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Transcript: Free Verse Background Life in Rural West Virginia The foster care systems is a temporary arrangement, in which an adult(s) take care of a child or children while their birth parents aren't able to care for them. Many people think that the foster care system is where juvenile delinquents end up, but its a place to help children get proper care. Some negatives to foster care, is that their is a lot of emotional, physical abuse that may have occurred so the child may be scared or have behavioral problems due to it. Some positives to foster care are, it gives a hurt child a home and place to live, therefore you are helping a child get proper care and love, Bibliography Foster Care System The people of Rural West Virginia have been isolated from the mainstream of American life. Residents there, use an "Elizabethan" speech, not used in modern day America. Most towns in Rural West Virginia are very poor, so many families don't have proper food and housing. Another affect of the poverty, is there is many fatalities from drug abuse, and suicides. Dangers of Coal Mining Some on-site dangers are, suffocation gas poisoning, roof collapse, and gas explosions Deaths from coal mining are more frequent in less developed parts of the world. Many deaths are caused by the poor air quality from working in the mines. Many coal mining accidents have been caused by the waste coal mining leaves behind.


Transcript: They are both slow swimming and slow growing A Great White Shark may use and lose more than one thousand teeth in its life time. great whites shading makes it difficult for their prey to see them The great white shark is up to 20 feet long. zebra bullhead shark they reach adult sizes up to 4 feet in length The females lay up to 46 eggs in a period of 112 days. The life span of these sharks is around (25-30) years. GREAT WHITE SHARK They have been found in waters as shallow as three feet deep and up to 1000 thousand meters deep in the zones illustrated. The meat of the zebra shark is in high demand. They are killed for their fin and liver oil. These sharks are in the IUCN red list of endangered species. They are mainly found in the tropical waters of the South Africa, Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. They are also found in India, Taiwan, Japan, Tonga, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Philippines, Palau and Australia. weight thousans of pounds fully grown 4,000-5,000 Great white sharks primarily eat fish, tuna, stingrays, smaller sharks, porpoises, dolphins, whales, seals, fur seals and sea lions. Great white sharks have also been known to eat sea turtles. While great white sharks will attack sea otters and penguins they very rarely eat them. Great white sharks live in all coastal temperate waters around the world. The Zebra Bullhead Shark (Heterodontus zebra) is a member of the Heterodontidae family of bottom dwelling sharks, which is found living in deeper waters of the Western Pacific from Japan in the north to Australia in the south. Sharks cause less than five deaths worldwide per year. They spend most of their day time resting on the sea floor. They hunt generally at nights. They feed on mollusks, small bony fishes, crustacean, sea snakes and crevices in the holes and reefs. They have the characteristics to lose their strips. endangered species. A Great White Shark is capable of eating sea lions whole. Great White Sharks are the largest predatory fish in the sea.

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Transcript: They are mainly found in Florida, Australia, South Africa and California. They also can be found in parts of New Zealand, South America and the Mediterranean, but it is rare however. They lived from about 15 million years ago to 2 million years ago. Megalodon means "Great Tooth" The Great White shark is believed to be the closest shark related to the Megalodon. Humans are friends, not food! Great White Shark Video What does the Megalodon eat? Great White Sharks in Hollywood? They eat animals such as fish, squids, dolphins, whales, and other sharks. Their favorite food to eat is seals and sea lions. It would be the scariest thing in the world. The water wouldn't be safe anymore from this monster. The Megalodon Shark: Megalodon Shark Facts Megalodon Shark What if the Megalodon lived today? Great White sharks can measure up to 18 to 20 ft. These sharks can weigh up to 5000 pounds. Great White Sharks Size Great White Shark Features This shark has two very distinct colors, white and gray. (Gray on the top and white on the bottom). This shark has dark black eyes. The best known movie worldwide about Great White sharks is Jaws. However, the idea of this movie came from a bull shark attack. They used the Great White shark, because it was a bigger and scarier creature. Presented by Edward Saldana Mr. Griffith's 2nd period Oceanography Class The biggest size that a Megalodon can reach is up to 60 ft. The size of a Megalodon's tooth is 7 inches long. This shark was very heavy, however this shark had no problem staying a float. This shark had short bursts of speed. It could move as fast as a car going down a city street. This was clearly a dangerous animal in prehistoric times. Great White Shark We thought the Great White was huge? Where did this monster Live? References/Sources of Information Has different ways to attack its prey Bump and Bite Hit and Run sneak Attack The color and what the Megalodon looks like? The Megalodon Sharks Features What do Great White Sharks eat? Why did the Megalodon go extinct? The Megalodon had a truly global distribution. They terrorized whales in warm water all over the world. Humans are more dangerous to sharks, than sharks are to humans. Sharks: Great White & Megalodon The Size of a Megalodon Where can Great Whites be found? When the shark is flipped upside down, the shark is very relaxed. World's Deadliest Guess Again!!!! VS Mr. Griffith's Megalodon The Prehistoric Shark What the Great White looks like and its color Large whales were a big part of the shark's diet, but the whales changed their habits. The whales migrated to the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic. As a result, the Megalodon couldn't find enough food to survive and they eventually died out. Keeps its body temperature 5 degrees warmer than the outside water temperature. The color of the Megalodon resembles the color of the Great White Shark. It has gray on the top and white on the bottom. This shark is believed to be the ancestor of the Great White. Why can't we be friends and get along? The battle of humans vs. sharks The Megalodon and the Great White Shark are probably the most deadliest sharks of all time. The Megalodon ate prehistoric whales, dolphins, squids, fish and giant turtles.


