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Wind Turbine

Transcript: It is located on the eastern slope of the San Gorgonio Pass in Riverside County, just east of White Water, California Disadvantages In the next picture you will see how large a drivetrain is in comparison to the people working on it The next picture shows a person standing next to a 15 meter (49 ft) long blade The Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm began in the early 1980s and is located in the Southern Sierra Nevada Range Is another one of California's largest wind turbine farms This farm has multiple generations of wind turbine technology installed, including both single and double blade turbines, as well as the more modern three blade horizontal axis design. A large wind turbine uses the motion of the wind to make energy and then it's converted into electrical energy A Wind farm… Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm Wind Turbine BLADES: Typically 3 NACELLE: Is the main structure of the turbine ROTOR HUB: This is usually attached to a low speed shaft connected to the gearbox GEARBOX: This is housed in the Nacelle. The gearbox converts the low speed, high torque rotation of the rotor with low-torque for input to the generator GENERATOR: The generator is housed in the nacelle and converts the mechanical energy from the rotor to electrical energy CONTROLLER: This controls the turbine and collects data TOWER: Usually made out of tubular steel They require a lot of land They can disturb wildlife and their habitats They create noise Danger to birds The Altamont Pass Wind Farm Is located in the Altamont Pass of the Diablo Range in Central California It is one of the earliest wind farms in the United States. It is still the largest concentration of wind turbines in the world Main Parts of a Wind Turbine A wind farm is a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce electricity A wind farm can consist of several hundred individual wind turbines A wind farm can cover hundreds of square miles A wind farm can be located on and offshore Installing wind turbines is fairly quick It's easy to add more capacity if needed It is renewable (you never run out) There is enough potential wind energy in the U.S. to power the entire country It doesn't produce pollution to the air, water or soil Advantages A Tower can stand as tall as 100 meters which is about 328 feet (One meter is equal to 3.28083 feet x 100 meters)

Wind Turbine

Transcript: -Function: Provide aerodynamics to wind turbine. - Material: High density polyethylene (HDPE). -Constraints: It has to be easily shaped, it has to be stiff and strenght enough, it has to handle corrosion (water, salt water, oxidation, UV-radiation) and wide temperature range (-60 -> 60C). -Objectives: Low price and weight, Eco-friendly, Easy to manufacture - Function: Collect wind to spin turbine generator. - Material: Carbon fibre, glassfibre, glassfiber reinforced polymer composite. -Constraints: High tensile strength, Corrosion resistance (water, salt water, oxidation, UV), High fracture toughness, Low density, White and Smooth surface, Slightly lower E, for flexibility, Temperature: -60 -> 60C It also must handle high radial forces without breaking. -Objectives: Low price, Eco-friendly, Easy to manufacture - Function: Provide shield against weather for inner components. - Material: Low density polyethylene (LDPE). -Constraints: It has to be corrosive resistance (water, salt water, oxidation, UV-radiation), it has to handle temperatures between -60 and 60C, it has to be easy to manu- facture and it has to be stiff and strenght enough. -Objectives: Low weight and price. - Objectives: Low price, and zinc coating provides good corrosion resistance. Nose Cone Housing Blades Bolts Selection of materials for a house-hold wind turbine - Constraints: Low carbon steel has the required stiffness, strength and hardness required to hold the turbine structure to the foundation. - Material: Low carbon steel, galvanized with zinc (properly galvanized steel bolts can survive outdoors for 30-40 years, CES Edupack2011)

wind turbine

Transcript: how it works parts: axil, screws, main weight,cuff, cuff wheels,rails, spring, and hub cuff, and cuff wheel parts and materials assembaly main weight, and hub spring weight axil, and rail wheeel parrellel rails, and screw the main principle behind this idea is rotational intertia. when a nwind turbine has the majority of its weight located far from its fulcrum , it creates an effect where the turbine esssentialy dosn't want to stop spinning. This works in reverse to, as the weight gets closer to the fulcrum it losses its its inertia. the down side to only placing the weight on the far edge is that it makes it far more difficult to start the turbine spinning. however when the weight is closer it becomes much easier to start. this is why i built a device that allows the weight to roll from the center out as the windmill speeds up. concept sketches and brain storm windturbine Inertia Machine. Goal: Invent a useful and plausable device people will buy and or need Constraints: device must be physicaly possible with todays technology, must be able to build a prototype as well asa scal model, and must have working plans. concept sketches continued

Wind Turbine

Transcript: Wind Turbine -A wind turbine producing 1 kilo-watt per year costs $3.00 Building a Wind Turbine -We used to much tape, which ended up going to waste -We used a Styrofoam ball which weighed to much - The wood stick connecting the motor and the actual turbine was to short, then we made it to long. - We had to much weight on the top. -Our blades were to flat so we had to bend and twist them a certain way. Is it worth the investment? No it’s not worth it because we're barely saving energy or money. In a bigger sense I think it'd be worth it if we have a better built turbine instead of the spiderbine. -Illinois only offers 30% off wind turbines. No federal aid is provided -Who do you think generated most of the power in the Chicago area? Electricity Companies -What ways of electricity do you think is the most damaging to the environment? Gasoline, Nuclear, Coal -What are less damaging solutions and could be considered renewable, or inexhaustible? Solar,Wind and Geothermal - Which ways cost the most money? Nuclear, Hydro, Biomass -To determine which group constructed the most effective wind turbine, we tested each machine and noted which one produces the greatest number of volts. Brain Storm Why do we use wind? Materials Used These equations help me understand if it is worth it to have a turbine at GCE -As a team we looked at the criteria and constraints in our turbine to identify any problems and propose solutions to create a more efficient turbine. Testing the design Trial 1: 141 mV Trial 2: 186 mV Trial 3: 164 mV Average: 163 mV -To test the turbine we set the turbine 30 cm from an artificial wind source, which was a hair dryer. We put it towards our turbine then calculated the measurement of the voltage produced. We did three trials so we could calculate the average voltage. Without wind turbines: 103,275 Kilo-Watt × 0.12 cents = $12,393 a year. D=9 in .22 meters V=3.5 m/s Cp=.6 -We were allowed 90 minutes to construct this device -We looked at the Wind turbine instructions handout. While keeping in mind that we were limited to the use of materials given we created our own design. Then we made sure our group had the basic materials needed to construct our wind turbine. -Once our group completed the initial construction of the turbine, we played with the variables to produce what they expect to be the best turbine. The Variables can include changing length,width and angle of blades, using different weights and positions of the cardboard blades. Error Analysis Wind Energy Calculations - Wooden stick -Styrofoam ball -Electrical tape -Mini Motor - Scissors - What are the benefits of wind power as a resource? eco friendly, it's a good source of income, and a new up and coming business. . -What drawbacks do you see? They are expensive to create. - In what ways can power production be compared to a crop? A crop will create a natural resource. Power production creates energy both naturally and unnaturally. -If you were a farmer, would you be interested in creating a wind turbine? Yes, It allows me to have a new source of income, it also helps me keep birds away from destroying my crops. v = wind speed (Assuming atmospheric averages of 3.5 m/s) E (kWh) = 0.48 * 8760/1000 x Cp x v^3 x D^2 Cp = 0.6 Rotor efficiency factor D = Diameter of rotor E=.48*8760/1000 x .6 x 3.5^3 x .22^2 E= .48*8.76 x .6 x 42.875 x .0484 E= 5.24 5.24 x 3=15.71 103275-5.24=103270 103270 x .12= 12392.4 12393-12392.4=.6 Save .26 5.24/.26=20 years

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