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Wild & Free

Transcript: About By:Cameron Edwards Ferralotta Economics Final Project Project Intro Wild & Free Is a corporation that makes light weight, 3D printed preformance prosthetics. Designed specially for extreme sports enthusaist. Welcome to Wild & Free What are our products designed for? Our products are specially designed for extreme sports and amputees who have the heart and presitsance to keep living the most extreme life possible. Some of our product ideas are dirtbike boots designed specially for amputees and other extreme sports prosthetics. Pricing Plan Budget Plan 3D Printers:$38,994 Engineers:$3,394 Workers:$20,160 Rent:$1,800 Filament:$3,000 Utilities and other:$500 Grand total:$67,848 Plan to get budget money? I'll pitch my idea and prototypes to investors and try to get some on board with my ideas How to setup How to set up a corporation? 1.Prepare and file articles of incorporation- which shows the existance of a corporation 2.Appoint a registered agent- which is a person hired to recieve service of proccess for legal actions concerning the buisness 3.Setup a corporate records book-which is where you show a record of everything your company does Continued.... 4.Prepare corporate bylaws- Which are the inside rules and regulations of the company 5.Appoint initial corporate directors-Which are the CEO's, CFO's, large share holders, and others 6.Hold first board meeting-Which is where you go over policies and other major problems Continued... 7.Issue Stock:Which is how you raise money for you buisness 8.Comply with California tax requirements-The requirments depend on how much the buisness makes a year 9.Comply with other tax and regualtory requirments-These are mostly from the IRS and is really just the cost of buisness Continued... 10.File a staement of information-Which shows your companies activities for the past year Advertising Advertising Stratigies? 1.Google-You can pay google to advertise when people search for prosthetics online and you only pay when your ad is clicked on 2.Athlete Endorsement-I'll pay an athlete who needs prosthetics to endorse our product 3.Magizines-I'll pay sports and medical magizines to showoff my product Competitors Whats the competition? TRS is a prosthetics company that deals in sports prosthetics. They have been around since 1979, but really haven't had big competitors in the market. Their products are meant for athletes. They experiment with different materiels but haven't tried 3D printing. Our purpose is to let amputees live the life that has been taken away from them for so long, we also strive to make our prosthetics as safe and comfortable as possible. Our Companies Purpose? Our Companies Purpose? Work Cited buisnessfiling.sos Work Cited

Wild Animal

Transcript: Fun Facts! Predators Penguins are some of the most recognizable and beloved birds in the world, often found in zoos, aquariums and marine parks worldwide. They are also some of the most unique and amazing birds because of their physical adaptations to survive in unusual climates and to live mostly at sea Penguins Endangered The diet of the King penguins rely mainly in fish and squid and include a small amount of krill and other crustaceans. Fish constitute 80-100% of the diet, except in winter, when fish is only 30% of the intake. Lantern Fish are the main fish eaten by Penguins.” Isaac Balderas Period. 4 Habitat Lifespan Diet 1. Galapagos Penguin -Critically Endangered 2. African Penguin -Endangered 3. Humboldt Penguin -Endangered 4. Erect crested Penguin -Endangered 5. Yellow eyed Penguin -Endangered 6. Gentoo PenguinNear -Threatened 7. Magellanic PenguinNear -Threatened 8. Rock hopper Penguin -Vulnerable 9. Macaroni Penguin -Vulnerable 10. Fiordland crested Penguin -Vulnerable 11. Snares Island Penguin -Vulnerable 12. Royal Penguin -Vulnerable 13. Emperor PenguinLeast -Concern 14. King PenguinLeast -Concern 15. Adelie PenguinLeast -Concern 16. Chinstrap PenguinLeast -Concern 17. Fairy PenguinLeast -Concern The average lifespan of penguins is probably 15 to 20 years. Some individuals live considerably longer Penguins are a food source for a number of marine mammals, especially leopard seals. These seals hide under ice flows and wait for their prey. Other marine mammal predators are sea lions and orcas. The penguins aren't without protection though. Their white bellies blend with the snow and sunlight making it difficult for an underwater predator to see them. Penguins are also eaten by a number of birds -- for example, the Australian sea eagle and the Skua. The penguins black backs blend against the dark ocean water, making it more difficult to spot them from above. Penguins also have a number of on-land predators like ferrets, cats, snakes, lizards, foxes and rats. Fun Facts! “Penguins generally live on islands and remote continental regions free from land predators, where their inability to fly is not detrimental to their survival.”

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