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Transcript: START! A DJ or "Disc Jockey" is aperson who plays recorded music and mixes two or more tracks or records. In 1857, a Frenchman, Leon Scott Invented the first phonoautograph. This device was used to record sound but with no way to playback. It was made of a wax cylinder with grooves on the outside. Soon Emile Berliner's Gramophone would replace it in 1887. The Gramophone also has grooves on it for recording only it's a plastic disc making it re-usable. Some time in Jamaica during the 50's some premotors who called themselves "Djs" would play two different songs on seperate Gramophones with a mix-board in the middle(third pic below). DJs and songs! Biblyographies: A Website address: Modern day portable Mix-board (DDJ-ERGO) Effects units Vinyl records Two record players or an mp3 Multiple Sequencer Sound system DJ mixer Headphones microphone(optional) Effects units(eletronic altering device) FINISH! ? 5 Skrillex ( Sonny Moore) Born in, January 15, 1988 Los Angeles, California, USA Present Felix Da HouseCat ( Felix Stallings Jr) Born on August 25, 1971, Chicago, Illinois,USA Present 1 Vinyl records 3 Phonoautograph Nujabes (Jun Seba) Born in Japan, February 7, 1974 Died at the age of 36 on February 26, 2010 History of the DJ! 2 microphone 4 DJ with traditional Mix-board. 4 DJ is a website where famous DJs give tips and tricks on how to DJ. Gramophone David Guetta Born on November 7th 1967 in France Present DJ mixer A presentation on Djs,their history,their tools, and some tutorials! 5 Headphones TOOLS of aDJ! 3 Multiple Sequencer Excision (Jeff Abel) Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada 1986 Present 1 Record player 2 Sound system

FRESH - Presentation

Transcript: What is it? FRESH is a program developed to address the changing needs in conference planning while assisting those who wish to add environmental and cultural components to their events. It is a big picture approach to selling meetings which provides the platform for business, industry, community groups and individuals to support and share innovative ideas FRESH Tools Eco Report Card Green Meetings Guide Eco-Friendly Itineraries Benefits of Being FRESH Brand Recognition Strengthen Our Community Increased Awareness Be A FRESH Partner Fresh Partner Offers Shaw Conference Centre Hotels / Partners It is easy to get involved! Guest Room Recycling Power Reduction (CF bulbs) Enviroment Service (ie: suspension of linen service) Welcome Letter featuring Green Initiatives Paper-less Checkout Ability to Suspend Newspaper Services Edmonton Festival City Green Meetings Guide & Checklist Free Conference Lanyards - Recycled Environmental Report Card Free 1hr. Consultation with an Eco Advisor Menu Choices: Dine Alberta featuring Local Food Products Connection to the River Valley (Walk, Run, Nature Tour) "Achieving a low-impact event in Edmonton was made so much easier through the help of the Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and others," explained Robert Gibbs, Principal of EIDOS Consultants and chair of the Congress Green Committee. "Edmonton really is an environmental industry leader." Simple Steps Program Provide us with details about your FRESH tips, ideas, and initiatives. FRESH Edmonton Green Key Program plus

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