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Treasure Hunt

Transcript: ATTEMPT 1 As our first attempts at travelling around Australia within 24 hours were unsuccessful, it was imperative that we re-evaluated some of the stipulations of our design challenge. As a group, we found using one airline impossible to reach our desired goal within 24 hours. Some cities had a limited number of departing flights per day which meant long delays between flights. Another problem was that Tiger Airways does not fly to some capital cities (only regional) ever. We also discovered that we were not going to be able to reach all of Australia’s capital cities within the $1200 budget allocated. ATTEMPT 2 After many lengthy and time consuming attempts, it fast became apparent that the second design would also fail. It appeared that by utilising the services of Tiger Airways and QANTAS, although we got further along our route, we still incurred the same problems experienced previously. We each had flown outside our allocated 24 hour timeframe with a budget that would have exceeded the allotted $1500 allowed for the challenge. Design Develop Evaluate ATTEMPT 3 WOW we have successfully completed this challenge. All treasures collected within the time frame. Treasure collectors are impressed with our achievement. Task complete... Our reward of untold fortune? KNOWLEDGE After realising that this challenge can be done, we feel confident utilising this type of task within our future classrooms. International Treasure collectors have contacted you through cyberspace. They need an itinerary designed to travel to the eight capital cities of Australia within 24 hours. In each capital city there is a treasure that must be collected to add to their international collection. They have forwarded you $1800 for your expenses and should you complete this challenge within the allotted 24 hours and the budget provided you will receive a reward of untold fortune. Waiting for you at the concierge desk at the airport of each state’s capital city will be a parcel containing a treasure. The treasure must stay within your possession at all times. Each piece of treasure relates to the destination. THE TREASURES ARE: a black pearl from Broome, Western Australia a crocodile souvenir from Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory a piece of bauxite from Weipa, Queensland a merino fleece from Dubbo, New South Wales an opal from Coober Pedy, South Australia a gold nugget from Melbourne, Victoria a Tasmanian Tiger fossil, Tasmania Australian Constitution, Canberra Solution to Design Challenge Our Personal DDE Experience During our journey of utilising the DDE cycle for the design challenge used in this assessment, we also noted that as a group we experienced our own DDE cycle in regard to the actual presentation. Each member of our group was deficient in computer technology skills. We had to design, develop and evaluate many times to achieve the results presented today. Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt

Transcript: Personal Learining And Thinking Skills. The Grey Court Treasure Hunt. Task - On The 7th September 2010 , Students From Grey Court School Taking The IT Diploma In Year 10 Was Set On A Treasure Hunt To Find Puzzle Pieces In And Around School Which Would Indicate What the Students Would Be Doing Thoughout Year 10 And 11 On the Diploma Course. PLTS Presentaion- This Presentation Is Assessing Myself on How I Used PLTS Thought the Treasure Hunt. How Successful was i ? i think i was very successful and put a lot of efforts and though into our task : ) Team Worker Yes , I was a good team worker because i listerned and particapated to my fullest efforts. Effective Participants - As an effective participant , i helped make dissisions and also influenced the group on choices we should make. Self Manager - i was able to manage myself In The aspect Of time keep and keeping myself focused on the task and making sure i dont get distrated in and around school. : ) Creative thinkers - I Did thinking outside the box. i Came Up With The Idea of the group splitting up and going to different parts of the school indivudually to find the different pices of the puzzle because it would be much faster and more tactical. Reflective learner Yes i am a reflective because i was able to look at my strengths and weaknesses thoughout my task independent Enquirers - i As questons that was revelent to the task , however it was basic question E.g Who is going to get the piece of the puzzle from newman house . but the questions were still relevent. Did You Use Good PLTS During The Treasure Hunt? Yes , i think i did use good personal learning and thinking skills and on a whole i think i was very successful : )

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