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Rock N' Roll

Transcript: Rock and Roll 1950 Fats Domino's very first record "The Fat Man" ushers the full rock sound. 1951 The first jukebox that plays 45 RPM records is introduced. 1952 Back in New Orleans, the rock and roll sound is further promoted by Lloyd Price's smash hit "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" with Fats Domino on Piano. 1954 -R&B enters into the mainstream music industry. -Pop companies are desperate to break into the mainstream music industry with white artists covering black vocal groups' songs. The covers spread through the radio and transform into hits. -Rock and Roll suffers its first tradgedy as Johnny Ace accidentally shoots himself while playing Russian Roulette backstage at a Houston Auditorium on Christmas Night. 1955 Rock n' Roll is mentioned in the end of the year Encyclopedia Brittanica music review. It refers to Rock n' Roll in a derogatory way, calling it "Jungle music". -Elvis Presley's contract is bought by RCA for $35,000. 1957 Jailhouse Rock, often considered the best Rock film by some people, stars Elvis Presley. The title song is choreographed Elvis himself. 1961 The Beatles make their debut at the cavern club in Liverpool. 1965 Elvis and The Beatles meet for the first and only time at Elvis' house in L.A. There, John Lennon bravely asks him why he doesn't record Rock and Roll anymore. -Alan Freed, who coined the term "rock n' roll" dies at age 43 due to alcoholism. 1966 The Beatles perform their final live performance in San Francisco on August 29th. 1967 The first rock record that wins the Grammy for "Album Of The Year" is The Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". 1972 The Eagles start to record their first album in London. 1980 Led Zeppelin announced they are disbanding. 1988 Compact disks (CDs) achieve higher sales than vinyl records for the first time. 1999 Two major recording labels, Universal and Polygram team up with each other to make Universal Music Group turning into the largest family of record labels in the recording industry. 2000 + Many places in the world have Rock and Roll music stations. The past has also influenced the present as many Rock and Roll bands are still signed to different record labels. Many people continue to listen to Rock and Roll today. Bibliography THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PRESENTATION!! 1950

Rock N' Roll

Transcript: Rock n' Roll Through the ages By Dario Jokic & Adam Anasari Rock and roll is a genre of popular music that originated and evolved in the United States during the late 1940s and early 1950s The 1940's and 1950 There is general agreement that it arose in the Southern United States - a region which would produce most of the major early rock and roll acts - through the meeting of various influences that embodied a merging of the African musical tradition with European instrumentation. The migration of many former slaves and their descendants to major urban centers like Memphis and north to New York City, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland and Buffalo meant that black and white residents were living in close proximity in larger numbers than ever before, and as a result heard each other's music and even began to emulate each other's fashions. The immediate roots of rock and roll lay in the rhythm and blues, then called "race music", and country music of the 1940s and 1950s. Particularly significant influences were jazz, blues, gospel, country, and folk. In the 1930s jazz, and particularly swing, both in urban based dance bands and blues-influenced country swing, was among the first music to present African American sounds for a predominately white audience. The 1940s saw the increased use of blaring horns (including saxophones), shouted lyrics and boogie woogie beats in jazz based music. During and immediately after World War II, with shortages of fuel and limitations on audiences and available personnel, large jazz bands were less economical and tended to be replaced by smaller combos, using guitars, bass and drums. In the same period, particularly on the West Coast and in the Midwest, the development of jump blues, with its guitar riffs, prominent beats and shouted lyrics, prefigured many later developments. Rock and roll arrived at a time of considerable technological change, soon after the development of the electric guitar, amplifier and microphone, and the 45 rpm record.There were also changes in the record industry, with the rise of independent labels like Atlantic, Sun, Chess, and Motown Recoders servicing niche audiences and a similar rise of radio stations that played their music. The phrase "rocking and rolling" originally described the movement of a ship on the ocean, but was used by the early twentieth century, both to describe the spiritual fervor of black church rituals and as a sexual analogy. Various gospel, blues and swing recordings used the phrase before it became used more frequently - but still intermittently - in the 1940s, on recordings and in reviews of what became known as "rhythm and blues" music aimed at a black audience. Early Rock N' Roll "Rockabilly" "Rockabilly" usually (but not exclusively) refers to the type of rock and roll music which was played and recorded in the mid 1950s by white singers such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis, who drew mainly on the country roots of the music. Many other popular rock and roll singers of the time, such as Fats Domino and Little Richard, came out of the black rhythm and blues tradition, making the music attractive to white audiences, and are not usually classed as "rockabilly". "Doo Wop" Doo wop was one of the most popular forms of 1950s rock and roll, with an emphasis on multi-part vocal harmonies and meaningless backing lyrics (from which the genre later gained its name), which were usually supported with light instrumentation Its origins were in African American vocal groups of the 1930s and 40s, like the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers, who had enjoyed considerable commercial success with arrangements based on close harmonies. The 1960's "The British Invasion" The British Invasion is an American term used to describe the many rock and roll, beat, rock, and pop performers from the United Kingdom who became popular in the United States from 1964 through 1966. On December 10, 1963, the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite ran a story about the Beatlemania phenomenon in the United Kingdom, featuring their smash hit, "She Loves You." A second wave of the invasion occurred featuring acts such as The Who and The Zombies which were influenced by the invasion's pop side and American rock music The Rolling Stones were perceived by the American public as a much more 'edgy' and even dangerous band. They stated themselves that they were much more influenced by black-oriented rhythm and blues. This image marked them as separate from beat artists such as the Beatles, who had become a more acceptable, parent-friendly pop group. Garage Rock Garage rock was a form of amateurish rock music, particularly prevalent in North America in the mid-1960s and so called because of the perception that it was rehearsed in a suburban family garage. Mid 1960-1970 Folk Music Bob Dylan had begun to reach a mainstream audience with hits including "Blowin' in the Wind" (1963) and "Masters of War" (1963), which brought "protest songs" to a wider public, but,

