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Ronald Reagan

Transcript: He felt he had fulfilled his campaign pledge of 1980 to restore "the great, confident roar of American progress and growth and optimism." President Reagan -Disliked traveling abroad ("the highest I want to go is on the saddle of a horse"), but he understood the importance of representing America to form stable relations with other countries as a realist, he understood the world and America's role as the token to freedom for people worldwide -he thought it was crucial to support a demoralized and underfunded Us military, an instrumental factor to ensure peace around the globe and at home as well - he used his position as Commander in Chief well -by the time he left office, the military budget had increased 43% ; along with this, troops, weaponry, and equipment increased significantly and the US intelligance program soon improved however, the enormous amount of money that was put into improving military conditions also contributed to the national deficit during his time in office -he had one well-defined foreign policy goal: to contain the Soviet Union, or the "evil empire" he wanted to finally conclude the Cold War His Secretaries of State, General Alexander Haig and George Schultz, as well as his Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, among others, assisted Reagan in developing this Cold War strategy With Prez. Reagan attended Eureka College to study economics and sociology played on the football team and acted in school plays after graduation, he worked as a radio sports announcer created his own innovative program known as the Reagan Revolution, which aimed to reinvigorate the American people and reduce their reliance upon Government. The Wonderful Foreign Policies of President Ronald Reagan In his last debate with President Jimmy Carter in 1980, Ronald Reagan asked the American public: "Is America as respected throughout the world as it was? Do you feel that . . . we're as strong as we were four years ago?" Throughout the campaign, Reagan made clear his belief that America's international prestige and power had declined drastically over the entire preceding decade. FRIENDS -Reagan and his policymakers, including both his secretaries of state, believed that the United States had national security interests in the region to combat the Soviet influence -At the same time, Reagan's relations with Israeli leader Menachim Begin were less than harmonious and worsened considerably early in the President's first term -in August 1982, Reagan sent 800 U.S. Marines to Lebanon as part of a multinational peacekeeping force that also included French and Italian forces -Their mission was to maintain a cease fire during which PLO fighters in Lebanon would be allowed passage to neighboring Syria. Once the PLO left, Israel withdrew from Lebanon and after the PLO fighters left, the U.S. troops followed in suit -However, after international forces left, Lebanese militia, affiliated with Israel, massacred 700 refugees at two camps in mid-September 1982, so Reagan ordered the U.S. forces back ashore -In April 1983, Lebanese terrorists from a group called Hezbollah—which received financial and logistical support from Iran and Syria—detonated a truck bomb in front of the American Embassy in Beirut -on October 23, 1983, terrorists blew up the Marines' barracks at the Beirut airport, killing 241 U.S. servicemen, most of them Marines -Reagan called it, "the saddest day of my presidency…the saddest day of my life." -In February 1984, the surviving Marines were withdrawn to U.S. vessels waiting offshore. Reagan described the withdrawal as "redeployment," but he would not again send ground troops into Lebanon or any other place in the Middle East. START Reagan won 489 electoral votes to 49 for President Jimmy Carter. -designed to be a national defense network of missiles that could target and destroy any incoming enemy missiles before they reached the United States -unfortunately, prototypes of the seek-and- destroy technology often failed the trial runs miserably -SDI's estimated price tag totaled nearly a trillion dollars -Many Americans also feared that Reagan's conservative Cold War ideology would only lead to war -in 1982, 800,000 Americans rallied in New York City to press the administration to stop creating more nuclear weapons -Reagan denounced these protestors as peace-loving "doves" and continued developing the US weapons arsenal -although the Reagan administration wanted to remain neutral in the Iran-Iraq affair, the US was sending some military equipment to Iran -The Contra part of the affair was the attempt by a small group of National Security Council staff members and former military men to use the profit from the sale of these weapons to the Contra rebels opposing the Nicaraguan government. -On March 4, 1987, Reagan gave a speech saying he took "full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration." He went on to say, "A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages.

Ronald Reagan

Transcript: 1940 Reagan appears in Knute Rockne, All American 1942 Reagan leaves Los Angeles to join the U.S. Army Air Force 1945 World War II ends, He returns to Los Angeles and his acting career. 1947 Reagan serves as president of Screen Actors Guild. 1980 Reagan is chosen to be the Republican presidential candidate, with George H. W. Bush as vice president. In November, they win the election. 1981 Reagan takes the oath as the 40th president on January 20. He survived an assasination attempt by John Hinckley Jr. later in the year. During his first year in office, Reagan begins his plan to strengthen the nations economy, a plan that later becomes known as "Reaganomics" 1954 Reagan begins hosting the television show, General Electric Theater. 1962 Reagan joins the Republican Party 1966 Reagan runs for governor of California. He wins the election and serves until 1974. Thanks for listening! 1928 Reagan graduates from North Dixon High School. 1932 Reagan graduates from Eureka College. He worked as a radio sports announcer. 1911 Ronald Wilson Reagan is born to Jack and Nelle Reagan on February 6 in Tampico, Illinois. He is the youngest of two boys. Ronald Reagan A Great President By: Matthew Lanahan Room 504 4th Grade Mrs. McLaughlin May 29, 2012 1985 Reagan was inaugurated for a second term as president of the United States. 1989 Reagan leaves office at the age of 77 and return home to California. 1991 The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library opens in Simi Valley, California 1937 Reagan moves to Los Angeles to begin his movie career. Appears in his first movie. 1994 Reagan is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and announces his condition to the American public. 2004 Ronald Wilson Reagan dies on June 5 in Los Angeles, California at the age of 93.

Ronald Reagan

Transcript: Reagan became part of the Army Enlisted Reserve on April 29,1937 As a private assigned to Troop B,322nd Cavalary at Des Moines, lowa. Assassination Attempt on March 30, 1981. Attacked by John Hinckley, Jr Luckily survived and Reagan believing god saved his life to fulfill a greater purpose in life Ronald Reagan over all has a status of a good man. Thought most people in America. Why, because he portrayed himself as a good president and family man who loved his wife very much and did what he could have to be an inspiration to the nation. From what I've researched and what you've heard from my other group mates, he demanded the end of the Berlin wall and saved the world from the red threat which was the soviet union in other words and to the spread of communism during the cold war, why was it also referred to as the red threat. Because its a symbol of blood of workers. Basically he did a lot for America making him a helpful great president. Ronald Reagan won the election in 1980 and became the 40th president of the United States. Ronald Reagan became very concerned with the economy which makes part of the libertarian right which involves in individual rights, small government (tax cuts), free trade, free-market capitalism or Neoliberalism. Ronald Reagan's life before politics Years of service 1937-45 Reagans presidency Rank: Captain What makes him a significant president is his role in the Cold war, where his great massive number of weapons outnumbered Russia's arsenal. After, Reagan and Russian president Mikail Gorbachev came to an agreement to call off the Cold War by signing a peace treaty between US and USSR which created a new time period of openness. Services: United States Army and United States Army Air Forces Involvement in the Cold War Ronald was Born in Tampa illinois;the the colege of Eureka and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics as well as sociology. He moved to Lowa once he graduated and became a radiobroadcaster. In 1937 he has moved LA and became an actor. He was also the president of the screen actor's guide, but it wasn't until him being a speaker for the general electric company that he began his career in politics. For Ronald, it was a benfit that he had been in movies,TV shows and speaker because this helped him to be in the public eye so it would be easier when he became a president Military Service Wrap up Presidency (1981-1989) Soon later became a second lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps of the cavalary on May 25th,1937

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