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Transcript: OXYGEN HAPPINES A conventional greenhouse uses groundwater for irrigation, gas for heating, and electricity for cooling A Sundrop greenhouse turns seawater and sunlight into energy and water. We then use sustainably sourced carbon dioxide and nutrients to maximise the growth of our crops Dipartimento of science , chemics techinology and biosystem, Università di Siena "Asked what she learned about how to cope with living and working with the same five people all the time, Heinicke said emergencies play a surprising role in helping people get along." DECISION AND PROBLEMS THANK YOU! FOOD SAFETY BIOLOGICAL METHOD GREENHOUSE FROM PLANTS ZERO WASTE LIFE HEALT=MONEY ARTIFICIAL WATER CYCLE HEALTY “No country can be strong whose people are sick and poor.” — Theodore Roosevelt FREE, ACESSIBLE AND UGUAL HEALT SYSTEM Americans who earn $50,000 per year are much happier than those who earn $10,000 per year LIFE we can’t be happy alone we can’t be happy all the time we can be happier than we are currently spaceship Hawaii Space Exploration A MIX BETWEEN SOLAR PANNEL AND RADIOSITIPE THERMOELETRICAL GENERATORS (NUCLEAR CENTRE) NO WASTE, IS IT POSSIBLE? Tommaso Pavesi WATER FROM CARBON DIOXIDE NON BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES USING ULTAVIOLET LIGHT IT WILL BE USE ALSO IN PLANETS WASTE MONEY AND HAPPINES capture from the environment potabilisation distribution waste water collection, waste water treatment discharge back into the environment. LEARNING ENERGY


Transcript: Spaceship Presented by PERSON for COMPANY Lyrics Lyrics By Kesha, Andrew Pearson, and Pebe Serbert I always said when I’m gone, when I’m dead Don’t lay me down with the dirt on my head You won’t need a shovel, you don’t need a cold headstone You don’t need to cry, I’m gon’ be going home I’m waiting for my spaceship to come back for me It’s coming back for me I don’t really care if you believe it’s coming back for me, yeah Living in a lonesome galaxy But in my dreams, I see them come ‘n rescue me Look up in the sky and there they’ll be I bet you’ll think of me then You’re gonna say, “Ooh, look at that, oh yeah yeah” Damn, if it ain’t true They’re coming back for me, they’re coming back for me, yeah I knew from the start I don’t belong in these par... I knew from the start I don’t belong in these parts There’s too much hate, there’s too much hurt for this heart Lord knows this planet feels like a hopeless place Thank God I’m going back home to outer space As I leave this earth and sail into the infinite cosmic universe, the wars, the triumphs, the beauty, and the bloodshed, the ocean of human endeavor, it all goes quiet, insignificant. I’m nothing more than recycled stardust and borrowed energy, born from a rock, spinning in the aether. I watch my life backwards and forwards and I feel free. Nothing is real, love is everything, and I know nothing. Interpretation Interpretation This is a song and therefore a ballad but I think it's also a pastoral song. I feel that it's a description of her spiritual beliefs and an explaination of how she veiws the nature of the world and the afterlife. Her view of the world is inherently nihilistic but optimistically so. "This planet feels like a hopeless place" "Love is everything" Content Content I think that the titular spaceship is a symbol that represents the 'vehicle' of reincarnation Throughout the song the imagery is oddly static because she's stuck here on Earth. It's only when she "leaves" in the last prose paragraph that it gets a little more kinetic. Form Form There is definite form to the two verses, they are both quatrains with aabb rhyming scheme, they are closed form The chorus is a jumble of lines that mostly have the same rhyme but don't always, I feel that that makes them open form The prose passage is just that, prose, it doesn't have any form Conclusion Conclusion As a non religious person this song really speaks to me. I especially like how she took the scientifically advanced concept of a spaceship and gave it such spiritual meaning.

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