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stars and stripes

Transcript: .red for hardiness and valor The branches of the military service uses different names for the flag like color, standard, ensign, or colors. There are three common types of flags. the types of flags history of the flag The continental congress in Philadelphia created the first stars and stripes flag n June 14,1777. when your indoors and the colors pass you stand at attention until the colors are six steps past you. origin of stars and stripes 4.fold the outer point inward and parallel with the open edge to form a second triangle. The post flag is a type of flag used for everyday occasions its 10 feet by 19 feet. the colors that are on the flag are red, white, and blue and they each have a meaning. its a type of flag that's 20 by 30 feet and its flown on holidays and important occasions. such as events proclaimed by the president. when inside you should stand at attention until its six steps past you. in uniform but outdoors 2.fold the folded edge over to meet the open edge. when your outside but not in formation you should turn your head towards the flag and render the hand salute when you pass within six steps of the flag and hold it until the flag is six steps past you. The blue rectangle and stars on the flag that symbolizes unity. by Tamia Richardson Image by Tom Mooring when your in uniform its really important that you show respect to the flag. when your in formation and the colors are about to pass you the commander calls the formation to attention and present,arms and everyone holds the salute until its six steps past them. then the commander calls order arms and you drop your salute. When your outdoors and the colors pass you stand at attention with your right hand over our heart until the colors are six steps beyond you. if your wearing a hat remove it and hold it over your left breast with your right hand over your heart. .people give Betsy Ross credit for sewing the first flag but there no evidence that she designed it. .The flag of the united states in 1777 had 13 alternating red and white stripes and a union. how to fold the flag the garrison flag symbolism of the colors whats a union? .blue for loyalty, vigilance, perseverance, justice and its the color of heaven The stars and stripes 5.continue to fold the flag in triangles until the entire length of the flag is folded with only the union and margin showing. .white stands for hope, purity and innocence in civilian clothes The stars represent the countries together and not individual. 6.tuck the margin into the pocket formed by the folds at the union 3.start a triangular fold by bringing the lower striped corner to the open edge. the grand union flag post flag and storm flag In uniform 1.bring the lower striped section of the flag up over the union. The storm flag is another type of flag that is flown in bad weather (stormy or windy) its five by nine and one-half feet.

Stars and stripes

Transcript: Declaration of Independence U.S. flag Washington D.C White House Separation of powers Presidents 13 North-American colonies 1776 Thomas Jefferson England 50 states National day Norwegian constitution Population: 5,9 million District of Colombia White House Washington Monument Pentagon Official resident Pennsylvania Avenue 8 years 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 412 doors 5100 m² 3,2 million Department of defence Arlington County, Virginia National security 600 000 m² 120 times bigger than White House 468 million krones Chosen every 4th year 8 years Worlds most powerful man George Washington Barack Obama Sources:,_D.C Independence day Congress (Parliament) Thomas Jefferson President George Washington Washington D.C Congress Supreme Court Population: 5,9 million District of Colombia White House Washington Monument Executive branch Judiciary 50 stars, 13 stripes Add more stars 4. July 1960 Symbol History The Worlds Most Powerful Man President (Prime minister) Power U. S. Constitution 4th July 1776 Separation of powers Legislative branch Barack Hussein Obama Pentagon Decide new laws National cases 44. president 2009 and 2012 Afroamerican Democratic "Yes we can" Nobel Peace Price White House 15 departments 4 million in active service 1. president Indians and the French 1789-1797 Capital Quiet strength Writing Wooden teeth Washington D.C. The Senate "The Upper House" 100 members Chosen for six years 1/3 is replaced every 2nd year 2 senators from every state United States House of Representatives The house 435 members Divided by population President appoints ministers Virginia Foreign minister Busy man Declaration of independence 1801 - 3. president Ending slavery President appoints the judges

Stars and Stripes

Transcript: SOLUTION Text While Driving Cost $40.00 PROBLEM TIMELINE For a Better America Texting and driving is a very dangerous issue in our country. More than 50% of teens ammited to texting while drving. 60% of teachers in our school have admited to texting while driving. When we were using the tennis balls the farther away we were the better the reaction time was. If I had tossed it to him it was even easier for him to catch it. If I threw it to him when I was close he has worst reaction time. If I threw it at him hard when I was close it was the hardest. The ping pong ball did not have as much mass on it was slower to throw. That gave the person trying to catch it a lot more time to react to the throw. As we all know the poster and signs everyone sends out don't work, We see them and just ingore them and nothing is going to change, Until now we have a brilliant new idea. The Key Chip this product is connect to your phone. It's located in your car key and as soon as you start you car your phone will be sliented. So the temptation to look at your phone is gone. PROJECTIONS We would like all new cars to start putting the Key Chip into all their cars. All the older cars will have to buy the Key Chain and place it with there keys. UNDER THE HOOD MARKETING SUMMARY Research MEET THE TEAM Company 1 - Stars & Stripes Aiden Leach - Manger Sophia Roll - Manger Keaton Ringer - Mechinal Enginer Hunter Frericks - Mechinal Enginer Parker Larson - Miroelectronic Technicain Ally Freier - Market Researcher/Designer Parker Vinje - Advertisment Specialist Shaveen Amedi - Advertisment Specialist Key Chip We want our company affordable but also well constructed and safe so our price is 40.00. We are going to market this product by advertirsing is on billboards, commericals & a contests. For the contest we are going to give away a free trip to Hawaii. The customers can be entered in to the contest by buying th product and after two monthes. We will draw for a winner. BUSINESS MODEL Everyone having a Key Chain in 2018 Stars and Strips is formally committed to making America the best it has been. Making America safe is a priority in our everyday lives. We believe that making drivers and pedistraisns feel safer is the solution to this problem.

