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Transcript: Customer Acquisition plan $500K Marketing In APP ≈.08c Click =6.25M 12% Clicks Download =750K Paid User Cost < 5Month Rev Mobile MUM Person 42% Loyal User =315K Accomplishment's ”The Digital Kids Channel” Customer Acquisition Goals Mission ` Mobile MUM is Seeking $2 Million Some The Future of Kids TV Team Person Few Customer acquisition Product development Parental controls, playlists Develop extensive educational game portfolio Platform extensions: Multiple Android devices, smart TVs, browsers, Kindle Fire, and carriers, etc. Business and market development Distribution with handset and device makers Distribution deals via carriers, platforms Risks Person Team is Rich, Narrow, and Deep Educating, Entertaining, Everywhere Paid SUB's 6.6% 20.8K $104K Month Head Vision Making Kids Brighter ™ Making Kids Brighter ™ (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Kids Love Mobile MUM “The Digital Kids Channel” On any digital device, anywhere there is internet Subscription-based service with free, and paid subscribers The integrated TV and game channel every mom wants her kids to be watching Free SUB's 2.5M Sessions, 12.7M Minutes Month $10K+ Many 5 year license for 1000’s of episodes, including some of the best content on PBS Kids, Nick Jr, and Sprout Crafted unique interface and games for kids Soft launched on IOS, Android, Amazon, Verizon and online Reaching the Goal (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr Powerful creative team… 10 year track record building educational games for kids’ < $1B retail Proven Business team… Subscription, Kids Brands, M&A and proven exits. Parents are Buying


Transcript: No Free Report Did not go to Yes 2. How to convert traffic to your website and use the internet to make money Click Here to Learn the Biggest Tech Secret in the Real Estate Industry that gets you in front of your clients 3 hours a day! No Clicks to Saturday Last Chance Replay click here to get your Browserapp Registration Page but no signup Email #1 Thankyou Email Confirmation Email #1 Thank you. Email Confirmation No Signup Website Email Clicks to Goes to 3. Why is the Browserapp the biggest revolution in your real estate marketing? Click Here to Learn the Biggest Tech Secret in the Real Estate Industry that gets you in front of your clients 3 hours a day! Special Report Start Email Sequence Email #2 GoToWebinar Reminder Start Webinar Sequence Clicks to 1. Why you're actually creating an anti-social network Click Here to Learn the Biggest Tech Secret in the Real Estate Industry that gets you in front of your clients 3 hours a day! Email #3 Leading to Event Friday NoShow Replay Invite No Agent gets this Shouldn't be a tool for biz It's a family reunion You're actually creating an anti-socail network OK once in a while to invite people to an event Registration Page Enter name and Email for Instant Access Sunday--Followup Email with Recording Video -- 20 secs Signup Special Report Sales Letter 1. Social Media 2. Email, website 3. TOP SECRET: Browserapps Monday-Invitation Email#1 "Have you Registered Yet?" Squeeze Page 20 Sec video--motion person get immediate access to the special report, enter your email address here get Instant access (ie, clicking the link shows the report on that page...maybe below the spot where they enter their email to access. Report: make it look and feel like a news report At the end of the report, add the "call to action" Demo Video (2 min) Lead with Emotion (authority, credibility, band wagon, special proof) but close with Logic (market statistics, credibility) In Lieu of Special Report, we can offer video (do a/b testing to see which works better: video or text). More like an interview with a successful agent/agents about implenting the 3 secrets... Exclusive Cutting Edge Stats 3 hrs/day facetime can't uninstall search national sites while seeing their interests huge value add--over 100k sold for $350/each sell advertising (homeownertips, carpet cleaners, how to increase value, mortgage discounts, title work, legal, other local interests like show and event tickets, etc Marketing Outlets 1. Direction: Seller leads vs. Buyer leads. We focus and deliver on buyer leads, and help streamline the process for all buyers to easily find a property online, while giving agents access to what the buyer is searcing for. 2. Get in touch with Trulia, Zillow,, etc and have them pay us to automatically search their sites from our buyers 3. Buyer outlets--where do buyer's go to search for properties (local or national channels)??? Find the sites and offer a branded browserapp and push a free download. Sign them up as an "affiliate". 4. Realtor outlets--where are the realtors going that are interested in finding buyers (local or national channels)??? Coordinate with CE courses, and the local Realtor associations. Every agent's email is public. Offer an affiliate contract to anybody pitching thebrowserapp, and give the instructors a free branded browserapp 5. Example: go to Give them a customized browserapp and affiliate contract. Go to Stringham school and bring treats to the next CE meeting and pitch the browserapp. Contact the UtahCounty/SaltlakeCounty Association of Realtors and get them to push this to their agents as an affiiliate. 6. Stats: 1/3 of agent's income annually comes from friends/family, and this is the EASIEST sale b/c the client does all the searching! increase the easy sale from 1/3 to 2/3 by offering an easy search tool and connecting to people that already search for properties. Script for Special Report social media, email/website, browserapp (acceptable form of communication: 1. they came to you 2. they downloaded 3. they installed. They won't be offended when you send messages!! It's a double opt-in! This is as sticky as it gets 1 leads to 2. 2 springboards into 3, the solution. Wed--Hook#2 Invitation Email #3 Sales Funnel Top 3 Ninja Secrets for Mastering Internet 2.0 to Stay in Front of Clients Registration Page Yes Yes Email #4 1 hour before Event Saturday Replay Thursday Webinar Tuesday--Hook #1 Invitation Email #2 Thurs. Last Chance Invitation email #4


Transcript: Customer Needs The National Environment Agency (NEA) currently manages and regulates 107 markets and hawker centres in Singapore. The NEA oversees the upgrading of markets and hawker centres In 2001 the NEA implemented a hawker centre upgrading programme. The programme was allocated $421 million dollars. If we were to obtain a similar amount of money, that would be enough to upgrade 9,943 centres. Observations Why choose FUNnel Advertisements Da Fortune Cookies FUNnel Patrons need to be aware that they need to return their trays Patrons need to be aware where the tray return points are Patrons need sufficient visual stimuli to engage them Patrons need incentive to return their dishware What is our Solution? Observations Product Walkthrough Would vary with food centre size and complexity Stage integration allows for minimal business disruption Stage integration time period estimated to be 30-45 days Fully adaptable socio-technical directional system which employs a visually engaging systematic approach to personal dishware return. It is a process that engages patrons at every stage of the tray return journey Current Issues FUNnel Problem Statement How Long? LED System Select and Collect Cost Breakdown Implementation Tripod Display How to install? FUNnel What Do the Customers of Hawker Centres Think Trained consultants will perform site assessments. All system components are pre-fabricated Once basic site layout attained, routing of ceiling LED indicators, installation of tripod displays and affixing of signage can commence Not a product, a system The Singaporean Government Can Sponsor Product Analysis Socio-technical solution to increase efficiency of transportation of dishware in hawker centres and food courts by inculcating a sense of accountability and social responsibility. 9 out of 10 people we talked to said that they would be willing to follow this tray return program in hawker centres. Changing the perspective how we eat, one tray at a time FUNnel Overview

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