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simple business plan

Transcript: product plan low prices fresh food ready to make products teacher tabs quick and convenient doughnut company description Dairy Queen, Dollor General, Subway, Piggly Wiggly, american deli, mcdonalds, waffles, longhorn, fish house, Zaxby's, packed lunch, chinese restaurant vision statement air head slim jim fruit roll-up m&m cookin nutter butters snickers reese's kit kats twix m&ms hershey cookies and creme coke sprite fantas hawaiian punch minute maids mountain dew dr. pepper pepsi sunny d water yoohoo gatorage powerade ramen noodles company was founded by school leaders, to provide easy simple cheap ways for students to eat or snack for energy and cash for student/teacher project funding. A document that describes a new business and stategy to launch that business outlines your qualifications to run a business and those of any partners. If you lack expertise include advisory board members to fill the gaps. principal- frank Daniels assistant principal- Alex Guilford teacher- Lenzaree Owens bookkeeper- Kathleen Nichols Devonte Saunders Najjeema Chanous whitney Tucker Timothy Gleaton chow mein hot pockets poptarts hot fries cappicuno jollyranchers red baron pizza corndogs drumsticks mac n cheese hunny bun rice crispy treats skittles Welch's fruit snack sour punch straws life saver gummies sour patch kids airhead extremes chewy sweet tarts business plan how are they dong?(trend/growth)? snack fresh furit school supplies population: rockdale county 2012 85,820 persons under age 18 2012: 25.9% 22,227 Median household income 2007-2011: $55,819 economic conditions for area* customer demographics* industry overview simple business plan: ROC Short Stop Market Analysis to provide enough non-profit for 8 lunch and learns during desiganted times. Management team plan mission statement to provide an adquate snack/meal for purchasing customers at Rockdale Open Campus. PLACE: school building PRODUCT:retail snacks and drinks varies PRICE: affordable .25 to $1 PROMOTION: morning announcements, word of mouth, visual displasy Competitive Analysis *advantages over competitor marketing plan

Business Plan Powerpoint

Transcript: The goal of Satisfaction is to be opened worlwide and to be known by many so that our business will fluorish We will not do what we can't handle. We will make sure we can handle what we have now, before we take a step forward Our present goal is to have as many Satisfaction cafes opened up, so we can outreach to many We are aiming to open up in Florida, New York, Washington, and Texas Another goal is to open up branch businesses to help further expand the business (619) 777-7789 Company Description Czarina Ancayan 43% of people that live in Torrance, surveyed that they would not purchase tapioca beverages. Growth Plan Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday: 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM 6373 Diamond Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90241 Mission Statement Satisfaction Satisfaction is targeting children, teens, and adults. We plan on marketing, by always serving with a smile on our face. There's nothing better than seeing other people happy. Satisfaction Statistic Solution Satisfaction, a place where our customers and their needs are top priority. A place where we will share smiles, laughs, and happiness. We serve some of the best foods and drinks in town. Statistic 1. Advertise more to their appeal 2. Offer affordable and likable sales and deals 3. Give them free trials of food and beverage tasting, just to see if they may reconsider about their opinion Business Plan Powerpoint Target Marketing Satisfaction is a cafe viewed as a new hip hangout spot for all ages. We sell products of appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Come and try our mouth-watering beverages with tapioca! Have special needs? We will not hesitate to meet those needs. We're called Satisfaction for a reason! Our customers will be so satisfied, that they will pass down a recommendationfrom friend to friend. Your day just got better. We deliver! Even at home, you will be satisfied of Satisfaction! CLOSED ON SUNDAYS

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