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Transcript: Recycled Living* Eco-Furniture Eco-Innovators Friendly Furniture - Limited amount of materials Ottoman Recycled Living Company Selling Furniture Sets Materials Nearby Companies Drop-offs Materials:Aluminum Cans, glue, sand, plywood. (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr materials PVC, carpet, glue and string Designing a company called Recycled Living in which we create a funiture set consisting of a couch, chair, ottoman, coffee table and side table. - Minimum of 15 sets sold a week Designing a practical set of furniture using recyclable & used materials. Possible Furniture Choices: Refinement Final Plan Table Material cardboard is free used truck = $10,000 lease of a warehouse = $60,500/ year electricity cost = $250/ month total material expenses = $161,550 Labor $115,200 for 6 people/year Manufacutring $40/ side table $30/ ottoman $75/ chair $300/ couch $50/table - only 6 workers Recycled Living Ideas (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr Foot Rest* Chandellior Table materials poster toobs, cardborad, glue Final Concept Constraints/Limitations of Company Materials: Cardboard, Glue, Rubber Grip, Exterior Plastic Coating Team Members: Sidney Pilarski, Alexander Sherman, Dominic Thomas, Casey Garces, Myles McCaleb, Thomas Maloney Couch* Chair* Coffee Table* Side Table* Problem/Goal: Models/ Drafting Green Furniture Marquette Furniture Co. Trashy Furniture Trash 2 Furniture Company Name Suggetions: Chair Estimated Costs Couch Side Table Materials: newspaper rolls, string (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr - Limited Variety - Limited manufacturing Brainstorm


Transcript: Hotels Magazine Television Internet Demonstration Catalog FEATURES #FURNITURE - MIRROR MOUNTING IRON BOARD - Already in the market Non-stick or reflective surface Reflect the heat from your iron upwards from the cover and back into the garment -Speed up the ironing process Stain and scratch-resistant -last longer Very Stable and Superb Design. ( 2 in 1 ) Make Your Work More Regularly. Free Delivery 1 Years Warranty. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Give proposal to IPTS and Hotel REPLACEMENT COMPETITION Customer Target 1 year warranty Free delivery area Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. DIFFERENTIATION “Customer Satisfactions Is Our Priority” Communicate with a very large audience Placing ads on certain shows or during specified time slots 8pm-11pm Complete with all ironing equipments, including iron, board and spray bottle, into a small closet As a mirror - nicely fit in the room As a lamp - to decorate room Extremely stable – does not require any underside support High quality wood and polycarbonate construction Pastel color – blend with most any décor Durable, high quality padded cloth ironing board cover – minimizes movement during ironing 3 Simple steps : 1. Open the mirror into an ironing board 2. Perform the task of ironing by plugging the iron 3. Keep the iron and the rest of the fuddle back into the closet behind the mirror Buy 10 pcs get 15% off Durable material high impact resistance low scratch resistance stronger and usable over a greater temperature range MARKETING STRATEGY Can be flip Business Goal PRODUCT DESCRIPTION EXECUTIVE PROFILE Polycarbonate Product And Service Padded cloth ironing board A replacement competition is something someone could do instead of choose our product Substitute products allow the customers to achieve the same benefit using different technology. Same product Provide the same benefits to the customer and are aimed at similar target markets. IKEA - Wall Mounted Iron board Wood NURUL AZZUWANIAH BT MOHAMMAD ASRI (CEO) NUR HANIM BT MD YUSOF (HR MANAGER) IZZATI LIYANA BT AWANG (CFO) NUR AIDA BT DARNIZUL (MARKETING MANAGER) MASNI BT OMAR (COO) UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP) Collegues & Universities DIRECT COMPETITION TARGET CUSTOMER FORRESTOR : People spend more time weekly on the internet than watching television, listening to radio or watching DVSs. EMAIL – WEBSITE – TELEPHONE – 03-77293454 FAX – 03-77293455 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK #FURNITURE Free gift – spray bottle Free delivery area Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. HOW TO USE? Placed product in the center of mall and supermarket AEON, Giant, Alamanda, Setia City Mall, Sunway Pyramid 10 early buyers get 20% off Innovation COMPETITIONS Houses PRICE RM250 Buy 15 pcs and above get 20% off Mirror PRODUCT DESIGN