Rock' N Roll

Transcript: The King of Rock 'N' Roll Elvis Preseley might be the most famous artist from Mississippi. He was born in a city of Tupelo in Mississippi in January 8th 1935. In 1953, one Summer day, he recorded an album for his mother's birthday which led him to the music as his career. At the first time, like all the other musicians, he played the music in clubs In 1954, he hit the officially debut. In 1956, his album 'Heartbreak Hotel' hit the top rank of the Bill Board Chart He put 36 of his songs in 1st~10th rank of Bill Board Chart (17 of them hit the top) Sold over one hundred million albums in US Sold over a billion albums throughout the world Influenced many upcoming artists such as the Beatles "Before Elvis, there was nothing"- John Lennon He died in August 16th 1977 With the awareness of the development of the broadcasting through TV, he danced while he was singing (Shaking hips) which made him the first generation of dance stars including Michael Jackson. He was the first white American who sang African American songs like Blues in the style of African American. Public Reaction??? Elvis' response??? Mississippi Blues (Most important) Characteristics Mississippi River (Largest River system in North America) Country Instruments in Mississipi were usually instruments for Blues Guitar Piano Pipe instruments like saxophones Harmonica All the YOUTUBE videos on this Prezi Presentation African Gospel 1950's Written or Oral? How is it taught? Rock 'N' Roll Things that Elvis did for the first time In Mississippi, USA Famous things in Mississippi other than MUSIC Strong Beat Simple (Only 3~4 chords) Shouting Sexual Expressions (Name itself) Moshing (Hyper Dance) During 1950's, almost every song was written, not only being transferred orally. Rock 'N' Roll musics were all written also However, since it's popular among teenagers and in many clubs, Rock 'N' Roll was transferred one person to others through 'face to face' oral lessons Mark Twain: 'The adventure of Tom Sawyer' & 'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'. Rock 'n' Roll itself appeared since 1950's. It's still existing Blues (Especially Delta Blues), the mother of Rock 'n' Roll started since 1930's The word 'Delta' is from Mississippi Delta in Mississipi (Not Mississippi River Delta) The bestly known pioneer of Delta Blues is Robert Johnson. Countryside Official Language: English Other Language spoken: Spanish The Lowest per capita person income among any other state The Lowest Living Costs among any other state One of the highest per capita in charitable contributions Humid Subtropical Climate Long Summer & Short mild Winter How long 'Rock 'n' Roll' has been around ? General Instrument In Mississippi in 1950's Was loathed by major conservative white people Was loved by teenagers Citations

