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summer camp

Transcript: It's my pen knowing how to cook Hot Seat Guessing Game - "6 Hats" "has potty trained a puppy" At the end, the class will try and guess your item Now White Hat lunch time Red hat *Birthday Line English Summer Camp free topic Charades Your turn... Person Bingo = bad points. What problems can it cause? nature Who can finish the message the fastest with the least mistakes? You walk around the class and ask your classmates the questions you have until all of your board is filled Your partner writes what you tell them... here " lalalala" This item could be in many different colors and shapes How do you convert this? = benefits - What do you like about your item? Today In full sentences... write the facts for each hat Red hat pizza free topic blue hat Who are you? It makes me very happy when I use it because it was a thoughtful gift First Green After 5 lines, you switch! grey hat White hat benefits of vegetables Listen to what I say... Partner Draw You act it out with NO words Running Dictation partner race Next Name, age, 1 fun fact This item helps me get my work done and helps me to communicate with others and myself Let's get artistic = The data / information about your item Gochujang Grey Then Su Hee can make spaghetti. She says it tastes "so-so." I wonder if it is spicy. Jung Ha can swim. I can too. We should go swimming together. Hee Jin knows every EXO song but she doesn't like the group anymore. She likes an actor now. Ji Won's been to Australia. I've never been but I want to go. I wonder which city she went to. *Ji Su doesn't like Korean dramas... but she likes mysteries. You convert the message to a question to ask = creativity - What if the item was another way? 2014 Blue green hat Musical Drawing This item makes me happy when I use it. I wish it could last for life. Here We Go! What's inside will not last very long meeting an expat In groups of 4 - choose a secret item water College Essay - Self Introduction Writing Run, Read, Remember, Run, Tell Whisper Race Intro - whisper race 1-saram bingo-create explanation 2-6 thinking hats hot seat warm up - college essay intro writing impromptu speech / running dictation 1-laminate story creation 2-listen & draw / musical drawing w/ story A 2-minute speech about the topic that pops on the screen "Have you ever potty trained a puppy before?" going abroad What's Important? kakao Help guide your teammate to the correct answer using verbal clues in ONLY English college Impromptu (Jeuk Suk) Speech = The emotions - how does this item make you feel? Yellow hat What is the secret item? = conclusion - How would you describe it overall? Introduce yourself to a stranger e.g. I show you a secret "thing" The class guesses what it is yellow hat pictionary This item is very practical, it is tan, red, and purple, and it was a gift to me. TIME TO READ Camp Intro by Mia Ssam

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