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Snakes and Ladders

Transcript: Why did people play this game? As said before, the purpose of the game was to differentiate between virtue and evil. Traditional Hindu philosophies were also incorporated into the game, such as karma and kama (destiny and desire). It was used as a lesson for children so that they could learn about God and what was considered virtuous. There were moral teachings behind this origin of this game. These teachings encompassed the idea that there was the ability to attain salvation through doing good, whereas performing evil deeds will provide evil rebirth. Snakes and Ladders: an Origin Story Conflicts of Snakes and Ladders The game, as said before, was developed mainly to serve the purpose of teaching children the virtues and evils of the world. Why did people play Snakes and Ladders? The Continuity and Changes of Snakes and Ladders Saint Gyandev/ Dnyaneshwar The first play of Snakes and Ladders was recorded in the thirteenth century AD when it was invented. However, it is believed that Snakes and Ladders was played dating all the way back to the second century BC in the Northern regions of India. Though there is not any significant conflict that was marked in history as a prominent event, there still was the fact that Europe stole the whole “snakes and ladders” idea and made it their own. Around the time that this idea was diffused, Indian was under British rule and tensions were already high. The fact that their virtuous game was turned into something western just increased tensions and made the British rulers more susceptible to rebellion. When and where was Snakes and Ladders first played? The game “snakes and ladders” was invented by Saint Gyandev. The fact that he was a saint alludes to the whole purpose of the board game, which it about differentiating between virtue and evil. From being used in the second century BC, the game has evolved by diffusing all across the globes, with certain cultures adding their adaptations to it. A rather large example is in Europe, where the adopted the name of “Chutes and Ladders” which is how we know it today. This was developed in 1892, where the common Victorian Philosophies were incorporated. The ladders represented thrift, penitence, and industry which would build up to squares of fulfillment, grace, and success. The snakes (which were later turned into chutes) were a representation of indulgence, disobedience, and indolence which would cause illness, disgrace and poverty. Who invented Snakes and Ladders? Why was the game developed? This game was popular to children of all backgrounds. However, those of the lower class typically could not afford the game, so there would be much less playing in those classes than in the others. Those in the Brahman class were more likely to play and pass on the message to their children.


Transcript: You have a great opportunity to go on vacation! Highest You have your broker verify the info and invest heavily. Your investment grows tenfold. Move 5 spaces up. MISFORTUNE (SNAKE) MISFORTUNE MISFORTUNE (SNAKE) SET UP START!! The prices of books go up. Players roll a die and move up the board the corresponding number of spaces. Example of a play: Say that the player in high-class rolls a 2, they move 2 spaces and pick up an Opportunity Card. That player reads the part of their corresponding class. The instructions say to move up 5 spaces. So, they go up the ladder which is 3 spaces and they use the remaining 2 spaces to go forward, and ends their turn. MISFORTUNE AND OPPORTUNITY: GAME BOARD Middle You need to take off a lot of time from work but you can still go on vacation. However, you are more stressed when you get back. Move up half the ladder. Move 2 spaces up. Highest You have plenty of savings to keep you going and your connections land you a job very quickly. Do not move down. OPPORTUNITY (LADDER) Oh no! You have been inflicted with an illness! BY: EISHA, JOANNE, SIENNA, AND JAMES 3 COLORED PIECES High Your dad is the CEO of a large company so his position was able to bribe a court official in having a very lenient bail amount. Your well respected reputation goes down quite a bit however your significant other is out of jail, move down 2 spaces. Your friend gives you a tip on a stock which he is sure will grow Lower You have no savings to spare and do not invest. Do not move up. MIDDLE Your dad introduced you to a colleague of his and helps you get the job. You have to pass the interview however you are not used to speaking with such mannerism and professionalism. You get a job but start all the way at the bottom of the business, move up 2 spaces. LOW You were not used to the professional atmosphere and did poorly on the interview, however you learned a new experience, move up one space. Reach the final space on the board FIRST!!!! Middle You invest what little you can and make a good amount from your small investment. Move 3 spaces up. Low You can only afford a book every once in awhile. Books are a rare sighting in your household. Move 3 spaces down the snake. MISFORTUNE (SNAKE) ...if a player lands on the foot of a ladder draw an Opportunity card and follow the instructions which correspond to the player’s class OPPORTUNITY (LADDER) Lower You have little to no savings, and it is difficult to find a job because you do not have good experience. You do not make rent and are evicted. Move down 2 space. Middle You are only able to afford the most necessary books for school. Move 2 spaces down the snake. 1 DICE GAME PIECES MISFORTUNE (SNAKES) CARDS You have an interview with a large company! High Because your school is located in a high-SES community, you have the most updated resources available to you at your school. Move 3 spaces up the ladder. If a consequence exceeds the amount of spaces on a snake or a ladder you must get off the snake or ladder and continue to move forward or backward the remaining amount of spaces and then end your turn. Low Because your school is located in a low-SES community, only your most basic resources are up-to-date. Move 1 space up the ladder. GOAL!! OPPORTUNITY (LADDER) OPPORTUNITY (LADDER) OPPORTUNITY (LADDERS) CARDS Highest You have great health care coverage and were able to see the doctor right away! You do not have to move down the snake! Your significant other went to jail! OPPORTUNITY 1 A game to help understand STRATIFICATION and SOCIAL CLASS in SOCIOLOGY Middle You have some savings, but you use almost all of it before you find a new job fairly easily due to your strong work experience. Move down 1 space. Middle You went to see a doctor but you were a little too late. You also had to pay more since you cannot get good insurance coverage. Move down 3 spaces. 1. How does your game effectively explain your chosen concept? shows how class can affect your chances at opportunities in life shows people what it feels like to be at a disadvantage helps understand how health, education, family prestige, and income can result in different experiences depending on social class 2. Why is this an important concept to study? to understand the imbalances in a society 3. How can more research of this concept benefit our understanding of society? helps in understanding what is detrimental and what is beneficial to the growth of society OBJECTIVE RULES AND GAME PLAY Lowest Without healthcare coverage, you were unable to see a doctor. In addition, your lack of knowledge about health has made the illness worse. Move down the whole snake. You go to a local public school. Middle Because your school is located in a middle-SES community, only some of your resources are up-to-date. Move 2 place up the ladder. Lowest Your blue collar job doesn't allow you to take time off work! You become more mentally stressed and cannot take a break. Do not advance. 3 MISFORTUNE (SNAKE) 1. All