Transcript: It can be found in the ocean around South Africa, Australia and Japan. Has very large eyes and small fins. Some people hunt down the saw shark to cut off its saw and sell it. People capture them with nets, fishing lines, hooks, and even pollution. A saw shark eats by stunning it's prey with it's saw, then shredding it to smaller pieces, and then it proceeds to eat it. Crustaceans St. Helena Island other small fish Other facts about the saw shark. Angola Has a large liver that allows it to maintain its position in the water column with very little effort. Likes to swim near shore but at the bottom of the sea. The crocodile shark feeds on bony fishes, squid, and shrimp. It is assumed that they shark's eyes allow it to hunt better at night, since they are structured in a certain way and are extremely large for its small body. Average size between 60 cm and 80 cm. Maximum total length about 110 cm. -spindle- shaped body -short head with pointed snout -large eyes Brazil Sharks I will be presenting. Unique Features South Africa The Saw Shark Quick facts about the crocodile shark Description Description of the saw shark. The distinctive feature of the crocodile shark is its extremely large eyes. The shark's eyes do not have nictating membranes, which are a set of third eyelids that are usually for protection. It's eyes are adapted so that it can hunt at night more easily. The Crocodile Shark They are hunted by human beings for their saws, but this is endangering their species. Japan Pseudocarcharias Kamoharai Simple facts about the saw shark. What is a saw shark? Unique or distinctive features. Indonesia A saw shark has a long saw-like snout, which is it's most distinctive body feature. They also have a pair of barbels about in the middle of their snout. It has two dorsal fins but has no anal fin. They have around 5 or 6 gills on their bodies. The teeth on a saw shark's saw usually alternates from large to small. Saw sharks are usually either a light brownish color or a grey color. Where is it found? Australia The saw shark is a type of shark that has a long, blade-like snout with sharp teeth around the edges. These long snouts are what make a saw shark different from other sharks. Long nosed saw shark, Tropical saw shark, Japanese saw shark, Short nosed saw shark, Bahamas saw shark, Eastern Australian saw shark, Philippine saw shark and Dwarf saw shark What is a crocodile shark? New Zealand The crocodile shark can be commonly found in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans. Crocodile Shark Shrimp Saw sharks live at the bottom of the ocean. Baja California - 5 pairs of gill slits - arched jaw with teeth like knives -pale brownish color Sources. Oceanography Shark Presentation By: Nolan Aguilar It is also the smallest species of mackerel shark as it can only grow up to about a meter. Saw sharks stay at the sandy bottom of the ocean floor. Humans are probably a saw sharks biggest threat. Guinea What does it eat? Aren't very threatening to humans. The saw shark can grow up to 5.6 feet in length. Female crocodile sharks usually give birth to 4 litters. Although it is small, it has a very powerful bite that could seriously injure a human if they are not cautious. Different types of saw sharks -has pectoral, pelvic, dorsal, anal, and caudal fins The crocodile shark is a species of mackerel shark. Other facts about the crocodile shark. The saw shark's most distinctive feature is obviously its saw-like snout. The saw shark's snout is what makes it different from all other sharks. It uses it's saw to attack prey. The saw-like snout is it's weapon for slashing at whatever it wants to eat. Taiwan What does a saw shark eat? Cape Verde Squid Hawaii

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Transcript: By: Adelyn Hoyt There are many dangers of coal mining both physically and mentally. I mean, how could it be good for a person to spend hours under ground with toxic chemicals? It's not. Some obvious risks would be roof collapse, falling debris, and falling equipment. Coal mining can also cause many health problems, such as: black lung, hearing loss, and progressive massive fibrosis. But coal mining is not only dangerous for the minors themselves but the people living near by as well. Some examples of this are increased rates of lung cancer, respiratory disease, and low birth weight. Foster Care Lower/Working Class This is a picture of a coal mine in west Virginia. 2. 1. Bibliography Foster care is somewhere that kids go when they are under 18 and have no parents or relatives to take care of them. "Every year, a quarter of a million children come into foster care in this country. Many of them will be placed in group homes or other group residential settings because there are simply not enough foster families to care for all of the children." For some kids foster care saves their lives, and for other kids it's a nightmare. 3. Dangers of Coal Mining People in the working class in West Virginia have lost hope and believe that the government has abandoned them. "They have come to accept, as Gary Hall, a 55-year-old Trump supporter put it, "that next year is going to be worse than the last year" no matter who is president. "(2) He also later decides that their town used to be bustling with people but there aren't many people there and the store fronts are rotting. Free Verse Background Info

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