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Tic- Tac-Toe

Transcript: One morning when I woke up I looked at the mirror and I couldn’t see myself so I went down stairs to check if everything was ok and nobody was there. So I went looking for my parents after I came back and I realized that I was a ghost. Then I went to an island and I saw everyone all my friends and my parents but everyone was a ghost. They were celebrating that one of the ghosts died so I cried and then everyone stared to care about the ghost that died after one of the ghosts took their heart and switched his heart and the person that died. I saw his and he died and the other ghost came alive I teach that person about caring and that person would give up his life for someone else and he was the only one that understood me. Narritive:Invisible After everyone came back to life. And I put this story on the news and it came to every family and every family understood the news and I got $2000 dollars for putting an interesting story right on that day someone died in the world and someone gave up there life for him. After everyone shared the stuff to each other and to neighbors. Then everyone in the world didn’t have anything of their own everyone had to share everything in the world. So that is my adventure if you were invisible what would you do scream for help or walk around everywhere and find and learn mew thing. The most important thing about caring is that you care about everything and everyone. If you ask me I would walk around and find friends and find stuff and learn stuff.


Transcript: Expository: Sweet Job How to make chocolate chip cookies It's really fun and enjoyable to make chocolate chip cookies. Snuggle up and eat them all. Making chocolate chip cookies aren't hard and to make them follw the intructions that are going to be shown. Chocolate Chip Cookies are the Best!!! HOT!!! YMM!!! Poetic: Haiku Basketball!!! Basketball is fun Pass, shoot or dribble to the hoop Don't forget the plays Basketball is great Make a shot or pass it on Fun Fun basketball!!! SHOOT! SCORE! BASKETBALL Descriptive : Stuck!!! I would like to be stuck in my basement because: I can watch all the t.v I want and no one can stop me. I can eat and survive. It's great because you can do anything bad and you won't be in trouble. I would have everything I wished to do. I won't be bossed around by my sisters. And I'm still in my house. I can play games all day and still no one to stop me. The only thing that is sad about being stuck is I'm lonely but everything else is great. Monkey See... For my first time I had to babysit my friends pet.I didn't know what kind of pet it was but when she said she had to go on a vaction and she would pay me twenty dalors every hour. So, I said "yes." I was so excited and wondered what animal could it be?A hammster,cat,dog? What could it be? When I went to her house she was gone but, I had the keys. When I went to the front doors I saw a note. Go to the park and he would be there. I was confused so, I went to the park and saw a monkey. Then I understood that her pet is a monkey. When I asked him what his name was he asked me who am I and what's my name? I was suprised to see that he could talk and I said "my name is karthika and I'm your babysitter." He said "fine. my name is Howie." Let's do something like going swimming. "Ok" i said. I got my swimming suit and came to the pond. It was cold but after I got in I couldn't find Howie and I started to look everywhere then, suddenley he poped out of no whereand jumped in the water from a tree and scared me. It was shocking but fun. We played for two hours and going under the water and finding each other to catch them. Then, Howie taught me how to climb a tree to tree. It was fun. We played all sorts of games and it was almost dawn but suddenly I saw someone spying on us. He wanted to play more so I said it's ok but I kknow someone was there so I said that we should go home in an hour and we did. I thought but now I know I'm wrong and he said he wants this to be every day and it was!!! HOWIE!!?HOWIE!!? AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Descriptive: Far and Away I was exicted to go to london and met my cousins. We saw many famous things. Today my cousins from london were coming here and I was exicted again. We did the same thing. We showed them famous things in our country like Niagara Falls and the CN tower. It was fun. We wennt to the sky pod which was fun. We also went on the glass floor. My sister was scared but I wasn't. We ate and then we went home. At Niagara Falls we went after school around 4:00 and picked them up and went. We wanted to stay until night to see the lights. It was raining at first but then it stop. We were about to go eat but we saw the lights and wanted to take pictures. After we went to a ittalian bafe and ate. It was good food. then I fell a sleep in the car. The next morning I was on my bed. Narraitive: Wrong B-Day!!! this was going to be the best day for Alex and then she got up and jumped up and down. While she was doing that she twisted her ankle and had to go to the hostpal. The docter said it no problem but just in case has to stay for an hour to put on a cast. Alex wasn't happy because she was goiong bowling with her friends but that has to wait. After an hour she went home changed and then went to the bowling center and no one was there but then it happened. It was a suprise and it was crazy. She was so happy so she started to run to her friends but she couldn't and she also couldn't play because she couldn't but the bowling shoes on so she had to watch everyone. It wasn't fun but good. She could still eat and cut the cake and have a great party.Right when she was cutting the cake she cut off her finger and it was bleeding everywhere. Even on the cake.It wasn't still the best but what else could go wrong. Just then everyone said this party sucks and left. Alex started to cry for having the wrost party ever and then she ran right out of the center and back home. The next day everyone started to laugh at her but she didn't care. She thought about the past she knows everyday is her birthday but on her real birthday it all went wrong. The past is the past. She thought of engoying the rest of her life. Expository: Advising Grade 5's!!! Dear Grade 5's, Being a 5th grader is very easy and my teacher is mr.Johnson and he was fun. Like him your teacher would be like that too. All you need to do is be good, havee good behavour. Also do projects and work sheet given. There shouldn't be nervous and be yourself. Grade five will be way