Transcript: The Diversity of Industrial Experience: Cabinet and Furniture Manufacture in Late 19th Century Ontario A time of transformation Use of steam power + expansion in railways Urbanization, growth of incomes + technological change Changes in workplace Expansion of manufacturing sector "Wooden Age" Industries Sawmilling Carriages Cabinetry + furniture Agricultural implements Carpentry Boats Musical Instruments Factory Conditions Small sized companies and factories Primarily a male dominant activity Urban and rural locations Seasonal industry Use of mechanical power varied 1870s-1880s Patterns of Location Due to the substantial transport costs of furniture products, Ontario suited a decentralized pattern of production Most furniture shops used wood accessible through own woodlots, however, there was a growing demand for imported and exotic woods Over time, the railway network began to expand and improve, allowing for urban cities to participate in the transport of wood Growth propelled advantages of plants located on railway lines Specialization Many establishments characterized specifically as general-purpose furniture and cabinet shops Although designs and quality differed, none had well-defined individuality Secondary products of furniture firms were only aspects that assisted in creating a small sense of personal identity Product diversity was most common amongst larger furniture firms Many of the firms were single proprietorships, very few considered themselves a “company" Relationships between various woodworking firms formed, for the purpose of contracting and purchasing of parts Some partnerships and share-owning relationships were later arranged Companies sought after laborers with management expertise, which resulted in the competition between urban and rural companies Epansion was due to the fall in freight rates and an expanding rail network London to Toronto to Montreal to Halifax Developing of subsequent markets there as well Machinery Mostly flexible for multiple tasks Planers, double-sided rotary planers, molding machines, band saws, heaters for kilns as well as the usual boilers and steam engines Powered by electric motor and electric distribution networks Required human attendance 1873 reduced cost of machinery Lowered price of crucible steelIncreased access to quality steel – better machinery – better quality furniture Still expensive to average semiskilled artisan Short term credit Incorporation Easing capital constraint in time of crisis Narrowed focus Modified and reduced labor Added element of physical force with power of the mind Questions? Before: Reliance on handcrafted tools Steam power 1871-1891: amount of steam power use increased threefold Lifted the constraints: Size Seasonal Water Increased implementation=decreased cost of operating steam Above all steam set the trend for developing more efficient machinery 5 Transportation 1 Impeding the Transformation into Industrialization What do you think about the quality of furniture produced in today’s world of business, in comparison to the furniture produced in the nineteenth century before industrialization? Ambiguous Industrialization and the Demand for Furniture Low wage/income of Canadian Labour Among the furniture and artisan culture “Boys learning to be men” mindset Late 19th Century Canadian manufacturing of furniture did not fully experience and participate in the process of industrialization Small workshops: unspecialized and useable for the production of a range of diverse products and purposes 18th + early 19th centuries Price of wood increased Canada remained in wooden age for much longer Heavy dependency on wood Raw material for energy and construction Industrial raw material Focus on wood aided industrialization The Nature of the Market: the Absence of Necessary Demand The growing influence of middle-class “fashion” The notion that the home is a locus for individual privacy Specialized functions added to the variety of furniture in use The emphasis and focus on variation, ornamentation and detail Pressure of furniture makers to offer a diverse line of products (different styles and types) each year Organizational & Networking Elements Machinery Costs 4 Reasons for Impeding the Industrial Revolution 1860’s in Michigan 1880’s available in Canada Wide variety of machinery “Machinery is fully as good as the American-made machinery” Canadian plant-reduced prices The Nature of the Basic Raw Material: Wood The Complexity of Supply and Distribution of Furniture 2 The Complexity of Furniture Demand Natalie Borg Zev Gasner Aleksa Lekovic Faghya Shafiq Cindy Xu 2 Resistance to Change Mechanization Name and explain two of the reasons for the slow transformation of the furniture industry? Worker Force Machinery Production Plants: 4 3 Small producers produced bespoke goods for local markets Few large firms had commercial travelers who carried photographs of their products Furniture shows Smaller vs. Establishments Mechanization of the

furniture powerpoint Bailey Edmondson

Transcript: Furniture Powerpiont By. Bailey Edmondson History of Furniture Furniture dates back farther than any one knows. They used furniture in ancient Egypt for beds stools , thrones ect. they have know how to make and use furniture for thousands of years . The furniture my not have been as nice or comfortale , it may have been better, but no one really knows.In prehistoreic times they may have used stone for furniture History of Furniture furniture history furniture has been around for a long time and it is unbelieveable how many different styles of furniture. some people made furniture out of rock in the prehistoric times. furniture history Impacts that furniture has on society Furniture gave people a place to sleep and sit comfortably. even if it wasn't comfortable Impacts that furniture has on society Furniture's impacts Almost every person in the world owns at least one piece of furniture. Furniture also great for when people are sick. it helps keep the people off the ground where all the germs are. Furniture's impacts Functions of Furniture Furniture gives people comfortable places to sit , sleep, lay down, ect. It also gives animails comfortable places sleep , lay down , ect. Functions of Furniture Furniture one of furinture's main uses is keeping people off the ground. Furniture The major materials that are in furniture are wood for the frame , mabye fabrics and cousioning if it is a chair or couch. Major materials of Furniture Major materials of Furniture Another major material is the fabric that covers the wood and stuffing in the furniture. Major Materials Major Materials The wood to make furniture is made from trees that have been cut down and taken to sawmills to go through the process of being dried then when complete they run it through a machine called a planer that smooths the eges of the wood. the main wood that is used in furniture is maple wood because it is a very strong wood and has a pretty red-ish finish. Red maple trees can grow anywhere,but if the furniture is made out of suger maples those tend to grow in colder climates. Origin of materials in furniture Origin of materials in furniture most furniture is made out of maple wood because of the color and the strength. Wood for furniture Wood for furniture Furniture Furniture Scott Edmondson Sources Sources

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