Stars and Stripes

Transcript: The flag that Francis Scott Key saw at “dawn’s early light” had exactly how many “broad stripes and bright stars”? Question 5 Question 1 Question 6 Flag Day lands on the same day as the founding of which military force? This organ is found on the right side of the body under the ribs. It is the largest and heaviest abdominal organ and has over 200 hundred functions, including storage and use of nutrients and detoxification of poisons. Can you name it? Question 7 Question 8 The flag that flew over Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore inspired Francis Scott Key to write the lyrics for “The Star Spangled Banner.” Who is credited with sewing that flag? Question 5 Answers Where did Henry David Thoreau stay for two years that prompted him to write Walden? Thomas Kinkade, the “Painter of Light,” was an awful artist and a terrible human. His paintings, along with Norman Rockwell’s, are quintessential Americana. What did he reportedly do while intoxicated at a Disneyland hotel? “I left Great Salt Lake a good deal confused as to what state of things existed there and sometimes even questioning in my own mind whether a state of things existed there at all or not.” Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) observed this in which novel about the American West? Question 1 1. B, Baltimore Charmz 2. Dallas Cowboys 3. Four (two referees, two linesmen) 4. Pittsburgh Steelers 5. Chicago 6. New York Yankees 7. Converse 8. Apolo Ohno 9. The Rack Attack 10. 234 years and 8 months 1. Duodenum 2. Respiratory System 3. The University of Utah 4. Concussion 5. The pituitary gland 6. Cartilage 7. Biceps 8. The Liver 9. Tendons 10. Four chambers Question 7 Question 4 Question 2 1. Samantha Stevens, Bewitched 2. Shermer, Illinois 3. D. The Grand Canyon 4. The seventh season 5. Firefighter for the FDNY 6. Bonneville Salt Flats 7. C. Seinfeld (filmed in LA) 8. Jerry Springer 9. Breaking Pointe 10. West Virginia Which U.S. president was the first to visit the Governor’s Mansion in Utah while in office and the first U.S. president to win the Nobel Prize? Muscles provide the power to move your bones and bend your joints. Your muscles are joined to the bones by white structures that can be strained and take a long time to heal because they lack a blood supply. Can you name these structures? Which of these New York City-centered shows was not actually filmed in NYC? A. Sex and the City B. Girls C. Seinfeld D. 30 Rock Stars and Stripes Question 5 Question 9 Jasper Johns’ most recognizable painting, Three Flags, employs a painting technique consisting of wax and pigment. What is the name of this medium/technique? Question 1 Question 2 Question 7 Answers Question 8 The title character of this Dickens’ novel travels to America, which is depicted as a desolate wilderness with pockets of civilization. Answers Question 6 Question 3 Question 4 Question 10 The Beehive State derives its nickname from this Mormon term for “honey-bee.” In 2011, former NFL player Keith Wright traded in his shoulder pads for prison stripes after being found guilty of 19 crimes, including assault, kidnapping, armed robbery, burglary, and home invasion. He was sentenced to how many years in prison? (Your answer will be counted correct if it is within 10 years of the actual sentence.) Question 10 Question 3 Question 10 How many chambers are found in the human heart? There are six rounds with 10 questions per round. There are two points per question. The team with the best total out of 120 points wins a prize. If you're in second place, we won't forget about you! No electronic devices. (No one likes a cheater!) Don't call out your answers! We encourage teams of up to six participants. Aug 6: Pinot Noir Wine Pairing Aug 14: Costume Carnival Aug 20: Frustration + Failure = Learning Aug 21: Trivia Night Aug 29: Lego League Workshop For more information, please visit Question 8 Independence Day, Con Air, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End all filmed scenes at which Utah location? Which of these is not a WNBA team? A. New York Liberty B. Baltimore Charmz C. San Antonio Stars D. Atlanta Dream Utah is home to some pretty old things, like Orrin Hatch, the most senior Republican currently serving in the US Senate. What position does Sen. Hatch serve in Congress that makes him third in the line of succession for the presidency? Question 6 Question 9 Question 1 Question 9 This system of the body is the most vulnerable to viruses and germs because so many pass through it every day. So much so that an entire category of illness is named for it. What is the name of the system? (Hint: Most viruses and germs are airborne.) Question 7 Question 6 Which athlete won gold and silver medals at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and then went on to win Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars? Answers Question 5 I Sing the Body Electric, Walt Whitman’s famous poem about humans being made from, and eventually returning to, the stars, is the final number in which

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