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Transcript: Home Study Appendix Transition to Buses 1930s - 1970s The Alliance for Regional Transit Plan Potential Lines State and Local Funding Rail Transit's Effect on Property Values Michael Tyznik's Transit Plan Rail Transit Project Timeline The Southbank Shuttle Economic Impact Analysis How Is Transportation Planned Potential NKY Streetcar Lines The Economics MetroMoves Plan 2002 Case Studies Resources Streetcar and Light Rail Systems Compared NKY Transit History Electric Streetcars 1890s - 1950s Transition From a Private to Public System 1972 - 1990s Finance For Rail Transit Get Involved David Cole's Transit Plan Mayor Mark Mallory's Re-envision Cincinnati Plan References Common Arguments Public-Private Partnerships (3Ps or PPPs) Funding Funding For Operating Costs Horsecars 1867 - 1890 Why Not Just Add More Buses? Federal Funding Organizations and Individuals Involved Types of Rail Transit About the Project Past Efforts To Create Rail Transit Our Current Transit System

site map

Transcript: visits As this project has been substantially collaborative, I list the contacts I have made, seminars, visits, and exhibitions. proposal how - a longer piece that sets out a personal pedagogy in relation to my post at Sidcot School. roots pedagogy Digital zoetropes pingpong context what - a second montage; experiences of teaching; approaches, questions, and some feedback. Interactive Media - (UA1A7A-60-MA) Tutor: Michaela Reiser Extended Practice First full game of photoshop pingpong cadavre exquis tumblr how images that I have collected of the past year - random, but connected bibliograpy digital 'consequences' trials journal scrubbing who Practial work domain Ross Wallis - Academic year: 2009/2010 what who - a short autobiographical account. I walk for half an hour, record my thoughts on an iPhone for a 10 minute section about half way through, up hill and between two gates. Back home I transcribe these recordings to type. This is a tumblr site that records my journey though the past year, recorded in the websites I have visited, quotes, images, thoughts, etc. introduction site map collectings why connectings why - a montage of experiences that may have led me to a career teaching art The hypothesis is that I can teach with games, that teaching can be fun, that I can be the games master the ring master, a magician and clown, that my teaching room can be a circus, with desks in a circle rather than in rows. My reflective study has centred around play and creativity, feeding directly into the practical work that I have done over the past year. evaluation practice notes & Sources

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