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Value Proposition

Transcript: Data-driven service Consumer trends Waste management Higher customer satisfaction Closer link between consumer & restaurants Value Co-creation Prosumption Service Blueprint FO & BO Fail Points Kate O’Brien Ryan Sheady Chris Mason Patrick Lavelle Navigation: Menu Page Peer reviews Customisation menu Order & payment screen Confirmation Service Proposal Target Market Young city workers (22-32). College Students (18-24). Customer Value/Co-Creation Profitability for service providers Competitive Advantage Increased efficiency for all parties - Public Value Social Impact Service Description Below are some demo pictures of an app with some similar qualities to ours. Value Proposition Implementation issues. Core competency & Strategy Treacy & Wiersema (1993) Product leadership Customer Intimacy Operational Excellence Conclusion Basic Functionality Solution to waiting times in restaurants Build up of customer data & trends Food oriented mobile application enabling: Pre-order Pre-payment Quick collection Build up of customer data & trends Introduction Technology changes Interactive screen required to show orders coming in and their status Second scanner implemented at checkouts so status of the orders are easily obtained. Timing system within the existing system and updated ordering system put in place. Changes in attitude of staff towards technology Employees will be trained to be able to work with the new technology. Changes to existing system. Pre-Order Pre-Pay Search by: Location Name Food Type Favourites Concept & Objectives Pre-ordering and pre-paying mobile application Objectives Speed Cost Efficiency Reliability Involvement Orders with Mistakes Safe and Insured payment Customers with allergies Orders unprocessed Time management Dissatisfied customers * Solutions to the above have been offered in our service proposal.

Value Proposition

Transcript: Value Proposition Value Creation Value Proposition Value Creation Value Delivery Value Capture Value Communication Comparison Thank you “discipline, appearance and not telling lies”. Getting Addison Lee to be a brand. Mobile app Service delivery mostly intangible Creative thinking The company was established in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick. The headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. valued at US$18.2 billion App Call Center basic fare + per-minute fee/per-mile fee Reputation Shareholders Ridesharing only through App Distribution Channels With Uber, there’s no need to call a dispatcher or hail on the street. You can request a ride with the push of a button and track your driver’s progress to your location. Services Service fare ridesharing service by connecting passengers with individual drivers Surge Pricing Revenue Model Pricing Model Cost Structure Addison Lee Recommendations Uber Recommendations a valid driver's license driver's license counterpart PCO license A vehicle Communication Channel Value Delivery Creative and Innovative Thinking Alik Kurbanov Godwin Lee Siming Liu Magaye Tochtrop Evgeny Turich Target Market Segments Service Offering Core Competencies Innovation Practices Analysis Uber and Addison Lee Mobile app Online communication channel Uber for Business Uber Provides Centralized billing Complete control over who is riding See how your employees travel in a new light. Seamless travel Reinvestment Complementary Assets Goal for Addison Lee Core Competency: Innovative Use of Technology booking process was slow. pioneered the use of technology Go after black cab industry and increase competition. Uber Driver pay-off Employees pay-off Marketing and Advertisement Technology development R&D cost legal issues fees Price Comparison Manage general and online reputation Continue conversation with customers Improve customer experience Find ways to make customers use them again Customers An iPhone Free work schedule But takes 20% commission Profit Allocation Car service with over 4800 cars across central London alone. Choice of a Ford Galaxy, eco-friendly Toyota Prius or an executive Mercedes. Founders Travis Kalanick & Garrett Camp Demand time Extreme weather Investors Business Model must change in a dynamically changing environment Change in Customer base Communication Channel Ranking System for Driver and Customer “discipline, appearance and not telling lies” Requirements: Value Capture Introduction Pre and Post Addison Lee Owners Service Offering: Key Resources Tech and Communication Services and Price comparison Prices based on a fixed postcode to postcode pricing structure. This is based on a booking fee and a distance based unit rate taken from Addison Lee's database. No surge pricing. Customer Centric Experience & the cab industry's disruption Customer dissatisfaction with dynamic pricing Resolve Regulatory Problems PR problems Branding Pricing Model How different from a taxi Technology Competency Account customers are the backbone Cash customers are a supplement and a promotional tool. Many small vs big accounts. Value Communication Limitations

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