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free body diagram

Transcript: free body diagram force due to gravity force due to gravity: - always points down - always called the weight - measured in newtons equation: fg = w = mg normal force - force between an object and surface - flat table can be an example - same magnitude but in the opposite direction (fg) Equation: Fn= - FG normal force: friction - measured in (N) - opposes motion -slows down moving objects -makes it harder to move stationary objects equation: ff = "mu" Fn friction: air resistance - similar to friction - comes from objects moving through the air - slows down falling objects - points up - more resistance the faster an object moves air resistance: tension the force in a string or chain pulls in the direction of the rope Tension: contact force only happens if the object is touching something pushing a cart up a hill can be an example of contact force contact force: balanced and unbalanced forces - balanced force: If the net force is 0 then it is balanced example: 5N to the left + 5N to the right = 0 - unbalanced force: If the net force is not 0, then the object motion changes to match the resultant example: 5N to the right + 5N to the right = 10N to the right balanced and unbalanced forces: how to draw a free body diagram 1. replace the object with a dot 2. draw all forces acting upon the object - start at the dot and point out 3. label all forces how to draw a free body diagram: examples of FBD's ex1) a book being held in the hand. the forces that are acted upon the object are the force of gravity and normal force. ex2) push book on table. The forces that are used in this object normal force, force of gravity, force of friction. ex3) jumping off a plane with a parachute. The forces that act upon are the force of gravity, and air resistance examples of FBD's:

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