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Powerpoint Night With Friends

Transcript: WANTED Crazy Fangirl fights for concert tickets and knocks out Artist at meet and greet Natali Diaz Arrested for Arson 14 bookstores robbed and set on fire Early June of 2021 a Barnes and noble was robbed early morning by 2 girls and was later set in fire at night. Many thought this was a coincidence however everyday after that for 2 weeks straight bookstores all over were hit in the same way with being robbed in the morning and buned at night. Although cops knew their routine they were never able to get caught.Looking foward into the investigation they found that the only books that were being stolen were age-gap books that were locked away because the age gap was just too weird. One of the books had an age gap of an uderage kid and an adult in a relationship and while they did nothing sexual many still found the age gap to be disturbing and many other books like this were stolen. A couple books that were stolen from the floor were pure romance books that contained alot of smut. Natali Diaz turned herself in Natali Diaz turns herself in after sister goes missing Mid-July the stinn on-going investigation finally came to an end when Natali was arresed for robery and arson when she walked in to the police station to file a missing report fo her twin sister Lupita Diaz althugh the police didnt believe her and put her behind bars. Though this sroty has gone viral and bookworms thought this wasnt enough as the books she stole were blacklisted so people started a petition to get her sent to the mental hospital and the judge agreed and is now in a mental institution and her twin sister is still out on the loose Lupita Diaz finally found a year after arson to bookstores Lupita Diaz Finally Found In a small town in new york there was lights seen in an andoned library that was rumerod to be haunted. On a friday a group of teenagers heard a crash and decided to call the police. Onced they showed up they found a girl sleeping under a pile of blankets thinking she was just homless they woke her up genlty and took her in to the station to get her some help. Not wanting to seem suspicious she went along but didnt talk to anyone not wanting to get caught.More officers looked through the library and found an article of a missing girl who appeared to look like the one in the station. They went back into the station and searched up the name to find that the girl was indeed the girl who was wanted for being partner in crime to her twin sister and took her into custody and went crazy while the police were trying to take her away. Living in a library A year in an abandoned library While going through the library a reporter found a dirary of Lupitas life while on the run. To sum it ll up one night while her sister was asleep she packed up all the books she stole and left to travel across the country for 2 months stopping by convienece stores and stealing small items to survive off on along her trip and no one noticed since she never stayed at the same place twice. Finally around september she ended up settling in a small town in new york in an abandoned library and lived there for a year. What was weired is that in her diary all she talked about was the smut in her books like she was obsessed. She also talked about a man Garret that was her supposed husband? but looking around it was clear she was the only one living there alone and was just clinically insane and lonley. I mean how could you not feel lonley living in solitude with just books and food. Crazy Fangirl Fights for concert tickets and knocks out Artist The night started off peacful as fans lined up to enter the stadium. However when a fangirl heard Someone was giving away free front row tickets, she went fereal and as this person was about to give them too someone she jumped in front of them and ran of with the tickets. Security was looking for her but was never able to track her down and she was able to attend the concert happily or so she thought. As the Night went on Harry styles who was the Atrist performing that night held a Meet and Greet with his fans and all was going well until The same Fangirl as resources say, Went crazy when she met with harry styles and attacked him to the floor trying to kiss him but accidently knocking him unconsous and is now in a Coma as he hit his head on the floor when attacked and got away in the crowd while security was going after her and has been wanted ever since. Investigating The Suspect Investigation Turns out this Fangirl really is insane.As The Feds were able to get a Warrent to enter her appartment it was found that she was truly obsessed. While going through her room officers found a diary that was truly shocking and had plans of her and harry ending up together and this stunned the officers because they finally were able to figure out where she was. Crazy Fangirl finally begind bars The entire time they kept their relationship private as Harry wanted to be lowkey after the incident.However one day walking down the street a


Transcript: Causes of hunger What is Hunger? Research The connections I have with hunger are: I Once saw an old lady on the street crying of hunger. I gave her the last five dollars I have in my purse, she took it and she was really grateful. I was glad I gave her that money, cause I felt better afterwards. Also I interviewed my dad, Gabriel Onoh who suffered from hunger during his first years in America. Hunger in America Connection Solutions to hunger Effect of hunger Connection Hunger is the feeling of discomfort or weakness caused by lack of food, coupled with desire to eat. 14.4 percent of United state households struggle to put enough food on the table. More than 48 million Americans—including 16.2 million children– live in these household I am working on Hunger because I have a personal experience with it, and I know that most of you have too. The three major effects of hunger are: sickness, physical and mental problem and short attention span. “Food insecurity and hunger causes wide range detrimental consequences on physical and mental health of people” (feeding America) Childhood hunger causes emotional and behavioral problem, and limits social development. Short attention span is the amount of time a person can concentrate on a task without becoming distarcted. Explanation Name: Linda Onoh Teacher: Ms. O'Connor Course: English. 1st period Date: May 25. 2012 Hunger is caused by Poverty, food wastage and food desert. Poverty is being extremely poor. Many families suffer from Poverty in America. Food wastage is when you waste food instead of preserving it. In America, “ we throw away 96 billion pounds of food”. (Dive) Food desert is district with little or no access of food. There is not just one cause of hunger, which means there is not just one solution. The solutions for hunger are: Making donations Opening more grocery stores around areas that are affected by food desert Being informed about hunger and being involve to end it.


