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TV News

Transcript: Phone calls and live video feeds - This is used mainly when the news story is about a foriegn country or affair in the case of a video it is usually a news corrispondent talking. In the case of phone calls it is usally i person who lives in the area.In this case a british man living in australia during the flood. Unambiguity - this mean that audience can understand what is going on in the story this is a News Values Continuity - this means the story has already been defined as news but the news is being updated. Interviews- To respect the Interviewee if they wish to keep there identity secret they are shadowed over so that there face is not shown and there voice is not used but instead an actor voice. Vox Pop - this is used in the story of the shotting of an american congress women it is a survey like interview with people chosen off the street and ask about the story in this case the shooting and there views on what happened. Thank you for watching and listening =) Immediacy - If the news has happened recently it is very often on the news. For instance the floods in Australia is big new because it is recent also because of another news value Amplitude - the australia floods are big news because of there size many people have lost there homes and many have lost there live due to this. This story is also. Adressing the audience directly - this is used to show them respect and how were you united using words such as we and us. Interviews- These are used to get witnesses account of what happened in the news ever if they were directly involve or are just eye witnesses to the event for instance in the story of the phone hacking probe Tessa Jowell is interview on here alligation of her pfone being hacked she looks of screen to give the effect she is being ask questions by someone of screen. A Surprise- this is a good news story because it is rare for it to rain in australia so people didnt expect it. The story has to be darren hiley Mode of address The interviewee - In interviews the person being interviewed looks off screen and adresses the interviewer this shows the audience his place as the interviewee and that someone is asking question behind the camera. Balance - the stories in the news are mostly bad because this makes good news so to balance the news out so people do not get sad there are good news storys told also The story of the australia flood has been on the news all week so the channel four news is useing Techniques Used Tv News Reconstructions - These are used to give a detailed look at what happened exactly according to the witnesses accounts with shots of close ups on faces to show expression or closer on the face to inhance what they are saying or doing. Negative- Story and bad news for many people unfortunetly this makes a good news story But there has to be

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tv news

Transcript: What is news? - a quote Regularly scheduled televised mass communication Understanding Television News A* grade tweet [#Evaluate] how valid TV news is using a current example. A grade tweet [#Analyse] the concept of tv news using a current example. B grade tweet [#Define] Tv news and show your opinion of the effectiveness of Tv news. Using 140 characters or less, 'tweet' what you have learnt this lesson. Use the template provided. I will collect them in to check your progress against the assessment cirteria. Using the Scrabble board, try to write as many key words about news as possible. 90 seconds Add the value of the letters to get a best score. We are going to use these this lesson. 30 seconds Write the best word on the bright paper when you have it. Starter News is what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.’ Why would somebody want to stop news reaching an audience? The change has been driven by digital technology. We no longer have to wait for the broadcaster to schedule a news bulletin or news programme. In the wireless universe, news is becoming personalised, and is available on demand as and when we, the audience, want it. You can sign up to receive news alerts on your mobile phone, or on your laptop and on your desktop computer. You can get football results, cricket scores and the latest stock market figures sent directly to your mobile. News is available on PDAs and other wireless handheld devices. For example you can get software free from the BBC that will send to your desktop your choice of breaking news alerts hourly, or with pop ups. You can text 81010 and start the message with the word NEWS and the BBC will send you a link for news directly to your mobile. You can choose to have news from your favourite websites sent to you via RSS news feeds. These allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and video in one place, as soon as its published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from. Feeds are known as RSS. There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but most agree on ‘Really Simple Syndication’. In essence, the feeds are web pages, designed to be read by computers, which then deliver news to you. Radio and television is becoming interactive, using emails, text messages and phone calls as part of their current affairs programmes. The audience is becoming part of the programme rather than a passive recipient of it. News is not just provided by broadcasters. News Agencies service all news providers who subscribe to them, for example: learning objectives Grade A* Evaluate the validity of Tv news giving reference to current news story Grade A Analyse the concept of TV news making refence to current news story Grade B Define and draw conclusions about the effectivness of Tv news making refence to current news story. Plenary What is news? Why might Russia (Rossia 1) have changed the news coverage of this? What do you think? Is this statement 'valid'? How is the coverage of Sochi 2014 and news of this event showing interest to an audience and what is the cultural relevance? What have you seen on the news? Discuss How has one event been portrayed differently? Why? Analysing The News Audiences, on the whole, tend to regard their chosen news source as reliable, as coming from an authoritative, largely impartial perspective. They trust the information they receive as news, and believe it to be "true". This is not necessarily the case, as you will know if you have ever been involved in a news story yourself. As a Media Studies student, you will be asked to appraise the news with a critical eye - you may be surprised at some of the "truths' that you uncover about this very important media form. Where Does News Come From? News is often identified with the person reporting it - whether that is the journalist writing the story or the one fronting the TV report. However, a great deal of the news is fed from other sources - the journalist is only summarising a wire report, or official statement. News is often supplied to newspapers, radios and TV stations by a news agency. Two of the most famous global agencies are Reuters and Agence France Presse (AFP). Therefore, those who present the news to us construct it from other sources in the same way that any other media textmaker would. News consists of an artificial narrative, with stories shaped around a beginning, middle and an end. There is also a hierarchy of news - a series of news values that editors and other gatekeepers use in order to decide which news stories to communicate - and in what order. What's the Story? The basic questions you always need to ask are: WHO did this story happen to? WHAT happened? WHERE did it happen? WHEN did it happen? WHY did it happen? You might also want to ask WHO wants to read this story? WHAT is going to happen next? WHERE are effects of this story going to be felt? WHEN did this story first

