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Security Guard

Transcript: Monitor the entrance and departure of guests to prevent theft. Escort individuals and provide personal protection. Patrol commercial or industrial premises to detect signs of intrusion. Call emergency services in cases of emergency. Security Guard Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Securities Cluster Jehron Soto Period 4 Tasks Wages Knowledge Areas Skills Active Listening Speaking Critical Thinking Reading Comprehension Abilities Problem Sensitivity Far Vision Speech Clarity Oral Expression Judging Look at the quality, value, and importance of things. Evaluating Information Use information to determine whether events comply with laws. Physical Activities Be able to perform physical activities that require you to move your body. Getting Information Observe, receive, and otherwise gain information from relevant sources. Related Occupations Nebraska Average: $28,260, 90%: $16,960, 10%: $44,800 North Carolina Average $25,530 Texas Average $24,970 Ohio Average $26,100 Oregon Average $26,570 Kansas Average $25,340 Transportation Knowledge of methods for moving people or goods English Language Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language Public Safety and Security Knowledge of strategies to promote effective local, state operations to protect people Administration and Management Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning Skills and Abilities A security guards job is to look over, guard, and patrol areas to prevent theft. Private Detective Gather and analyze information regarding individuals. Sheriff Enforce laws in rural areas. Fire Inspector Inspect buildings to locate fire hazards. Job Description Security Guard Activities

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