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Transcript: Increasing your social footprint across multiple social networks can be difficult, this has now changed with Socialboodle - All your Social Networks in One place - Earn money just by being social - Earn cash-back on exclusive offers - Boodle it Welcome to Socialboodle Benefits of Socialboodle More images of Socialboodle platform We run a campaign to your budget, no budget to big no budget to small! Multiple levels of contact Encouraging members to activate all their social networks - We collect data on members when they join SB - When member is online we pull through their social profile & social responses on the "fly" - We use our own algorithm to determine who the most socially active members are - Your campaigns is distributed to these socially active members - SB own proprietary technology used for targeting & delivery - SB track your campaigns against budget allocated - Advertiser interface available for own tracking Facebook Like - £0.25 Facebook video view - £1.00 Twitter Follower - £0.50 Twitter Re-tweet - £0.50 There has never been an easier way to increase your social footprint across the top social networks Increasing your social footprint is key to understanding what your clients think & most importantly what your future clients think of your brand or service. With the right audience following you can increase your sales with regular communication and offers Increase your social footprint Performance based Social Marketing Recap on what you get - Socialboodle allows you to run multiple campaigns targeting individual or multiple social networks at the same time - Target members based on multiple profiles - Pay per performance pricing model - Chose the device you want your campaign to be seen on (Ipad, Iphone, Android and the web) - Real time insight into our members that are actioning your campaigns using our interactive advertiser dashboard - CPA based Social Marketing - Only pay for responses, if "un-liked/un-viewed" within the 1st 30days, you don't pay - Only pay for members who are socially active and not just members how want to increase their earnings - Pass the risk but to us, if nobody responds you don't pay - You are in complete control - If unhappy you can pull the campaign - If you have enough responses after day 1, you can stop campaign - Performance based Social Marketing - Select your target audience, budget, time of campaign - What type of social footprint increase, like, follow etc - Select the Social Network(s) - Select the device you wish your campaign to be viewed on - Campaign added to daily newsletter to members Then sit back and watch your social footprint increase with new future customers of yours Members are alerted to an ad with a star over the network image A New Way To Look at Social Marketing 4 consumer areas of Socialboodle Questions? Socialboodle images of platform - Members receive a daily email newsletter which only displays images of social ads they have been targeted with that day This; - Increasing the speed of your social campaign - Increasing the response from your target market Members see all their networks under one roof Costs of running a campaign Allowing members to only see ads that are targeted to them How does this work? Linkedin Follow - £0.50 Linkedin Tweet - £0.50 Google+ Ad to Circle - £0.25 Google+ Vid view - £1.00 Youtube View - £1.00 Youtube Message - £0.50 New networks being added all the time!

Sample template

Transcript: Seven (7) integrated, interconnected criteria, each subdivided into items & areas to address: Leadership Strategic Planning Customer Focus Measurements, Analysis, and Knowledge management Workforce Focus Operations Focus Results 6. Operations 6.2 Operational Effectiveness 6.2.c Safety & Emergency Preparedness 1.1 Senior Leadership & 6.2 Operational Effectiveness 1 Leadership Criteria 1.1 Senior Leadership 1.1.a Vision, Values & Mission 1.1.b.2 Focus on Action How does leadership identify needed actions? When setting performance expectations, how does leadership keep the focus students, customers, & stakeholders? 1.1.b.2 Focus on Action Artifacts 1.1.a.2 Promoting Legal & Ethical Behavior Artifacts How do you mange your supply chain? How do you select qualified suppliers? How do you measure your suppliers performance? How do you deal with poorly performing suppliers? Your Baldridge Assignment 1 Leadership Criteria 1.1 Senior Leadership 1.1.a Vision, Values & Mission Leadership Criteria: The Senior Leadership Item 1.1.a.2 Promoting Legal & Ethical Behavior How do we demonstrate our commitment to legal and ethical behavior? How do we promote an environment that requires it? Baldridge Education Criteria for Performance Excellence 1 Leadership Criteria 1.1 Senior Leadership 1.1.a Vision, Values & Mission 1.1.a.3 Creating a Sustainable Organization Artifacts This Criteria of Baldridge measures: How each of you guide & sustain your campus? How do you govern your campus? How does your campus fulfill its legal, ethical and societal responsibilities? How does it support its key communities? 6. Operations 6.2 Operational Effectiveness 6.2.b Chain Management How do you control operations cost? How do you incorporate cycle time, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness into your processes? How do you prevent errors & rework? How do you minimize costs of inspections, tests, audits, etc.? How do you balance needs for both cost control & student/customer needs? 6.2.b Chain Management Artifacts 1.1.b.1 Communication Artifacts 1. Leadership 1.1 Senior Leadership 1.1.b Communication & Organizational Performance 6.2.a Cost Control Artifacts The Educational Criteria 1.1.b.1 Communication How do we communicate with & engage the entire workforce, students, and customers? How do we encourage frank, two-way communication (including social media)? How do we communicate key decisions? How do we takes an active role in motivating their workforce (reward & recognize) to reinforce high performance with a focus on students, customers, and learning? How do you provide a safe operatinf environment? How do you address accident prevention, inspections and root cause of failures? How do you ensure you are prepared for disasters or emergencies? How does your system consider prevention, continuity of operations, and recovery? These Criteria: • Let us choose the most suitable tools for facilitating our improvement. • Focus on common needs like communication, sharing, alignment, and integration while supporting innovative and diverse approaches. • Focus on results, not required processes, tools or required organizational structure. • Encourage creative, adaptive, and flexible approaches to improve your campus. • Stress student learning Baldridge Education Criteria empowers schools to reach their goals & improve results by aligning our plans, processes, decisions, people, actions, and results. School Improvement....again? How do you manage innovation? How do you pursue strategic opportunities that are intelligent risks? How do you make financial & other resources available for these risks? How do you discontinue pursuing opportunities to enhance support for higher opportunities? These Criteria: • Focus on results in key areas of student learning, processes, student and other customers, workforce, leadership/governance, budget/finance, and marketing. • Must be balanced so as not to trade on important stakeholders, objectives, or long or short term goals. • Are nonprescriptive & adaptable. • Do not tell you what to do and how. capitalize on campus strengths communicate & share best practice adapt & recognize differences 6. Operations 6.2 Operational Effectiveness 6.2.a Cost Control 1.1.a.1 Vision & Values How do we set our Vision & Values? How do we deploy this through our organization? How do we deploy this to our workforce, key suppliers, and partners? How do we deploy this to our students, customers, and stakeholders? How does each of our actions reflect a commitment to those values? Strategies and goals within the Criteria require dynamic linkages because they impact one another and they change over time. We will be using the Criteria as well as feedback between processes and results to create action-oriented cycles of improvement. 1.1.a.1 Vision & Values Artifacts Baldridge Education Criteria will help align goals across KTC Are you ready for the challenge? 6.2.c Safety & Emergency Preparedness Artifacts 1.1.a.3 Creating a Sustainable

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