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Transcript: Exploring Presentation Software Jenifer Perez Exploring Presentation Software Featuring Google Slides, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Keynote Exploring Presentation Software Types of presentation Software Presentation software is a dynamic tool, designed to be easy to use by individuals and businesses to create practically any type od slide show presentation for many different audiences. Three powerful functions of presentations software are: Animating elements of slides and using Slide Transition tools Using the slide master/ template feature to create a consistent format and design Collaborative features that allow users to work on a slide show anytime, anywhere There are many types of presentation software available to consumers, so let's take a look at the three most popular prgrams in today's market. Types of presentation Software Google Slides Free web-based presentation application in which slide shows can be created, edited, and stored online. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Released to the public in 2007 and integrated with Google Drive Google Slides Microsoft powerpoint Widely-used slide show presentation program designed by Microsoft Components of the Microsoft Office suite, but vxcan be useas a stand-alone product Launched in 1990 and is available on both Windows and Macintosh operating systems Microsoft powerpoint Keynote Presentation software developed by Apple, Inc Part of the iWork productivity suite Released in 2003 and runs on Apple's OS X and iOS operating systems Supports QuickTime videos in slideshow and is offered for free to anyone with an iOS device Keynote Camparison Guide Camparison Guide

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