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Reuseable Shopping Bag

Transcript: Believe it or not, but there was a world without plastic or paper. Before plastic or paper people used to use Cloth bags, hand-made wooden crates, pottery, glass jars to carry their food a Reusable Shopping Bag is bag that you can use more than once, when shopping for a item. its not only fashionable, but it saves the environment. by using these kind of bags, it will stop the production of producing multiple plastic bags. Plastic Bags References Sources Since the start of plastic bags, its has causes a lot of environmental issues to the earth. and in certain places the government is asking the people to move away from plastic to reusable bags to help the environment. From using plastic bag, it had cause destruction to the forest from the paper use. Reusable Shopping Bag Reusable Shopping Bag Beginning Of History Many had people exchange paper bags to plastic bags because it was cheaper than paper. Reusable shopping bag. (2012, august 31). Retrieved from ("Reusable shopping bag," 2012) Ariel , G. (2012). History of bags. Retrieved from (Ariel , 2012) Ament, P. (2010, January 10). The great idea finder. Retrieved from (Ament, 2010) Especially, during the Great Depression in 1921-1941, when cloth flour sacks were for flour, but woman usedit to reuse it to make clothing. By:Claudette Richards Then came the paper bag, a machine that makes paper bag was invented by Francis Wolle in 1852. After the paper bag machine had follow up with the actual design of the paper bag, which is a square bottom paper bag machine by Margaret Knight in 1870. in 1912, the first paper bags with handles Paper Bags


Transcript: Environmental Exposure Human Exposure Ecological An average family will use 60 plastic bags on four visits to the super markets. Only 1 to 3% of plastic bags are recycled worldwide. Buried plastic bags can last for minimum of 700 years. Introduction/Organic Compound Liz Miller, Special to Montreal GazetteMore from Liz Miller, Special to Montreal Gazette. (2015, June 04). Opinion: It's time to ban plastic bags. Retrieved April 11, 2017, from Benefits of Using Polyethylene vs Alternative Purpose of Polyethylene A plastic bag is a container made of thin flexible and plastic film. Everyday plastic bag, the organic compound used during manufacturing is polyethylene. Sources Direct and indirect risks involved Shopping bags are primarily low density (LDPE). This organic compound has an extremely large range of applications depending on the particular type. This form of organic compound (LDPE) is used due to it's ability to be heated and molded into different forms Safety Precautions Plastic Bags: Short term cost effective Easier to pack Require minimal space Can be reusable Helps in keeping moisture out Recyclable Opinion Fabric Bag High Density vs. Low Density Trash Bags |. (2015, February 12). Retrieved April 11, 2017, from The alternative to polyethylene is a fabric bag. Good for the environment Comfortable to carry Longer lifespan Durable PLASTIC SHOPPING BAG Interesting Information The Safety of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). (n.d.). Retrieved April 11, 2017, from Use a sharp razor to split open the bags to avoid fiber contamination. Empty bags in to a clean, enclosed feed bin or covered polyethylene lined bulk carton or drum. Dust can collect on the stretch hood as well as bags during transportation and storage.Care must be exercised to avoid dust contamination of the resin

reusable shopping bag

Transcript: Paper Plastic shopping bag can be traced back to the 1950's but weren't popular until the 1970's. Were popularized by Gordon Dancy in the United States. They were created to save trees. Citations Paper comes from trees. The trees get cut down and are made into paper The paper shopping bag In the future, shopping bags that could be made out of thin air could be created, and then dissappear when you're done shopping. photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The recycled plastic shopping bag. Invention & Innovations The plastic shopping bag. Prezi. Prezi Inc. DOI: Google. Google, Inc.: Google. DOI: Bing. Bing, Inc.: Bing. DOI: Bing, T. (2010, July 28). History of reusable grocery. Retrieved from Toronto, M. (n.d.). Evolution of the shopping bag. Retrieved from Thanks for watching. Polypropylene Bags The paper bag was invented in 1852 by Francis Wolle. It was known as the first manufactured shopping bag. The canvas shopping bag. The canvas bag wasn't originally used for shopping but was eventually used for shopping because it could carry heavy things, was durable, and washable. Though they are more expensive they are the most innovative shopping bag to date. By: Bobby Tromm & Jason Trott Made out of similar material out of most woven shopping bags but easier to recycle. VIrtual Shopping Bags The recycled plastic shopping bag is not patented. Nor is it widely manufactured, but people just reuse plastic shopping bags they already own. The Reusable Shopping Bag

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My Shopping bag!

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Reusable Shopping Bag

Transcript: The reusable shopping bag is a shopping bag alternative. It is made out of cloth instead of paper or plastic, so instead of throwing it away, you can use it more than once. After a while (specifically around the late 70's and early 80's), people began to see the harm plastic bags caused to the environment. The trend of a single, multi-use bag made of cloth soon caught on. And so, the Reusable shopping bag was born! Results In the past, people carried their food or other items in woven baskets or even large canvas sacks. And before that, items were carried in clay or porcelin pots. This whole array of pots, bags, and baskets was the norm, until 1852. Phase 2 Phase 1 Everyone is used to using "paper or plastic," But what about cloth? Something that is better for the environment and can save you money? By: Meagan Kimbrell The Reusable Shopping Bag Foundation Core Drive In the early 1960's, Swedish inventer Sten Gustaf Thulin produced a simple design of a small but strong bag made of plastic, with handles cut into it. He presented the design to several corporations, and in 1965 it was patented by Celloplast of Norrkoping, Sweden. Soon, in the 1980's, the Dixie Bag Company produced a line of perfected plastic bags. The rest, of course, was history. The original grocery store shopping bag could only be used once. They could be made out of either paper, or plastic. Most plastic bags are made of polyethylene, which consists of crude oils and natural gases- nonrenewable resources. The U.S. alone cuts down 14 million trees every year to make paper and plastic bags. The U.S. needed an alternative; But first, a look at the reusable bag's predecessors: In 1852, Francis Wolle patented a machine to make bags out of paper. These bags were simple: brown and boxy, but nonetheless perfect for holding grocery items. The only problem was the huge impact it had on trees and forests.

Shopping Bag

Transcript: Walter H.Deubener Shopping Bags The invention hurted the Environment In the early 1900s, Walter Deubener and his wife, Lydia, owned and operated the S. S. Kruesge grocery store After he noticed the people where limited to what they bought were forced to carry things in there hands it was no easier way then to create Shopping bags. Bibliography How does it work ? It made shopping easier and caused a pollution problem in America How would you improve the invention ? To make shopping easier for costumers while not having an amount on how much they purchase Shopping Bag Title Page In 1912 invented the hand held shopping bags Following his death, his estate became Camp Courage North. The annual Deubener Award, given out to small businesses by the St. Paul Area Chamber of Commerce, is named after him Simple and easy you would just place your items down in a bag that you purchased Information/Accomplishment,28804,1991915_1991909_1991758,00.html Who invented it ? Say No !! To Plastic Shopping Bags When was it invented ? Serpiana Montford Jan 25/16 Mrs.Sagoes Amer Lit/ P.2nd What purpose of the function does it have ? Shoppers and Store Owners Whom did the invention hurt or help?,28804,1991915_1991909_1991758,00.html What aspects of American life did the invention change? Background What affect did this invention have on society? Who did the invention benefit the most ? What ripple effects did the invention cause ? Then vs. Now It effects were more money and more problems caused the economy to grow but in a way it caused a problem in the economy Walter Deubener Make bigger Shopping bags and charge for them also try to put a stomp to the pollution problem Inventor They are convenient but have proven to be a huge source of pollution

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