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Security Officer

Transcript: Conditions Formal business buildings Public areas (Malls) Outdoor shopping centers Variables Where in Canada Experience Location of Employment Information High school diploma (grade 12 c, m or u) 3,745$ total tuition no admission requirement 2 year program Post-Secondary Community and Justice Services (Centennial College) Information 2 year program (4 semesters) High school diploma (English c, m or u) Prevention, intervention and rehabilitative strategies Practical communication Careers Security companies Armed forces Hospitals Border services Government agencies Police Constable Bylaw Officer Correctional Services Officer Park Wardens/Provincial Offenses Officer Nuclear Security Officer Private Investigator Security Guard Youth Worker Earnings Important Courses English ( Skills in communicating appropriately) Law (Understand and respect the law, keep in mind the rights and freedoms of others) Job Description Lowest 11.00$ Toronto - average 14.39$ (2010) Highest 40.00$ Post-Secondary Aptitudes and Qualities Patrol industrial and commercial premises Answer to alarms and investigate disturbances Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of individuals Reports of daily activities and irregularities Operate detecting devices to screen individuals Protection, security and investigation (Durham college) Security Officer Active listening Social perceptiveness Speaking Writing Critical thinking Time management Active learning Negotiation Complex problem solving Service orientation

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