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Fungi v fungi

Transcript: Living things are organized for study into large, basic groups called kingdoms. Fungi were listed in the Plant Kingdom for many years. Then scientists learned that fungi show a closer relation to animals, but are unique and separate life forms. Fungi are now placed in their own Kingdom fungi, Bibliography Fungi v fungi Fungi and fungi mean different things. The lower case 'fungi' is a general word that refers to organisms that all look and act the same, but are not all related. This group is artificial and includes moulds, yeasts, mushrooms, slime moulds, and water moulds. On the other hand, 'Fungi', with a capital 'F', refers to the evolutionary group Which includes most of the best known 'fungi': moulds, yeasts, and mushrooms, but not slime moulds or water moulds. Because all of these organisms superficially resemble each other and all do similar things, they were They were placed in the same kingdom within the lower plants, including mosses, liverworts, and ferns, for a very long time. Fungi can be found in just about any habitat, from sea water to freshwater, in soil, on plants and animals, on human skin and they can even growing on the bread you eat! Kingdom Fungi are Not Plants Not closely related to plants. Unicellular or multicellular Absorb food: secrete enzymes to digest complex molecules Propagate by spores Asexual or sexual reproduction Haploid Can be multinucleated Special Features Achlorophyllous: Fungi cannot make their own food like plants. They are heterotrophs which means they have to rely on other organisms for their carbon source. Fungi can be found in just about any habitat, from sea water to freshwater, in soil, on plants and animals, on human skin and they can even growing on the bread you eat! Amber & Angel The Kingdom Fungi are decomposers they break down dead organisms, and they continue the cycle of nutrients through ecosystems. They also gain nutrients from living and dead organisms that they grow on. They suck up simple dissolved nutrients, for examples sugars, through their cell walls. Fungi are a diverse kingdom, with members from the familiar mushrooms you eat to brewer's yeasts, the mould that grows on rotting fruit and the infection that causes athlete's foot. Fungi are found in every habitat, although they play a bigger role in land ecosystems than in water ones. Habitat How it Gains Energy Fungi


Transcript: Uses Nutrients Fungi are nature's recyclers and help decompose dead materials. They are used as food and antibiotics. Cell Wall They are dying because of a loss in habitat. Some species depend on a single tree to live off of and if that tree were to die then it will kill the species. If a plant were to become rare or threatened then so does the fungi. They feed off of a mycelium, usually is hidden in the soil, in wood, or another food source. Once this food source dies so does the organism. Concerns So What How Some decompose dead organic materials and some cause disease because they live on living organisms. Two common fungal disease that live on humans are athlete's foot and ringworm. Food Source There are only three species that are on the 2012 Red List of Threatened Species, but most scientist believe that is because not a lot of people study fungi. Fungi has cell walls made out of chitin. This is the same material that is used in hard outer shells of insects and other arthropods. Plants don't make chitin. Fungi absorb nutrients from organic material, but don't have stomachs. The hyphae takes out acids and enzymes so the fungi can absorb what is left. Fungi were considered part of the Plant Kingdom until scienctist learned that it was closer related to an animal. Fungi can be found in all different places. The obvious one is mushrooms that people eat. Yeast is also a type of fungi. Drugs that are made from fungi help to cure diseases and stop the rejection of transplants. They are also used in flavoring for food, vitamins and help to remove stains. Decomposers Kingdom

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