Transcript: Interdependence What is this Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through their trade because each country has something the other country needs. Pros and cons of interdependence Review Questions Question #1 What does interdependence mean? Interdependence is when two countries rely on each other through trade because each country has something the other country needs. Question #2 What is not an example of interdependence? A non- example of interdependence is a person having food and water and doesn't need anything else and another person needing both but not having anything to give. Question #3 What is an example of interdependence? Someone needing water but having food and another person needing food but having water so they trade with each other for what each other needs thus making this an example of interdependence. Question #4 What are the countries in the example we showed you that use interdependence? Steve and Bob are the countries in the example and they traded lesson plans (education) for water. Question #5 What are some pros of interdependence? Pros of interdependence: Country A and Country B will always have a trading partner. Their will most-likely be no trade barriers beteween Country A and Country B. Also, since both countries have a good trading partner, their economies won't be bad. Question #6 What are some cons of interdependence? If country A runs out of what you need then it would make both of your countries economies crash because country A would lose a very important trading partner and country B would lose a place in which they can get the resources they need. Preguntas? Cons of interdependence: ?


Transcript: Plus other Special Events! Computer & Email Usage Policy Levin Furniture recognizes the importance of creating a safe and secure environment within which our associates can work. It is a flagrant violation of Levin Furniture’s no harassment policy to initiate or participate in harassment based on sex, religion, race, disability, ethnicity or any other characteristic protected by law. Sexual harassment is defined as: Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when: Submission to such conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual’s prospective or continuing employment. Submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for employment staff decisions affecting an individual. Such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individuals work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Associates found to have engaged in sexual or any other form of unlawful harassment will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. It is the policy of Levin Furniture to provide a clean and safe environment for our associates, visitors, and/or customers. If you are injured at work: Notify your manager immediately Fill out an Associate Accident Report If you are seeking medical attention, you will be sent for a Post-Accident drug screen When seeking medical attention, you will be required to go to a BWC-certified provider in Ohio or follow the Panel of Physicians in Pa. After seeking treatment, report your work status immediately to your manager. Progressive Discipline Policy Levin Policies and Procedures Company Picnics Levin Policies and Procedures Robert Levin, President Robert took over the family business in 1992. Robert continues his family’s tradition of service, quality and competitive pricing while continuing to grow the business. The counseling process will be accelerated during the first 90 days of service. Allowed 1 grace day during first 90 days of service. The second call off during the first 90 days of service will result in a Final Written Counseling. The third call off during the first 90 days of service will result in Separation. People you should know… Vendor Cruise Attendance Policy Holiday Parties No Harassment Policy People you should know… Smoking is prohibited inside any building or facility owned or leased by Levin Furniture or on company premises with the exception of designated areas. This prohibition includes the Corporate Office and Warehouse and in all Stores and company vehicles. As an associate of Levin Furniture, it is important that everyone present a professional, business-like appearance. SALES ASSOCIATES/OFFICE ASSOCIATES Male Associates—dress may include: dress slacks, a clean business shirt, sport coat, business suit and a tie (optional) may be worn. Female Associates—dress may include: dresses, suits, skirts, blouses, slacks, dress capri pants, and skorts. Shoes should complement one’s attire and be worn with socks or hose. Overall appearance should not be offensive or in bad taste Drug-Free Workplace Policy Levin Furniture has implemented the S.T.A.R. (Saving Time And Resources) Associate Suggestion Program to reward associate’s ideas that when implemented, make work flow more efficiently and save resources. A $25.00 gift card will be awarded for ideas that when implemented significantly save time and resources. A $400.00 award will be given annually for the S.T.A.R. suggestion of the year. You can pick up a Star suggestion form from your manager, HR or the ASK website. Golf Outing Questions Levin Furniture is always looking for qualified candidates to fill positions. The Recommend a Friend program was developed to reward current Levin associates for providing quality referrals. How Do You Make a Referral? Simply pick up a RAF form (from your manager, HR or ASK website). Complete and submit the RAF form along with a completed Levin application. How Do You Receive Your RAF Award? You will be notified if your RAF referral is hired. Once the new associate reaches their 90 day anniversary, you will receive $200.00 (paid through regular payroll, less applicable taxes and deductions) *Both the referral and you must be active associates at the time the RAF award is paid. Certain eligibility restrictions apply. Sales Awards Million Dollar Club $900k Award + more Annual Sales Awards Banquet Welcome To Our Team! Basil Hawanchak Vice President,Finance The sequence and number of counseling steps to be followed for those violations considered to be correctable are as follows: Associates with 90 or less days of service (Introductory period): Final Written Counseling Separation Associates with over 90 days of service Verbal Counseling Written Counseling Final Written Counseling Separation *Serious offenses may result in immediate termination No Smoking Policy

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