Rock N Roll

Transcript: One of the most legendary things of all time,for rocking on stage, the power-slide! Vocabulary- When describing different situations, like many languages. Rock bands use words that may stand out,by swearing used to boost the feelings, or vocab that portrays the artwork created vocally. Lyrics Noticing anything talked about yet? Try this out. So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head. Your now a slave until the end of time here. Nothing stops the madness turning, haunting, pearning. Pull the trigger. You should of known. The price of evil. And it hurts to know that you belong here. Yeah. It's your fucking nightmare. While your nightmare comes to life. did you visualize anything? Lyrics, are much like reading something. Facinated by someone elses story, and being put in their shoes, or relating to what is found by looking into what culture or gendre the band has listened to. Although the lyrics are different, and have their own self expression of stories in life, vocal tones and expression give songs the new band kind of feel. Band Apparel I watched you walk away Hopeles, with nothing to say I screen my eyes Hoping to see you again This is my curse (the longing) This is my curse (to) This is my curse (the yearning) This is my curse There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Will you be here? Your silence haunts me But I still hunger for you This is my curse (the wanting) This is my curse (to) This is my curse (the needing) There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Still I want And I still I ache But still I wait To see you again Dying, inside, these walls (2x) Can I see your face in these tears? In these tears And I see your face... There is love (8x) Let's move on to our next additional motivational power tool.In the rock world, the master piece looks that fans crave, and it takes god like talent to produce. Sound Effects Guitars, Can Be Accoustic or Electric What grabs attention to the bands that portray rock? Many things grab attention, such as.... And finally, the utmost important factor that holds rock together. Guitar, bass, drum, keyboard, SOLO'S Intro by video, Drum Set Up

Rock n Roll

Transcript: Thanks! Beatlemania 1980's Landing In London John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr They were from England, their music was aspired from American 1950's music, such as Elvis Presley. They were part of the British rock invasion. Reached amazing heights of Commercialism and success. Challenged Society Songs talked about different pressures in life. Beatles got split up beacause of personal issues. Really good concerts/live performances Plays with other bands Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman The 1960's, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were part of the British Rock Invasion. Always learning - Yellow Submarine - All You Need is Love - Hey Jude Wish You Were Here Brad Arnold Matt Roberts Todd Harrell Chris Henderson Greg Upchurch - Nowhere Man - With A Little Help From My Friends - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds - We Can Work It Out - Let it Be - A Day in the Life Had made most expensive album Were part of the grunge scene Bohemian Rhapsody Band made first "true" music video Knocking on Heaven's Door Black metal and Celtic frost type music incorparated The rolling stones drawed attention to society's confusion of evil. They influenced rock in many different ways, - Smells like Teen Spirit - About A Girl - Come as You Are - Silver 1970's Sweet Child O' Mine It's Not My Time Did an opening act, ended up on the cover of a magazine. Rock 1960's - 2010 Experimented with lots of music genres. Their fourth album does not actually have a name. - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Paint It, Black - Honky Tonk Woman - Ruby Tuesday - Let it Bleed Stairway to Heaven Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham - Fearless - Wish You Were Here - Shine on You Crazy Diamond - Comfortably Numb - Time Paint it, Black They explored subjects that weren't usually discussed. Traveling light show Co-exist - Somebody To Love - Bohemian Rhapsody - We Will Rock You - We Are the Champions Made sports anthems. - It's Not My Time - Landing In London - When You're Young - When I'm Gone Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler Has animals that combines band's zodiac signs Somebody To Love Used new 16 track sound system, set a standard for other performances. We Don't Need No Education - Stairway to Heaven - Kashmir - Black Dog - That's the Way - Whole Lotta Love Artistic Freedom Grew up listening to rock Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, and Syd Barrett Smells like Teen Spirit Added Folk type music to Rock. Were given the name most dangerous band in the world They recorded their first songs in 1962, and made their first tour in 1964. Stairway to Heaven Influenced Albums, seeing them as whole and not wanting singles. Hello, Goodbye - Sweet Child O' Mine - Knocking on Heaven's Door - Welcome to the Jungle - November Rain

Rock 'n Roll

Transcript: Rock 'n Roll Before the 1950s, people were generally very conservative and still had a sense of formality. This generation tended to listen to 'easy-listening' classical music. Jazz and big band music were popular. At this time there was an issue with race, primarily with blacks and whites. 1950's Elivs Presley helped develop a new sytle of music called Rock 'N Roll with the help of Sam Phillips and Sun records. Presley had a sound and style that uniquely combined his diverse musical influences with black music. It blurred and challenged the social and racial barriers of the time, he ushered in a whole new era of American music and popular culture. 1960's- 1970's The Beatles brought a new style to Rock 'n Roll; a more up beat generation of music. No rock 'n roll group had more influence on a generation and the world as did the Beatles. They had changed a period of time known as the 'Sixties' and their influence is still being felt today. Music, lifestyle, hairstyle, clothing styles, and attitudes were changed because the Beatles gave people the courage to explore new things. Within three years, Presley recorded a number of regional hits for Sun Records and became a hit. The teenagers of the time loved him. He was the girls' heartthrob and the guys' role model. Elvis Presely played a major role with introducing Rock 'n Roll with the help of Sam Phillips and Sun Records. Presely had a sound and style that uniquely combined his diverse musical influences of black music. Which blurred and challenged the social and radical barriers of the time. He ushered in a whole new era of American music and popular culture.

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