen nuclei come together to form a Helium nucleus What is Fusion? Cons History A gallon of water would contain the energy of 300 gallons of gasoline. We could power the entire world without using any resources except running the generator which would be self sufficient if achievable. The heat needed to fuse the two atoms is too immense Fusion has not yet been harnessed for the use of energy. History Pt. 2 We could run the power from the fusion reactor to stations all over the world to power all aspects of life.

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