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Bully Free Lane

Transcript: 1. Stop bullying right away 2. Discover what took place 3. Support all students involved in the situation 4. Do not spectate, take action 5. Provide a consequence to the bullies Imitation of others Attention deprived at home Victim of bullying Gaining the feeling of power and strength To avoid be bullied themselves Jealousy Anger Learned behavior Removal of free time (excluding recess) Lunch time with the teacher Written apology letter to the bullying victim Counseling Assign a project based on bullying and how to prevent it Student's without any social support who are: Homosexuals Transgender From different Ethnic Groups (African Americans, Latinos, Mexican,etc.) Special Needs Religious Low Socioeconomic Overweight New Weak Unpopular Anti-Social Risk Factors. (n.d.). Retrieved February 27, 2015, from School Bullying. (n.d.). Retrieved February 27, 2015, from STOMP Out Bullying. (2007). Retrieved February 27, 2015, from Ten Tips for Administrators to Address Bullying in School. (n.d.). Retrieved February 27, 2015, from Cayman Middle School How should teachers respond to bullying? What type of whole-school supports are most appropriate to be implemented? Which students are likely to be bullied? Rachel's Challenge Stand Up- Speak Out Committee for Children OLWEUS References Music interventions Friendship clubs A zero tolerance policy for bullying Education on all types of bullying interventions Anonymous bullying survey's Bullying Counseling Bully free end of the year party (student's vote) The buddy system (pair each student with a buddy each month they are to be one another support system) Bully Free! How should administrators respond to bullying? Exit 13: Bully Free Lane Why do students bully? Which programs that currently exist should be considered for adoption? What types of consequences should teachers provide to bullies? Concentrate on the schools social environment Evaluate bullying within the school Gather support from staff and and parents on bullying prevention Coordinate bullying prevention activities Train school staff on bullying prevention Establish and enforce school rules and policies on bullying Increase adult supervision Teach students about bullying and how to prevent it

Process Powerpoint

Transcript: By Dora Le & Ann Lung AP Rhet Period 1 1 What Is Process? 2 3 Understanding Process Explanations 4 Planning depict the process accurately distinguish what usually and occasionally happens mentally tests all steps in sequence 5 6 use transitions use transitional words and phrases ensure step leads to the next 7 Structuring A Process Essay Congradulations thank you How To Write A Process Essay describe unfamiliar equipment or material three sections explains how to do something use clear & consistent discussion interrupted only for definitions, explanations, or cautions Goal College writing-calls for instructions to persuade present information include clear thesis statement thesis-identifies process & must provide clear logical transitions explain reasons for performing the steps Using Process define terms transitions-establish sequential and chronological relationships can be instructions or process explanation Presents events in strict chronological order now you know how to write a process essay enables readers to perform a process uses present tense speaks directly to the readers keep reader's needs in mind avoid unneccary shifts in tense/mood easy as 1,2,3 is important too does not need a formal conclusion reinforce thesis Introduction (why it is performed) examples: first, second, meanwhile, in conclusion, finally, etc. body reviews the procedure's major stages conclusion Clarity is extremely important Understanding Instructions Help understand how it's carried out use 1st or 3rd person past or present tense style of process explanation varies Accomodating your audience identifies the process include information about materials present overview of the process thesis is stated each treats one major stage CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

Swim Lane Process Map for a Medical Procedure

Transcript:شعار%20pnu&ved=0ahUKEwioj5mF1N3gAhWcAGMBHT_1A_EQMwg-KAAwAA&iact=mrc&uact=8 section: 6Q3 28/2/2019 supply chain management Swim Lane Process Map for a Medical Procedure About case study About Swim lane process: C. Hospital. Mapping process that shows a clear workflow for each working party Example: Preforming a surgery: B. Surgeon. A. Penitent. Example Working Sections: Working Sections: Horizontal: Department, Person and Material. Arrows\ Symbols: show each party its Destination. Q1 Q1- who or what org. is responsible for the process from start to finish ? And what are the implications for managenig and improving the treatment process? responsible The hospital is responsible for the surgery. Improving business processes: is at very core of operations and supply chain management. performance levels of most processes tend to decrease over unless forces are exerted to maintain it. Even if an org does not feel a need to improve it's business processes, it may be forced due to competitive pressure. measuring business first understand the customer wants and calculate objective performance information for the process measuring business process performance Measure of process performance Measure of process Quality: performance quality, conformance quality and reliability Flexibillity: mix,changeover, and volume flexibility. cost: labor, material, and quality related costs. Productivity: (ratio of outputs to input) Time: delivery speed and delivery relibility. Efficiency: (the ratio of actual outputs to standard outputs) 100% X (actual outputs/standard outputs). Cycle or (throughout) time (total elapsed time needed to complete a business process. Company Intro Which process steps should be standardized? Registration and appointment. Radiology process. Communication process. FLOW CHART CREATION APPS The Brief WHICH PROCESS SHOULD BE MORE ARTISTIC 3. Consider the errors that occurred during the treatment process. How might you use the Six Sigma methodology and continuous improvement tools to keep these errors from reoccurring? Looking ahead, what kinds of solutions might you see coming out of such an analysis? Strategy Solution Before taking any action on the patient, be sure to correct the necessary information, there should be careful and a lot of scrutiny. Using Six Sigma methodology in which the main steps are to analyze, improve and control the process. In all operations, we need this methodology because it seeks to improve by identifying and eliminating the causes of errors. It will enable us to control errors and solve them. It helps us to obtain accuracy as well as control errors. This reduces cost and increases profit. Members work the manager can control the number of errors that occur significantly. Continuous training in hospital procedures will help us prevent future errors. Video Video we faced some difficulities but we overcame it by external reading and at the end we want to introduce these apps that may help you in creating swim lane flow chart in an easy and beautiful way Conclusion program IDEAMENT INSPIRATION FLOWDIA DIAGRAMS ILUCID CHART program OUR TEAM 1- Athari alshammari 437004848 2- Rahaf AlGhunaim 436000213 3- Ashwaq Alshamari 437004457 4- Raghad Alshowyair 437004334 5- Raneem Alrashoud 437004461 6- Lojin Zuhair Rahbeeni 437004907 7-Bayan Fahd Alessa 437004196 OUR TEAM

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