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Transcript: The "Big Five" are the supreme soccer countries of the world. Germany, England, Spain, France, and Italy % Soccer more commonly known as football having over 250 million players in over 200 countries is the most popular sport in the world. SuMMARY Soccer is a sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball. The game is played on a rectangular field of grass or green artificial turf, with a goal in the middle of each of the short ends. The object of the game is to score by shooting the ball into the opposing goal. IFA World cup is the most popular tournament in the world! the last time it took place in South Africa it made a total revenue of 1.06 Billion Euros! Making it the all time high for any other FIFA tournament - 96.7 million Top 20 teams revenue in 2009 -20010 Commercial revenue $45.3 million Match day Revenue Manchester United Ac Milan Liverpool Other countries that play soccer go by the same way of paying their players but to an extreme range of $300,000 - $50,000,000! - 132.2 million Being the popular sport that it is Soccer/football has made a huge difference the world. Even if you don't like football, chances are you know somebody that does. No other sport brings countries together like football does. - Comparing the 2009- 2010 to the 2010-2011 chart there is not to much of a difference with the top teams but most years the bottom teams change depending on how there season goes. - 51.2 million Liverpool The Top 20 money league clubs generated combined revenue of 4.4 billion Euros in 2010 - 2011 witch makes up a quater of the total soccer revenue in Europe The only sport in America that can compete with the player income that big time soccer players get is baseball but that still comes short. for example Alex Rodriquez of the New York Yankees makes around $28 million, while players like Cristino Ronaldo and lionel Messi make 40 - 50 million Euros. $ Canadas yearly revenue for soccer is 51 million, while barcelona spains revenue is 88 higher than candadas estimating at 462 million Euros a year. The Broadcasting Revenue North america has 145 clubs in soccer, While England itself has 40,000 having the worlds most clubs per country. Five Teams match day revenue for 2012 Arsenal - F Soccer Industry Around the World 177.7 million! most places in the world have soccer as there primary sport there are few exceptions such as North America and Asia. it is estimated that soccer has more than 4 billion fans worldwide. 71.9 million - 91.8 million - - 85.7 million Broadcasting Revenue is 85 percent of the gross value whether in money, or money's worth received by the Licensee from broadcasts pursuant to this License including, advertising sponsorship, subscriptions, donations, barter and contra deals, and other revenue directly related to the programmers broadcast. Broadcasting Revenue Bayern Munich Player income BY: JOEL PETERS Liverpool FC - Manchester United Soccer is growing in North America at a outstanding rate but it doesn't come close to how much Europe puts into it. Arsenal - 120.3 million Ac Milan all units are in Euros. all units are in Euros. FIFA happens every four years like the olympics,and UEFA is an every year event. Range in player income in Canada can go from $60,000 to $3,000,000 all depends on club and how well they do. - 71.8 million Bayern Munich Player INCOME The Match day revenue is the revenue they get for the games that they play whether it be a home game or an away game. the money comes from tickets being sold to the conseccion stands. this makes up a big part of a teams total revanue. Commercial revenue is the total amount of money earned from sales of the product of a team such as themed soccer balls, jerseys, and all other articals of clothing. FIFA Same five teams for Broadcasting revenue in 2012 Most Research and all graphs come from Deloitte Arsenal - 72.3 million Bayern Munich The End. Ac Milan Tournaments Tournaments Commercial Revenue for those five teams in 2012 - Introduction Each country has its own tournaments between cities; example the well known German Bundesliga has 18 major cities that compete for the Bundesliga title. Then there are tournaments go by countries, like UEFA witch is a European tournament. Then theres the most well known one, the FIFA World Cup. Giving the country that wins the most prestigious title of World Champions. 35.6 million all units are in Euros. Manchester United Match Day Revenue 120.3 million Commercial Revenue It has the highest global revenue at $28 billion per year FIFA itself has an average of 4 billion fans worldwide since it consists of all the countries qualified to be in the tournament. - 107.7 million Top 3 Different kinds of revenues that help build the total for a club -114.5 million