Snakes and Ladders

Transcript: Snakes and Ladders from ancient India to stores near you Origins Origins Originally called Moksha Patam Dealt with Hindi idea of moksha Meant as a way to teach how karmic actions were met with repercussions good and bad Jain Jain Board Similar to Hindi board, except there are more snakes (potential downfalls) Also encompasses ideas of moksha and karma UK UK The game was picked up by Britain during their rule of India, the theme of morality appealing to victorian audiences First version in England in 1892 When the game was brought to England, the Indian virtues and vices were replaced by English ones in hopes of better reflecting Victorian doctrines of morality. Squares of Fulfillment, Grace and Success were accessible by ladders of Thrift, Penitence and Industry and snakes of Indulgence, Disobedience and Indolence caused one to end up in Illness, Disgrace and Poverty. While the Indian version of the game had snakes outnumbering ladders, the English counterpart was more forgiving as it contained each in the same amount. concept of equality signifies the cultural ideal that for every sin one commits, there exists another chance at redemption. Did you Know from Milton Bradley Milton Bradley Milton Bradley brings game to the US in 1943 Originally released with snakes, which was not recieved well by children Uses a spinner instead of a die Black Children first depicted in 1974 A Problem of Appropriation Appropriation Cultural appropriation is "the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society." (Dictionary,com) The problem with the game from the Victorian Board onward is the theft of a cultural ideal to serve as a children parlor game with no recognition of the original or its cultural and religious significance of including Karma and Moksha. Instead perverted to just be about being nice, totally simplifying the entirety of Hindu and Jain religion. Problem with Appropriation The Problem Our Board Our Board Our board pays homage to the Mahabharata by having each ladder and snake be a scene from a comic book depiction of the epic Go back to snakes and die, paying homage to the historical way the game is played We teach morality and the ideas of Karma and Moksha by making a version of the game that educates, not just imitates Education over Imitation Appropriation A player will need an average of 39.2 spins to move from the starting point, which is off the board, to square 100. A two-player game is expected to end in 47.76 moves with a 50.9% chance of winning for the first player. Those calculations are based on a variant where throwing a six does not lead to an additional roll; and where the player must roll the exact number to reach square 100 and if they overshoot it their counter does not move. (wikipedia) Absorbing Markov Chain Math

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