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Treasure Hunt

Transcript: Riggleman Hall Geary Studen Union 2nd Floor University of Charleston 2300 MacCorkle Ave SE Charleston, WV 25304 Cafeteria Hours: Mon-Fri Breakfast 7-10 am Lunch 11am-2pm Dinner 4-7pm Saturday and Sunday Brunch 11am-2pm Dinner 4-6:30pm Treasure Hunt Reference Section is on the 1st Floor For Information go to the front desk first Career Services - 2nd Floor of Library 59 Computers Available for Use Library Hours Mon-Thurs - 7:30am-10pm Fri - 7:30am-5pm Sat - 12-5pm Sun - 1-10pm Geary Student Union 3rd Floor Facilities Director- Gary Boyd Security officers: Michael Elliot, Cameron Brooks, James Carte, Barry Medders, Charles Osborne, Robert Pongracz, Billy Williams Security- (304) 859-2755 CT Hours- Mon- Fri 7am-7pm No Weekend Hours Bookstore Hours-Monday-Friday 9am-1pm & 2pm-4pm Pencils are located on the counter near the register. Newspaper- The Eagle Published in Communications Office Published by Carrie Stollings Published once a month Clay Tower Financial Aid Assistant- Amanda Lane Geary Student Union 1st Floor Types of Counseling- General & EAP Counselors Tim Runnion & Bernie Grose Phone number- (304) 941-1599 - "SGA provides the proper channel from the student body to the university administration and is the representative body of the students. We represent students' needs and concerns to the administration through advocacy programs, etc." - Emily Rector -President: TJ Lucus Vice President of Project Development: Andrew Adkins Vice President of Communications: Eli Desrocher Vice President of Finance: Emily Rector HOG Governor: Bethany Kinder Freshman Senators: Tim Nyogusaba, Tyler Halstead, Leah Harford Sophomore Senators: Ryan Metz, Jeremy Thomas, Megan Farley Upperclassman Senators: Raven Martin, Hajer Mazagri, Kenny Nguyen, Adam St. Clair, Lowell Midkiff, Ali Mitchell