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Transcript: there are alot of websites that can be used to download music by paying a fee but unfortunatly people keep illegally downloading copyrighted files for free. In the UK at the moment, downloading music for free is illegal but in many online music stores, such as iTunes, a single song can cost from 59p to 99p. But many online websites can be used for downloading free music, and many people over the UK use them and dont face the consequences. People can convert videos from youtube into audio files and they can use websites for it too. This means they can access music that hasn't fully been released yet, but has been posted or leaked onto the internet. We can listen to our favourite music easier due to the less expensive price. we can enjoy it more and be more to what we download. People should have the choice whether to pay or not. if they want to support ther artist and keep them successful and should pay if they want to focus on their own benefit, then shouldn't. Illegal Download of Music. Conclusion People started to download popular music in 1997 using Napster. Napster is free and lets people share the collections of music online, and pick and choose from what to download. This is when people started downloading music online rather than buying physical CD's. This is when people started downloading muisc online rather than buying physical CD's we think that this website is reliable because it is very popular and used by lots of people and regularly updated. it is also a goverment website. Reliable sources: Free Legal Music Download When did people start to download music? we conclude that people should be able to purchase music for a cheaper price but not completely free so the music industry can continue and be successful. we think this website is partly reliable because it is regularly updated, however is updated by different people, therefore it isn't biased but all the information may not be correct Why we want free or cheaper music. Thank you for your attention!

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Transcript: Free Read PowerPoint Project Judith Rumelt, better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare, is an American author of young adult fiction. Main Characters Summary Prominent literary item Will Herondale-Will has dark hair and ocean blue eyes. Will is rude and cruel because he believes everyone that loves him will die. He believes this because a demon put a 'curse' on him. Tessa Gray- Tessa has blonde hair and grey eyes. She is very witty and enjoys literature. Recommendation of book Setting Jem Carstairs-Jem has silver hair and eyes, due to the drug he was tortured with before his family was killed. He plays the violin and is very kind, caring, and lovable. The most unique thing in Clockwork Angel is that there are supernatural occurrences such as demons, shape shifters, witches, vampires, and werewolves, etc. I definitely recommend Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare. I recommend this book because it uses great figurative language, such as "The machine walked like a man." Also, "There was a boy standing in front of her. He couldn´t have been much older than she was-seventeen or possibly eighteen. He was dressed in what looked like workman´s clothes-a frayed black jacket, trousers, and tough-looking boots. He wore no waistcoat, and thick leather straps crisscrossed his waist and chest. Attached to the straps were weapons-daggers and folding knives and things that looked like blades of ice. In His left hand-slim and long fingered-was bleeding where she had gashed the back of it with her pitcher. But that wasn´t what made her stare. He had the most beautiful face she had ever seen. Tangled black hair and eyes like blue glass. Elegant cheekbones,and long, thick lashes. He looked like every fictional hero she´d ever conjured up in her head. Tessa Gray goes to London to live with her brother. When she arrives Tessa is captured by twin sisters dubbed 'the Dark Sisters'. She was tortured and forced to use her gift of shape shifting for evil until Will Herondale rescues her. He then takes her to the institute, a place for shadowhunters to be cared for. Tessa meets the residents of the institute, Charlotte Branwell, the head of the institute, Henry Branwell, Charlotte's husband and inventor of a many great inventions, Jessamine Lovelace, girly and against all things shadowhunter, Jem Carstairs, a kind but very ill shadowhunter. Presentation Themes Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare Most unique thing in the book Presentation by Canaan Hall Clockwork Angel takes place in the institute, and the Dark Sister's home. The institute is an old church with very many rooms for passing visitors. The Dark Sister's house is large but sparsly furnished, in Tessa's room there is a bed with restraints, a mirror, and a nightstand with a few books. The themes for Clockwork angel are; you always need friends that you can trust, don't judge someone by their looks you don't know what they are going through, and even someone you wouldn't expect could be the hero. Cassandra Clare One prominent literary item in the book is personification. Personification is used throughout Clockwork Angel, such as "The machine walked like a man." Another example is, "The door creaked with a noise that sounded like a scream."

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