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Transcript: This unit will assess students in two ways: 1. FORMATIVE Ongoing throughout the week through daily participation 2. SUMMATIVE End of unit journal reflection answering the following questions: What did you enjoy the most? The least? If you could add any activities what would they be? Would you recommend this course to future Grade 12 students? Due the following Monday Overall Expectations General Safety Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn Students must receive instruction on safety procedures related on cold weather conditions and methods for preventing frost bite and hypothermia Parent must be infomed with a letter when taking the students off school property Specific Safety 1. Flag Football: Body contact is not permitted Flags must not be tucked or tied to the belt and must release easily when pulled 2. Ice Skating: Implement a process for identification of skating skill levels Students must be made aware of the need for extra caution and control on the ice, including common procedures such as skating in the same direction during a free skate 3. Snow Tubing: No long scarves Long hair must be tied back A safe procedure for moving out of the run off area must be reviewed with students Supervision Ratios- 1:20 Senior Day 1: Winter Olympics Warm Up 3. Distance Throwing Competition Students will be given a chance to throw a snowball as far as they can across the field one at a time For safety concerns, all students will be lined up on one side of the field Points will be given for the furthest 3 snowballs Main Events 2. Three Legged Race Students will divide into partners on their own team Students will use rope to tie one leg of each individual together It will be a relay race from one cone to the other Points awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place teams By the end of this course, students will: Participate regularly in physical activities, using community and school facilities Demonstrate personal competence in a variety of physical activitities Demonstrate leadership in creating a positive climate that promotes participation and safety Day 5: Snow Tubing Safety Specific Lesson Outcomes: To introduce students to various games and activities that can be played outdoors Location: School field Materials: School will provide ropes and cones Students will provide appropriate winter gear (jacket, snowpants, boots, hat, gloves) Set Up: Divide students into groups of 4, each team will chose a country to represent Class Time: 75 minutes Active Living: By the end of this course, students will: Participate regularly in a balanced instructional program that includes a wide variety of physical activity that encourage lifelong particiaption Develop personal health-related physical fitness Demonstrate responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of others 1. Snowman Building Competition: Students will be given 10 minutes to create the best snowman Snowmen will be judge based on: height width accuracy creativity Students vote Reflection Journal Rubric Specific Lesson Outcomes: A fun end of the unit winter activity at a local facility Location: River Valley Golf and Tube Slide, St.Mary's Materials: Students will provide appropriate winter gear (jacket, snowpants, boots, hat, gloves) Set-up: Students will travel by bus in the morning to the tubing facilty Students will be given three hours to participate in unlimited tubing and eating their lunch Class time: 9:15 am- 1:45 pm Cost: $4/student BUS $15.82/student TUBING Specific Lesson Outcomes: Develop teamwork and communication skills Location: School field Materials: School will provide footballs, flags, pinnies, and pylons Students will provide appropriate winter gear (jacket, snowpants, boots, hat, gloves) Set-up: Divide students into teams of 4 Field will be split in half into 2 smaller fields Class time: 75 minutes Unit in Grade 12 Healthy Active Living Course Taught by: Miss Duignan and Miss Wilkins Games will be 10 minutes long Round Robin: Each team will play each other once Semi-finals: 1st place vs 4th place 2nd place vs 3rd place Finals: Championship Game and Consolation Game Main Events Assessment WINTER WONDERLAND 4. Fort Building Competition Teams will be spread out throughout the field Using only snow, teams will compete to build the best snow fort in 10 minutes Points will be awarded based on: Size Practicality Durability Students vote Specific Lesson Outcomes: Visit local facility to participate in leisure physical activity Location: Victoria Park, London Materials: Students will provide appropriate winter gear (jacket, snowpants, boots, hat, gloves), skates, and a helmet Set-up: Students will travel by bus to enjoy free public skating at Victoria Park Class time: 75 minutes + Lunch Period =110 minutes Cost: $4/student for the bus Day 4: Snowshoeing Schedule of Events Main Events Main Events Day 2: Snow Football Explore different activities that can be played outside the traditional gymnasium Utilize the change in seasons to provide unique, fun,

Winter Wonderland

Transcript:  Booths To connect residents with one another throughout the different residential halls To hold an event towards the end of the semester that would release stress before finals To celebrate the various holidays throughout winter “Wonderland” is for the wonderful world we live in Facts will be around the quad of every “Winter” holiday Hot Dogs Condiments Soda / W ater / Juice Chips Fruit Kabobs Chocolate and Strawberries Money Requests Bricks: $300 Joe West: $125 CVC: $150 CVB: $800 RHA: $550 Total: $1925 By: Tiffany Wang 14 Tables DJ Cotton Candy / Popcorn Chocolate Fountain Raffle Drinks Snacks Main Dishes (2 booths) Holiday Arts and Crafts (5 booths) Timeline Estimated Costs Food: $1,000 UPD: $225 Activities: $200 - $250 Prizes: $150 Decorations: $150 - $200 DJ (KSJS): $125 Equipment Thank you! When: December 1, 2011 Where: Campus Village Quad It is accessible for everyone to attend Who: For all residentds living on campus Being that it is outside, even non-residents can feel connected to the SJSU residents Materials Objectives Budget Specifics CVB Hall Government Floor Reps RA’s: Nicholas Ayala TK Y. Nick Bell Tanya K. Harris Volunteers: Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Workforce Food AV Equipment Coolers Heating Trays Tables 8 long 6 round Campus Village Quad Layout Winter Wonderland Gift Cards ($15) – Quantity 10 Gift Basket from Tangerine Dessert sponsored by Flame's Eatery and Bar Microsoft XBOX 360 Ice Cream Bars from Ben and Jerry’s Spaghetti Rotisserie Chicken Rice Beans Vegetable trays Costco Pizza Corn Bread Event Outline 5PM – 6PM Set up tables, canopies Decorate quad Gather CRL equipment 6PM – 9PM Raffles and giveaways Distribute food Conduct activities (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Giveaways 9PM - 10PM Break down tables, canopies Put CRL equipment away Volunteer Shifts: 5PM – 8PM 1st Shift 7PM - 10PM 2nd Snow cone machine Popcorn machine Chocolate fountain Cotton Candy Machine 8 Canopies Helium Tank

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