Treasure Hunt

Transcript: It soon became dawn and Nirmit woke up inside the tent. He got out his water bottle and finished half of the full water bottle. He got out of his tent and looked around for the plants. Sure enough they were right where they should, 20 metres away from the tent. Nirmit packed up his tent and everything else begun his third part of his journey. Episode 1 lost on an island Nirmit travelled through the hole and made it out to the other side pretty quick and saw te tour ships ready to leave. Nirmit ran as fast as he could to reach those ships made two seconds before they took off. Nirmit told them the whole story by scratch. THE END According to Nirmit it looks like he has to pass super spiky trees, poisonuous plants, wild tigers and an active volcano which appears to erupt any moment now. Nirmit gathered all the equipment he will need to pass all these traps. He packed a medical package filled with a variety of medicines and bandages. He packed his special saw used to open treasure chests, a ryfle to shoot the tigers down and a large rock to block himself from the poison from the plants to come to his nose. the sun setting becoming dusk Nirmit was relaxing in is cruise controlled boat searching any signs of ISLANDS. Soon it became dusk and Nirmit decided to change modes from cruise control to stand still mode, took some sleeping pills and went to bed. During the night a minor wave hit Nirmit's boat and drifted it to a near by island. the medical pack the dome tent THE PERILOUS TREASURE HUNT CONTINUES... It was dawn and Nirmit woke up finding himself on what he thought was a remote uncivilised island. Nirmit decided to examine the island and see what kind of plants and unique creatures lived on this island. His boat broke down knocking out his mean of communication with it. He got out his magnifying glasses and skim and scanned the area. He saw on the other side of the island were a group of ships just floating their. He also saw people touring this island for themselves. TYPES OF TENTS The cottage tent is a type of tent made for three or less people to sleep in. It is held together by poles coming up from all four sides. This type of tent also has a front patio held by two poles. THE COTTAGE TENT the minor wave the super spiky trees THE PERILOUS TREASURE HUNT the camp fire poisonous plants Nirmit then proceeded foreward heading for the poisonous plants. He saw them about 20 metres away. He decided to camp right there for the night (20 metres away from the plants). He sent up his miny tent and a camp fire. He drunk lots of litres of water and then had a few fruits and vegetables he found from nearby trees. After that Nirmit went to sleep. the smoke Nirmit then saw his final trap he had to pass. Nirmit left all the equipment he didn't need and proceeded towards the volcano. Nirmit then got out his rope he originally was going to use it for pulling his treasure chest but now he to use it to rock climb. Nirmit attatched his rope to the top of the volcano and prepared to climb. Then a sudden thought hit Nirmit. His thought was maby he should go around the volcano rather than over it. Nirmit quickly looked what he had to pass if he went around the volcano. His answer was more roaming tigers. TO BE CONTINUED... The Dome tent Nirmit got out his sniper ryfle and aimed at the closest tiger so all the others will run away from this spot and go some place else. Nirmit was completely ready to shoot when something surprising happened. One of those tigers had snuck passed his ryfle vision and got right beside him. The tiger knocked Nirmit's ryfle out of his hand prepared to pounce on him. Episode 2 rescued Nirmit was originally searching for islands because he wanted to find treasure. He decided to search for treasure but then he realized that his life was more important than a small mouldy box. Nirmit scanned the area again to see what he had to pass to get to those ships before they finish their tour and leave... the group of tour ships the tigers Before the tiger could jump on Nirmit and eat him Nirmit did a foreward roll while the tiger was in mid-air and rolled underneath the tiger. Nirmit then grabbed his ryfle and quickly shot the tiger on the heart. Ofcourse the other roaming tigers would have heard Nirmit's shots ran away heading for what was ;left of the super spiky trees. Nirmit grabbed a bucket full of water from the nearby pond and threw it at the first plant. That plant was totally soaked giving Nirmit enough time to sneak pass the plant. Nirmit used his shovel attatched to another shovel to block the poison spreading from the second plant and then quickly squirted the second plant with the remaining water in the bucket. Then for the third and final plant Nirmit threw his saw at that plant chopping it off completely. Nirmit has passed the third trap. Nirmit begun his journey heading for the trees. He grabbed his saw and started cutting the first tree. His first attempt got him a spike in kis arm but thats not

Treasure Hunt

Transcript: Manager Set Up Conclusion We can have something to symbol that the manager is "on duty" for the team for that time frame so we enable managers to be away from their area if needed. We will need to keep that in mind with the wording of the clues We will need to make sure that any manager that is going to be handling the clues understands their role and can easily pass on the duties if needed Decide where the treasure is Write manager clues, first clue, and possibly last clue Print clues/stickers Create map Decide treasure container and contents Decide treat container and contents Write manager instructions Decide and create manager identifier If Treasure is in One, Central Location If the Manager Has the Treasures Treasure Hunt The first clue will be given with the day's prize bag. The clue will tell them to collect all five clues to get to the hidden treasure. It will direct them first to a manager within the group they belong. The participants will have a passport book to collect their clues/stickers Visit 5 Managers We will need to know how many people get which first clue and what person those people with end with so we can distribute the treasures equally Managers will need to understand that people from X team will be the ones that get the treasure. Managers will only need their clue cards. The manager will either give their clue card or a treasure Prize Bag and Clue We will need to give each manager their clue We need to decide if each manager will have a set of treasures or if the treasures will be in a central location...this will change the set up. The Manager checks how many clues the employee has collected. - If the person has three clues, then the manager will give the person their next clue. - For people that already has four clues, the manager will either give the person their fifth and final clue or give them their treasure. - If the fifth and final clue is given, then all treasures will be housed in a central location. We will need to identify the final location and make a final clue/sticker Managers will need both their clue/sticker and the final clue/sticker. They will need to know when to give each one. Managers will need to understand that people from X team will be the ones that get the final clue. Set Up

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