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Transcript: COMPANY STRUCTURE PRODUCER (RTL Deutschland) BUSINESS MODEL With well trained staff, famous show masters, good anchormen RTL Germany reached a good position in German TV market. The brand „RTL“ aka. Radio Television Luxemburg is a well known brand in Europe and ties many potential viewers to the TV station. RTL Group & Bertelsmann AG offer a wide selection from media production to media marketing companies. --> RTL Television can use this network to get better quality and cheaper production costs. A high reach can be realized via the broadcasting over DVB-S (satellite) DVB-C (cable) DVB-T (terrestric) IP-TV contracts are made with major german internet providers --> Direct impact on advertising revenues. by Alex Hägele Christoph Kuhn Jenny Susanne Forc Johanna Schöfend Laura Schneider Sponsorship MOVIE RIGHTS (by Universum Film) SPLIT OF RTL TV PROGRAMM Product Placement CORE COMPETENCIES FREE TV Commercial CORE COMPETENCIES RTL Television is Germany's most popular and successful television channel. THE HOLDING THE NETWORK CORE COMPETENCIES TV-Advertising normally have high advertising revenues but when the economy is weak companies don´t spend much money on advertising need other revenue sources: e.g. Televoting-Shows voters call in or send text messages telecommunication provider and RTL share revenues With own content creation companies like UFA and FremantleMedia (RTL Group), Action Concept ("Alarm für Cobra 11") , Info Network for news production RTL Television Germany is well positioned on the German TV market. RTL now: video-on-demand platform (internet) offers all RTL programs at every time (some even before they´re broadcast on TV) some of the programs are free, for others you have to pay in some of the programs commercials are shown (additional revenue source) RTL Television is Germany's most popular and successful television channel. OTHER REVENUES MANUFACTURING MODEL sponsorships of sport and TV shows, product placement in movies, series and shows Mercedes sponsors the show by offering a car, that can be won by call-in e.g. Germany's next Idol REVENUE MODEL a presentation about the advertising-financed company 12% Rights Market BROADCAST (by CBC) ADVERTISE REVENUES Advertising Shows CROSS MEDIA MARKETING VALUE STRUCTURE 86% 14% MARKETING & SALES rights market for own produced movies and TV series for example "Good times, bad times" (Fremantle) "Die Niebelungen" (UFA) RTL Television Germany has own sub companies for content sourcing such as Universal Film, which buys the rights for movies and TV shows. The success is reflected in the amount of viewers, where RTL is at the top in Germany. CONTENT CREATION 8% REVENUES PER MIN. OF BROADCASTINGTIME no teleshopping program on RTL Television RTLShop Live: channel of the RTL Group TELEVISION GMBH 9% LIGHTNING TECHNICIANS (by Grundy Light) CONTENT SOURCING 61% block advertising between all shows split-screen advertising during sport shows at the end of movies during popular shows e.g. COSTS OF CONTENT PRODUCTION COSTS OF DISTRIBUTION THE HOLDING STUNTS & PRODUCTIONS (by Action Concept) Merchandising: e.g. "Alarm für cobra 11" computer game Bartering e.g. a company offers goods, which are shown in the TV program to get attention (the channel is not allowed to receive money for that) MARKETING & AD PLACEMENT (by IP Deutschland) CORE ASSETS & COMPETENCIES and Teleshopping MERCHANDISE ( by THQ computer games) FORMAT COMPETENCIES 10% ADMINISTRATION CORE ASSETS Thank you for your attention. PROFIT Procurement Recipient Procurement of input factors, e.g. movies, actors, technical equipment KEY TASKS PROVIDER E.G. DCTP (Development Company for Television Program) Programm production KEY TASKS Production of single programs (planning, control and execution) e.g. movies, news programs PROVIDER E.G. Brainpool (German television production company) Programm trading KEY TASKS Trade of movies or sports rights. Sell recordings to other stations afterwards. PROVIDER E.G. UFA Sports (part of RTL Group) Programm design KEY TASKS Plan and arrange a pogram flow out of the various single programs. + Ad placement PROVIDER E.G. Pogram director (RTL: Anke Schäferkordt) Techn. production & distribution KEY TASKS Use of telecommunications infrastructure. PROVIDER E.G. ASTRA (satellite provider) INFORMATION & ENTERTAINMENT 26% INFORMATION 8% OTHER STUFF 2% ADVERTISING, MOVIE TRAILER 19% ENTERTAINMENT 45%

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