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site map

Transcript: site map flowchart routing website homepage homepage overview 1 header 1 header 1.1 logo 1.2 projects 1.3 insights 1.4 about 1.5 tchi 1.6 contact 1.7 language 1.1 Logo > landingpage (homepage) logo 1.2 projects 1.2.1 JBL Showroom Houthavens Amsterdam 1.2.2 NIKE NCX Shop-in-shops for Foot Locker 1.2.3 O My Bag Brandstore 1.2.4 Samsung Experience Store Mons 1.2.5 Chiquita the Wave 1.2.6 Estelle Flagship store 1.2.7 Footlocker Marble Arch 1.2.8 Samsung window concept LED animation 1.2.9 JBL display for Quantum Gaming Headsets 1.2.10 Displaying Polaroid Originals 1.2.11 Samsung Experience Store – Hoog Catharijne 1.2.12 JBL Brand space for Quantum Gaming 1.2.13 Productpine Flagship store 1.2.14 Skins Cosmetics Brand store 1.2.15 NS - the Dutch Railway 1.2.16 HEMA Beauty Shop-in-shop 1.2.17 iittala Brand store - Berlin, Friederichstrasse 1.2.18 JBL display for Live headphones 1.2.19 NIKE Jumpman Flagship store 1.2.20 Tommy Hilfiger Shop-in-shop 1.2.21 Bugaboo Turtle Display 1.2.22 B.A.E. for HEMA Product presentation 1.2.23 Samsung arena Shop-in-shop projects legenda Samsung experience stores (SES) Andere Samsung brand stores/spaces Samsung brand activations iittala brand stores iittala concept stores JBL displays JBL/Harman Brand spaces reeds vertaald naar NL's 1.2.1 JBL Showroom Houthavens Amsterdam 1.2.2 NIKE NCX Shop-in-shops for Foot Locker 1.2.3 O My Bag Brandstore 1.2.5 Chiquita the Wave 1.2.6 Estelle Flagship store 1.2.26 iittala Outlet store 1.2.42 Nike Shop-in-shop Coming up Samsung Experience Store breda Samsung tech Centre Samsung pop up leidschendam 1.2.24 Quinny Hubb Product presentation 1.2.25 iittala Amos Rex Concept store 1.2.26 iittala Outlet store 1.2.27 puma product presentation 1.2.28 iittala Flagship store 1.2.29 DHL Flagship store 1.2.30 Samsung Experience Store - Charleroi 1.2.31 JBL Boombox Display 1.2.32 Samsung Service centre 1.2.33 iittala x Issey Miyake Airport store 1.2.34 Samsung S9 Pop up Studio 1.2.35 Funkiehouse Brand store 1.2.36 JBL Shop-in-shop 1.2.37 iittala Brand store - Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 1.2.38 Harman Kardon Shop-in-shop 1.2.39 Samsung Experience store / cervice center 1.2.40 Samsung moving Mesdag event 1.2.41 Simon Lévelt Flagship store 1.2.42 Nike Shop-in-shop 1.2.43 Annadiva Flagship store 1.2.44 iittala Museum & store 1.2.45 Samsung Galaxy Pop up studio 1.2.46 Rörstrandt & iittala Flagship store 1.2.47 JBL Extreme 2 Product presentation insights 1.3 insights 1.3.1 EXPERIENCE Experience surfaces 1.3.2 EXPERIENCE Envision more playscape 1.3.3 TREND Dramatic Monogramatic 1.3.4 EXPERIENCE Klabu – Supporting unbeatable spirit 1.3.5 EXPERIENCE Moncler Mono Boutique 1.3.6 MAGAZINE Number Five – What Now? 1.3.7 MAGAZINE Watch this face 1.3.8 MAGAZINE The X of Success 1.3.9 MAGAZINE Cabin ANNA 1.3.10 MAGAZINE NFTs: The next significant (brand) direction? 1.3.11 TCHAI NEWS 60 Years of Creating Brand Experiences 1.3.12 TCHAI NEWS New Decade, New Showpiece 1.3.13 EXPERIENCE A Subterranean Exploration of Sound and Light 1.3.14 TCHAI NEWS Cabin ANNA in the run for winning A+Awards 1.3.15 TREND Don’t Call It Just a Store 1.3.16 TCHAI NEWS TCHI MAGAZINE #5 | NOVEMBER 2021 1.3.17 EXPERIENCE A Dialogue with the Universe 1.3.18 EXPERIENCE Harness your inner bookworm 1.3.19 TREND The power of dreaming backwards 1.3.20 TCHAI INSIGHT Embedded in creativity 1.3.21 EXPERIENCE Acne’s flagship ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ 1.3.22 EXPERIENCE Caffettiera Caffé Bar 1.3.23 THIS IS US We celebrate International Womxns Day 1.3.24 TCHAI NEWS JA-DE X TCHAI 1.3.25 TCHAI NEWSHAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 1.3.26 TCHAI NEWSLayer away! – Tchai project dive 1.3.27 ANIMATIONA visual sensation 1.3.28 EXPERIENCE UNIQLO Park 1.3.29 TCHAI NEWSSubscribe to your dose of inspiration 1.3.30 TREND Never waste a good crisis 1.3.31 INSIGHT The gravity of a brand’s logo 1.3.32 EXPERIENCE Copenhill 1.3.33 EXPERIENCE A sensory twist 1.3.34 INSIGHT The retail future we envision – by Tchai 1.3.35 TCHAI NEWS Tchi Event 2020/1 1.3.36 TREND The moral of (im)mortality 1.3.37 TCHAI NEWS We made our way to the USA 1.3.38 EXPERIENCE Playtime 1.3.39 MAGAZINE A new light on powder coating waste material 1.3.40 EXPERIENCE Loop around 1.3.41 MAGAZINE The World Piece 1.3.42 MAGAZINE TCHI Magazine #4: Lost Connection 1.3.43 MAGAZINE TCHI Magazine #4: The Flying Nest 1.3.44 INSIGHT Sanctuary store 1.3.45 TCHAI NEWS Recharge your business 1.3.46 TREND Deal. Run. Hide. 1.3.47 TREND I don’t know…yet 1.3.48 EXPERIENCE Creative social distancing solutions 1.3.49 TCHAI NEWS Post-COVID design themes 1.3.50 EXPERIENCE Doll house pop-up 1.3.51 EXPERIENCE Bee home 1.3.52 MAGAZINE TCHI Magazine #4: Booming communities 1.3.53 MAGAZINETCHI Magazine #4: Reshaping retail 1.3.54 TREND Team Human 1.3.55 TCHAI NEWS Tchi Event 2020/1 1.3.56 INSIGHT Insight Journal 5: Retail Reset 1.3.57 INSIGHT Virtually Forever 1.3.58 MAGAZINE TCHI Magazine #4: The real branching out 1.3.59 MAGAZINE TCHI Magazine #4: The rise of the social gamer 1.3.60 INSIGHT Gen Alpha Snapshot 1.3.61

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