tic tac toe game

Transcript: Tic Tac Toe Game made by Rushil Patel Function Tic tac toe is pencil and paper game for two players , x and 0, who take turns marking The spaces in 3*3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three respective marks in a Horizontal ,vertical or diagonal rows wins the game. This program is a game program, tic tac toe. Most of us have played this game in our leisure Time , and we have make a c program on it. Function : This game is used to board to control players in each turn players enter a number and choose a move Simplify programming assums that player one always moves first and uses x’s Player two moves at 2nd position and uses 0’s Function How to the program structured: At the time when program start we intialize variable, and we run the game Loop until the game end or players choose to quit The game consist of three steps 1). Display board 2). Get player move 3). Check for game end Program code How to the program structured: At the time when program start we intialize variable, and we run the game Loop until the game end or players choose to quit The game consist of three steps 1). Display board 2). Get player move 3). Check for game end Game loops (player's moves) Game loops (player’s moves) Each branch of the if statement makes two check,the first input Check that the input is valid digit from 1 to 9 and second check is for Make sure of the input is digit not an character, second check also Make sure that the number which is entered not entered previously actually how game looks like output: Thank You

Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Transcript: TIC-Tac-Toe Game Group Members: * Sadia Shakeel 15B-015-SE * Muhammad Haroon 15B-011-BS *Ameer Baig 15B-012-BS Tic-Tac-Toe Game in C Program Wait what? Tic-Tac-Toe game in C program ? Is it Possible? Yup It's Possible now! Because it's 21st Century generation But how? Come on let's know! ✳✱* Come on let's Play! do { printf("\nPlayer %d, please enter the number of the square " "where you want to place your %c: ", player,(player==1)?'X':'O'); scanf("%d", &choice); row = --choice/3; column = choice%3; }while(choice<0 || choice>9 || board [row][column]>'9'); board[row][column] = (player == 1) ? 'X' : 'O'; if((board[0][0]==board[1][1] && board[0][0]==board[2][2]) || (board[0][2]==board[1][1] && board[0][2]==board[2][0])) winner = player; else for(line = 0; line <=2; line++) if((board[line][0]==board[line][1] && board[line][0]==board[line][2]) || (board[0][line]==board[1][line] && board[0][line]==board[2][line])) winner = player; } printf("\n\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[0][0], board[0][1], board[0][2]); printf("---|---|---\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[1][0], board[1][1], board[1][2]); printf("---|---|---\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[2][0], board[2][1], board[2][2]); if(winner==0){ printf("The game is a draw\n"); }else printf("Player %d has won\n", winner); getch(); } History OF Tic-Tac-Toe: Simplicity of tic-tac-toe, it is often used as a pedagogical tool for teaching the concepts of good sportsmanship The branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the searching of game trees. It is straightforward to write a computer program to play tic-tac-toe. There are 26,830 possible games up to rotations and reflections (the game tree complexity) on this space. USES: An early variation of tic-tac-toe was played in the Roman Empire Around the first century. It was called Terni Lapilli and instead of having any number of pieces, each player only had three. Feeling bored ? main() { int player = 0; int winner = 0; int choice = 0; int row = 0; int column = 0; int line = 0; char board [3][3] = { {'1','2','3'}, {'4','5','6'}, {'7','8','9'} }; int i=0; for ( i = 0; i<9 && winner==0; i++) { printf("\n\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[0][0], board[0][1], board[0][2]); printf("---|---|---\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[1][0], board[1][1], board[1][2]); printf("---|---|---\n"); printf(" %c | %c | %c\n", board[2][0], board[2][1], board[2][2]); player = i%2 + 1; OUTPUT BE LIKE THIS It's Easy to make Tic Tac Toe game in C program Initializing of 2D Array because Tic-Tac-Toe game contains Rows and Column and 2D array defines Rows and Columnns For loop Conditional If Else Statement Do While OPERATORS: Arithmetic (+,-,*,/,%) Relational (<,>,<=,>=,==,!=) Logical (&&,||,!) Bitwise (&,|) Assignment (=) Let's Implement the code :

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