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Transcript: 500 MILLION Users of PowerPoint worldwide This causes information overload, better known as... PowerPoints More than 30 million presentations are created every day. More than 120 million businesspeople use PowerPoint. Use PowerPoint for classroom lectures. Most PowerPoints are a mass of bullet-points and nothing else. Over 6 million teachers around the world PowerPoint has made over $100 million since it was first created. All packed into one presentation. AKA all of America's population, PLUS another 200 million. PowerPoint has a 95% share of the presentation software market. In 2009, there were over How to solve this problem? The Average PowerPoint slide has 40 words on it. Don't make bad PowerPoints. By Cole Swartz Then that's 100 different points of information. One big problem is bullet points. If you have 20 slides with 5 bullet points each, Most presenters just end up reading off of their own slides. There are about a million PowerPoints going on right now. PowerPoints AKA nearly HALF of America's population. So why are PowerPoints always so boring? PowerPoints can be boring, though. "DEATH BY POWERPOINT" On a 20-slide PowerPoint, that's 800 words in total. Sources:

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